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Knicks great (racist) Larry Johnson calls for all-black league

Wow calls for segregation from racist blacks all because of an ILLEGALLY recorded PRIVATE conversation.

Funny they ignore the likes of farracan, je$$e, “rev” al, barky, biden, the whole CBC, wright, holder, waters etc etc etc etc…..

wonder if this guy will be the head of the new black (negro) league.

or this wonderful piece of shit!

scan down to snoop dawg the brilliant black orator.


Ex-Cons Squatting in Soldier’s Home Defiantly Stay Put — But Their Tune Rapidly Changes After Outraged Bikers, Veterans Promise a Little Visit For months the scene at a soldier’s Florida home was a wild one: People and cars coming and going constantly, dogs running around unleashed, noise, strange characters — and a big cage of chirping birds to boot.

That is in my neck of the woods and believe me there would have been 2-500 Legion Riders (me included) At their front door, and THEY WOULD be GONE by the time we left!! or have committed suicide ( sadly of course)

full story here


Remember this.

State of the Union Address 2009.

Representative Joe Wilson (R) South Carolina

“You LIE!!!!”

He later apologized. For telling the truth.

This is what the commie proggies want. They want us to apologize for telling the truth.

No more. Respond to their threats of violence with the same. Get in their faces. Tell them the truth and never quit.

Be ready to meet violence with the same. The argument that using the same methods that your enemies use, turns you into your enemies, doesn’t hold much water if any.

Our Founders thought up of a system of government that was nothing like the system that George III had in place.  It was not until September 24, 1861 that the first shot against our Constitution was fired. It has taken many hits since then and our beloved “Constitutionalists” have done nothing to stop the firing. In reality our Republic lasted about 74 years. Politicians have been fighting over the carcass ever since.


In this case, not using the same methods of the commie proggies has turned this country to their favor.

Let’s, welkome! welcome! vilkomme!

Let us welcome Count D’Haricots.




Welcome to this tiny little slice of internet heaven.


We will take Counts points one by one and explain my responses to them.


“Your Comment on Free Speech is “Awaiting Moderation“???? The irony is palpable!” The exclamation point could indicate that your intent was sarcastic.

How many times has this been explained at b4v. When you make a comment for the first time on any wordpress blog, it goes into the moderation que. Your comments have now been approved and you will no longer have this problem.


“You might as well just written, shut the fuck up Count. And then deleted me.”

I was tempted. I did not give into that temptation.


“You do as you wish; you are in no position to judge my people as we do as we believe.”And neither are you. Spelling God out is no different than saying “God Bless You” after someone sneezes.

And where did I do any judging?


“However, in Germany we refer…” Partial quote. A couple of questions here. Are you stating that you are German and are you stating that  you are a German speaker?”I offered a reasonable (and informed) observation on the more proper use of a foreign language and I get flippant rejoinder.” This statement would seem to negate the above statement.

To my knowledge and I have my wife here to back me up, there is no common Deutsch equivalent to the American “Country Boy” There is also no Fannisch word for this concept because by definition all Old Order Mennonites are country boys and girls. Use what ever word you wish to, to define me.


“seems to me your ideals are higher than your capacities.”

That is matter of opinion.


“:If the Constitution is to survive, it must be applied as written; there is no clause in said Constitution for an armed rebellion or civil disobedience as a remedy. We further objected in principal to the Patriot Act (I wrote extensively at that other blog) and the agencies that grew out of that Act; fruit from the poisoned tree.”


Two phrases “for an armed rebellion or civil disobedience as a remedy.”


Neither one of those were a lawful remedy on April 19, 1775 either.


I hope that this has made things a bit clearer.


Edited to remove mispellings of Count’s Name.






Please practice what you preach. If  you urge people to respect free speech in the public arena you should also respect that free speech in your private area. If you urge people to make, mine, or grow things, then you should make mine, or grow something. If you urge people to get married young and have lots of children, you should have married young and have lots of children.


Practice what you preach. Unless you are a hypocrite, unless you are holding yourself up as an example of what not to do.


The Lord will know us by the company that we keep. I am done keeping company with hypocrites.


Neo is no hypocrite. I assure anyone reading that is not the case.


I also assure anyone that Watson the first, second, or the third is no hypocrite. Nor is Casper, nor are any of the Pitchfork crew. Not even Mitchthekid. None of them are hypoctrites. Filthy dirty stinking hipster communists yes. Hypocrites no.


What did Our Lord and Savior do with hypocrites? Hint. It’s in a book we all should be reading and you can find it in that book. No spoilers from me. Maybe Jer will tell you, he is a better Minister than I’ll ever be.


I am done with authoritarians,. It does not matter if they reside at Blogs4Victory or at the DaileyKos.

2 cents people, 2 cents.


Bryan Singer, whose first hit as a director was 1995’s ‘The Usual Suspects,’ allegedly met accuser Michael Egan III, then 15, in 1998 at a mansion in Encino, Calif., that was the site of regular drug-fueled underage sex attacks.

But But But wea re told homosexuals are just like us and only want “marriage” equality…….HOW could his be??
when are people going to wake up on this matter?
For more than 200 years homosexuality was considered a pathology and mental illness by the medical profession, and was ILLEGAL in all (57) states.
It has been an established  SIN by all mainstream religions, and called an ABOMINATION by the Christian/jewish bible.
Now we have an (alleged) sodomite (bathouse barry) in the white hut and he is decimating our military and society with this poison.
When is the majority going to put a stop to this radical left – atheist supported agenda and send the cockroaches of history back into the closet?

Former Arizona Sheriff Reveals Chilling Strategy to Put Women ‘Up at the Front’ During Bundy Ranch Standoff

Actually women make very good sandbags…….

However it seemed like such a great idea when they were in Iraq doing this FOR sadam hussein (not to be mixed up with bathousebarry hussein) to protect our enemies from US Troops. Or in front of abortion clinics, or in front of police lines in the communist dominated OWS “movement” …..nooo they were leftist “heroes” . Now they are right wing dingbats for cowardly conservatives to hide behind.

Seems the goberment didnt mind mowing them down with snipers, tanks, helicopters, at RR and Waco.