The Standoff

In continuation of Neo’s post we now have what amounts to a standoff in Nevada. The last independent rancher in the area is refusing to cave into the federal government.

The issue at hand is ownership of the land. First off the federal government has no business owning the land at all. That is a right reserved by our Constitution to the States or the people.

Again, this is another issue that the so called secular Constitutionalist will not enforce because it would be “playing into the hands of the RRL”

There is also very strong evidence that harry reid the accused pedarest is invoved in this issue. His son is involved with a chicom company that wants the land Mr. Bundy has been grazing his catttle since 1870 without any issue until now.

Follow the money.

Unconfirmed news states that over one thousand Americans have now gathered in the vicinity of Mr. Bundy’s ranch in support of his cause and in response to BLM having over two hundred armed troops in the areas to protect contractors that will “confiscate the trespassing cattle” that are endagering a specie of tortoise that the government is killing off anyway.

Harry Reid
Rory Reid
Land the chicoms want
Solar energy production
5 Billion dollars

We don’t need a Professor of Mathematics to add up what is going on here.

God bless you all.


5 thoughts on “The Standoff

    1. neocon01

      RUT RO !

      By Associated Press April 12, 2014 6:55 am

      bundy_cellLAS VEGAS (AP) — Images of a forced cattle roundup on a rural Nevada range sent ripples through the West on Friday, prompting elected officials in several states to weigh in, militia members to mobilize and federal land managers to reshape elements of the operation.

      Bureau of Land Management officials dismantled designated protest areas Thursday and Nevada’s governor urged calm as the fight over rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle widened into a debate about states’ rights and federal land-use policy.

      The dispute that triggered the roundup dates to 1993, when the BLM cited concern for the federally protected tortoise. The agency later revoked Bundy’s grazing rights.

      Bundy claims ancestral rights to graze his cattle on lands his Mormon family settled in the 19th century. He stopped paying grazing fees and disregarded several court orders to remove his animals.

      BLM officials say Bundy now owes more than $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees.

      “I’m seeing a lot of passionate Americans willing to stand up for important rights,” said Nevada state Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

      Fiore, a Republican, said Friday she has been making the 80-mile drive from Las Vegas to a growing tent city of militia members, advocates and protesters in dusty but scenic rangeland near Bundy’s ranch, just east of the Virgin River. She said she was horrified that BLM police used stun guns on one of Bundy’s adult sons during a Wednesday confrontation on a state highway near the Bundy melon farm in the Gold Butte area.

      Video of that confrontation has spread on the Internet, along with blog commentary claiming excessive government force and calls to arms from self-described militia leaders. Some have invoked references to deadly confrontations with federal authorities, including a siege of a ranch home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and the fiery destruction of a religious compound near Waco, Texas, that killed 76 people in 1993.

      and so it begins…….WAKE UP AmeriKa

      1. neocon01


        FAA Orders No Fly Zone…
        Cell Towers Shut Down?
        County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters ‘Better Have Funeral Plans’…
        Lawmaker: Cattle Roundup ‘Reminded Me Of Tiananmen Square’…
        Militia Members Arrive: We’re not ‘afraid to shoot’…
        Supporters gather outside LVPD headquarters…
        Rangers Brought in From Out of State…
        Charlie Daniels: First test of military against citizens?
        Feds Refuse to Say If They’ve Euthanized Cattle…
        BREAK: Sen. Reid/Chinese gov’t takeover of ranch for solar farm?

    1. neocon01

      Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, weighed in on the issue for the first time Tuesday, saying he was “disturbed” by the First Amendment zone established by federal officials to prevent protesters from spreading out all over the closed-off 600,000-acre Gold Butte area, which he said “tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution.”

      he should mobilize Nevadas NG and run the feds OFF STATE LAND!!


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