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Which Side are you on?

Here is another lamentation about siding with the gope. Gope for those of you that do not know means GOP establishment.

You know those guy’s whos number one priority after the November elections is going to be the creation of thirty million or so new progressive voters and permanent residences in The United States.

What is the point of supporting these guys if they are just going to do the proggies dirty work?



Well Kevin, I am on the side of those folks that say no amnesty, those folks that say no to legalized murder, the side that says no to the homosexual agenda, and the side that says don’t spend more money than you have.

Hat Tip to BenK AoS Co Blogger

Obama: Weak or Strong? Is He Intelligent or Dumb?

Insofar as weakness and strength are concerned, Mr. Obama is in a position of great strength, but he is using his strength in such a way that would present the United States to the world as “weak” by allowing countries such as Russia to overtake the Ukraine. At this time, Russian soldiers are lining up on the Ukrainian border, and providing Putin (Leader of Russia) with an opportunity to expand his territory politically, and empower himself monetarily, should he decide to seize Ukrainian assets.
While these things are taking place, the world is watching, and all eyes are on President Obama – will he push Russia back, and help Ukrainians establish their freedom? Or will he sit back while Russia goes for a power-grab? Time will certainly tell. Whatever the outcome, all signs are appearing to show that Obama is weak in the eyes of the world, and that he will allow Russia to trump the U.S.A as the world’s greatest super-power. This only goes to show that we do not have a leader, and we as American’s can do better when choosing our leaders. Many have called President Obama “leader of the free world,” but not all the world is free, friends…most of the world does not have democratically elected, representative Republics, such as ours. North Korea is under communism, Cuba is under communism, Russia is under communist rule, Africa under communist rule, China under communist rule, and many to most countries in the Middle East are under Islamic rule. Communism is probably the world’s leading political philosophy to have accounted for the most number of murders, genocide, and enslavement in the entirety of human history.

America is fast approaching a time that would follow after a communist civilization such as Stalin’s if people do not come to their senses and elect someone to turn around this ship entitled to the emblem – “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” Far too much blood and treasure has been shed and forfeited for us not to.

In another sense, does Obama appear to be intelligent, or dumber than a box of rocks? To many he would appear “well-educated,” which he is, with a Harvard Law school degree to his name, but again, he is ignorant and unintelligent, dumb if you will, in how he uses his intelligence, but through no fault of his own, because he was surrounded, or surrounded himself with, rather, people who have an anti-American, anti-family, pro-communist, pro-Islamic vision for America. Now, we don’t have to go through all of the names of the people, and rehash old stories about who his mentors were, as they have been rehashed and rehashed hundreds of times on major Media outlets. The point being, however, we do not want someone like Obama, who surrounded himself with such evil people, who can use his mentorship in such an intelligent way to implement policies for America that would initially destroy every fiber of the American way of life. Someone illiterate about the Founding of America, about the Constitution, so forth and so on, would not know where to start when it comes to making policy, or who to surround himself with.

Do keep in mind, I’m not implying that Obama is “unintelligent,” far from it … I’m merely pointing out that Mr. Obama is using his intellect for evil. One of the facts to prove this, is that when he was a Senator for Illinois, he voted to deny post-birth abortion babies the right to care, and ultimately to life. This is the sign of an evil mind, using the power of his pen for evil. And, since Obama has been President, for the last 5 years Christians around the world have endured relentless persecution, and this is because he is a weak leader, using his leadership for evil purposes, and our enemies see that, and are taking full advantage of his deliberate weakness and inept leadership to do something for our brothers and sisters around the world.

God have mercy on America, because He sure have blessed her!

The Ukraine, The E.U and the United States.

Unless you have been living in a bubble you may have had heard about the little dust up over in the Crimea. Which, until a fait accompli imposed by Vlad the Invader, until a week or so ago used to be part of Ukraine. Now according to a soviet style plebiscite where 96% of the population that were eligible to vote, did, in favor of returning to the Rodina.


What started this whole mess? One group of unelected Europeans did. That group was those in charge of the European Union. Who knows what deals or promises were made to the rebels in Ukraine by the E.U. Economic aid for certain. Military assistance may have been hinted at but never agreed to. One thing is for certain. Vlad the Invader has made every single European leader look like an idiot over the past few weeks.


I do not include barkus dorkus the first in that category. I doubt very much he cares one way or the other about Europe or it’s problems with Vlad.


Lets go back to the Ukraine. Depending on which constitution was in effect for Ukraine, either 1994 or 2001 versions the new Ukrainian Government may or may not be legal One thing is for certain. Among the new government are at least 6 members of Svoboda or The Right Sector.

Svoboda can best be described as Ukraine’s version of the nazi party. The Right Sector generally follows along with Svoboda but is made up of a loose assortment of thugs, criminals, and other anti-social types. A good imitation of the SA, if you will.

Why should the United States be giving any economic aid to wanna be nazi’s? Military aid. Simple, forget about it.

Where does the United States fit into this. No where, is my hope. So far the Ukrainians have shown no willingness to defend themselves and the armed forces of the E.U. are nowhere to be seen.


Not one drop of American blood to defend those who will not defend themselves.