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First and formeost: I've been a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since February 3, 1991. Interests: I immensely enjoy God's Awesome Creation, I also enjoy beekeeping, and hope to have a large apiary some day. Gardening. Making apple butter. I enjoy hunting, Trout fishing, and Goin' Sangin' - digging American Ginseng. Hobbies: Building bluebird boxes. Reading: Slouching towards Gomorrah. Liberalism and Moral Decline in America. National Geographic Society Field Guides Wildlife. The study of trees.


  1. GMB

    Sooner or later what is going to happen here is that a bunch of federals are going to end up dead. This will give their excuse to start confiscating personal weapons and totally disarming the American People.

    They will have plenty of allies. 100% of the collectivists and about 80% of the so called opposition.

    Numbers don’t matter. 3% carried the rest of this country to freedom. We can do it again. Just be prepared to do what is needed. The Big Man Upstairs will tell you. Just open your Heart and listen to him.

    1. neocon01

      it is 100% concocted, we have pure evil at the highest places in our government…..these storm troopers will murder their own countrymen in the name of the “law” Germany 1939.

  2. neocon01

    UPDATE: Sheriff Announces BLM Will Cease Operation…
    ‘Serious concern about safety of employees and public’…
    Backdown Comes Hours After Reid/China Takeover Report…
    Lawmaker: Cattle Roundup ‘Reminded Me Of Tiananmen Square’…
    Feds Refuse to Say If Animals Euthanized…
    Charlie Daniels: First test of military against citizens?


    now if we could only rid our country of the vermin in the white hut!

    1. neocon01

      Sen. Sessions: ‘Deliberate Plan by President’ to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System
      April 10, 2014 – 6:30 PM
      By Craig Bannister

      Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said today that Americans need to stand up to “a deliberate plan by the president of the United States” to collapse the nation’s law enforcement system regarding illegal immigration.

      In a Senate speech, Sessions said:

      “Our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse, and it’s a deliberate plan by the president of the United States, and it’s wrong. And, people need to be aware of it and need to stand up to it and I believe the American people are beginning to do so.”

      Sen. Sessions rebuked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden for their pro-amnesty efforts:

      “So, you come into the country illegally and the attorney general of the United States declares that these individuals have a civil right to amnesty. How can this possibly be: the chief law enforcement officer in America?

      “Vice President Biden recently said, quote: ‘You know, 11million people live in the shadows; I believe they’re already American citizens.’ Eleven million undocumented aliens are already Americans? Goodness. The vice president of the United States would make such a statement. It’s stunning beyond belief.”

      1. neocon01

        Imagine that……
        The Bundy Ranch “VO” is now the last large cattle ranch standing in Clark County. According to an anonymous source who has lived in Nevada for thirty-five years, the other major ranches in Clark County have been driven out of existence for one reason or another by the BLM and the Feds. It is claimed that the BLM are masquerading as conservationists, using their federal power to wield the final blow to reclaim the settlement rights they once honored to settlers like the Bundys.

        Follow the Money

        The real wealth is in the water to support the plush green golf courses, and surrounding housing developments, gleaming swimming pools, and other demands by hotels and households in Las Vegas, Arizona, and Southern California.

  3. GMB

    As Neo has said since I have known him. Term Limits now. No more than 4 years for anyone at the federal level. If the Constitution has to been changed to accomplish this, then so be it.

    No more permanent class of bureaucrats sucking their whole life off the tax payer teat. 2 years as a federal employee and out the door you go.

    As also Neo has said. Flat tax now. I have my reservations about the fairness of a flat tax but until someone comes up with a better system, run with it.

    The removal, also, by constitutional means if needed, of the right for anyone who receives federal money to vote in federal elections. And yes, this would include our Military.

    The Ranchers have won this battle but the war has hardly begun. It will come to an area near you in the close future. Be ready.

    Please ignore this post if you think any of my points would be “playing into the hands of the RRL”


  4. GMB

    Now I have to explain to my ten year old what this salute means. And, and me this bad grammar and, here, start an investigation on how my fourteen year old already knew.



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