Which Side are you on?

Here is another lamentation about siding with the gope. Gope for those of you that do not know means GOP establishment.

You know those guy’s whos number one priority after the November elections is going to be the creation of thirty million or so new progressive voters and permanent residences in The United States.

What is the point of supporting these guys if they are just going to do the proggies dirty work?




Well Kevin, I am on the side of those folks that say no amnesty, those folks that say no to legalized murder, the side that says no to the homosexual agenda, and the side that says don’t spend more money than you have.

Hat Tip to BenK AoS Co Blogger


4 thoughts on “Which Side are you on?

  1. neocon01

    now the GOP wants to foist jeb or da joisey beach ball on us, Bzzzztttttttt …
    sniff sniff can you smell smoke??
    (another crash and burn for the RINOS) coming to you soon.

    Moderator Action!!!!!! From here on out Chris Chritie will be referred on this blog as “da joisey beach ball”
    End Moderator Action!!!!
    This message has been approved by the “Moderator” GMB!!!!!

    1. neocon01


      I simply LOOOOOOVE the BIG BOLD screaming moderation!!!!
      It makes me feeeeel sooo at hoooome…..from a blog far far away and hair on fire moderation from another galaxy…..LOL 🙂


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