If you do not have the heart to put your full effort into the battle, do not start. You will not finish it. Half hearted efforts, fair weather conservatives, and going along to get along rino’s are a dying breed.

Choose a side.

The following are not my exact words. I have stated them in other words. The meanings remain the same. How I was hounded by other so called conservatives for stating them. The names I was called were many. Not a big deal. I can handle that part very easily. Now my words and the words of others are being echoed by those with no heart for the battle.

“Fight the left. Fight them all the time. Fight them on every issue. Concede nothing. Because if you don’t, then you are partnering up with people who will destroy you.” Maybe the owner of these lost words would like to claim them? No?

Choose a side.

Just like Mr. Eich did. He choose to turn away from the battle. He put his tail between his ballless legs and ran from the fight. Good bye and good riddance Mr. Eich.

Knowing who not to count on is, in my opinion, more important than knowing who to count on.

Choose a side.

Time perhaps?

4 thoughts on “Heart

  1. neocon01

    Mechanical contractor, Harley rider, Former Marine, Combat vet RVN 1966-1968, azz kicking NO apologizing conservative, Loves God, Country, Family, Corps in that order.
    Im your best friend and worst enemy, and lives life to the fullest. Semi retired but works 50 hrs a week for beer money.

    OOH RAH!!

    I love my country but I hate the present regime and the communist/donk party.
    Lets Play!!

    1. GMB Post author

      “works 50 hrs a week for beer money.”

      If playing the stock market was permissible I would be tempted to ask what brand of beer you drink. That’s a lot of beer money.



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