The Ukraine, The E.U and the United States.

Unless you have been living in a bubble you may have had heard about the little dust up over in the Crimea. Which, until a fait accompli imposed by Vlad the Invader, until a week or so ago used to be part of Ukraine. Now according to a soviet style plebiscite where 96% of the population that were eligible to vote, did, in favor of returning to the Rodina.


What started this whole mess? One group of unelected Europeans did. That group was those in charge of the European Union. Who knows what deals or promises were made to the rebels in Ukraine by the E.U. Economic aid for certain. Military assistance may have been hinted at but never agreed to. One thing is for certain. Vlad the Invader has made every single European leader look like an idiot over the past few weeks.


I do not include barkus dorkus the first in that category. I doubt very much he cares one way or the other about Europe or it’s problems with Vlad.


Lets go back to the Ukraine. Depending on which constitution was in effect for Ukraine, either 1994 or 2001 versions the new Ukrainian Government may or may not be legal One thing is for certain. Among the new government are at least 6 members of Svoboda or The Right Sector.

Svoboda can best be described as Ukraine’s version of the nazi party. The Right Sector generally follows along with Svoboda but is made up of a loose assortment of thugs, criminals, and other anti-social types. A good imitation of the SA, if you will.

Why should the United States be giving any economic aid to wanna be nazi’s? Military aid. Simple, forget about it.

Where does the United States fit into this. No where, is my hope. So far the Ukrainians have shown no willingness to defend themselves and the armed forces of the E.U. are nowhere to be seen.


Not one drop of American blood to defend those who will not defend themselves.

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