Let’s, welkome! welcome! vilkomme!

Let us welcome Count D’Haricots.




Welcome to this tiny little slice of internet heaven.


We will take Counts points one by one and explain my responses to them.


“Your Comment on Free Speech is “Awaiting Moderation“???? The irony is palpable!” The exclamation point could indicate that your intent was sarcastic.

How many times has this been explained at b4v. When you make a comment for the first time on any wordpress blog, it goes into the moderation que. Your comments have now been approved and you will no longer have this problem.


“You might as well just written, shut the fuck up Count. And then deleted me.”

I was tempted. I did not give into that temptation.


“You do as you wish; you are in no position to judge my people as we do as we believe.”And neither are you. Spelling God out is no different than saying “God Bless You” after someone sneezes.

And where did I do any judging?


“However, in Germany we refer…” Partial quote. A couple of questions here. Are you stating that you are German and are you stating that  you are a German speaker?”I offered a reasonable (and informed) observation on the more proper use of a foreign language and I get flippant rejoinder.” This statement would seem to negate the above statement.

To my knowledge and I have my wife here to back me up, there is no common Deutsch equivalent to the American “Country Boy” There is also no Fannisch word for this concept because by definition all Old Order Mennonites are country boys and girls. Use what ever word you wish to, to define me.


“seems to me your ideals are higher than your capacities.”

That is matter of opinion.


“:If the Constitution is to survive, it must be applied as written; there is no clause in said Constitution for an armed rebellion or civil disobedience as a remedy. We further objected in principal to the Patriot Act (I wrote extensively at that other blog) and the agencies that grew out of that Act; fruit from the poisoned tree.”


Two phrases “for an armed rebellion or civil disobedience as a remedy.”


Neither one of those were a lawful remedy on April 19, 1775 either.


I hope that this has made things a bit clearer.


Edited to remove mispellings of Count’s Name.






14 thoughts on “Let’s, welkome! welcome! vilkomme!

  1. Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots)

    ” We will take Counts points one by one and explain my responses to them.”
    I will return the favor in kind.

    ”Spelling God out is no different than saying “God Bless You” after someone sneezes.”

    Nor is it different in my mind from when someone says “G-d Damn it!” It trivializes Him & we don’t believe we have the authority to command the Lord to bless anyone, to us it is disrespectful and not his wishes as we have been commanded to respect them.

    Which is why when someone sneezes we say “to your health”, or “health” (La-vriut -Hebrew, Tzu Gezunt -Yiddish or Gesundheit -German) or simply “bless you” which we believe is shorthand for May G-d Bless you”.

  2. Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots)

    “there is no common Deutsch equivalent to the American ‘Country Boy’

    And, im Deuche sprache, there is no similar jargon to Mountain Man, Valley Girl or Porch Monkey either.

    Simply translating the words verbatim to German does not convey the meaning of the euphemism.

    Country, as you have used it translates to a realm, a municipality, a kingdom, a republic or a nation. You wish to convey that you are of a rural possibly agrarian experience, not of an urban or metropolitan locale. Hence ländliche Jugendlicher or rural youth or, if you wish to convey that you are part of a larger group of rural folk; Junge Landbevölkerung.

  3. Count d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots)

    ”Neither one of those were a lawful remedy on April 19, 1775 either.”

    Neither was the Constitution.

    It wasn’t adopted until 1787 and wasn’t ratified until 1789.

    Since the Constitution is the Law, and the constitution prescribes the methods for changing or modifying our form of government, the constitution must be followed as written. To proffer armed rebellion or insurrection or the willful wanton neglect of the tenets places you in league with the leftists and other anarchists, and at odds with we Constitutionalists.

  4. GMB Post author

    “Land Junge” I will keep this. It conveys the the idea best in my opinion. It is not literal. I believe you are relying on second hand information for your comments.

    To test this theory translate the word “schwartzenegger” for me. The literal and the actual. Here’s some more if you care to have a go. “Feldherrnhalle and Fürstenfeldbrücke. Do the literals first and the actual last.

    If you do not wish to spell out God, that is your choice. I will not assign meaning to you and I ask the same in return. If some one should curse God, how is that a reflection on either you or me, or anyone else.

    God knows what is our heart. No one can hide from him. Every thought, every action, is known to him. You can judge me all you want but your judgement of me or anyone else carries no weight with God.

    The free shit army has no intention of obeying our Constitution. The politicians have no intent of obeying our Constitution. Our Constitution has somehow morphed into a document that legalizes murder. So far about 55 million of them.

    Those that have the power to turn the money off won’t do so. They have shown how they support the free shit army, with their actions.

    They have shown that they will make laws that turn the citizens into slaves. You have the right to support that document all you want.

    I’ll pass if you don’t mind.

  5. GMB Post author

    Let me ask you a couple of questions. First off. Why are you even here? You and I have never gotten along that well and I think it shows with the combativeness of your comments.

    Second. Why the fake email addy? I have no history of harassing anyone.

      1. GMB Post author

        Again with the combativeness? Why so? It’s almost as if you are trying to get your comments deleted. Again why? What is the point? Some of your comments also seem to be pre planned. As if they were cooked up by some committee somewhere.

        You are more than welcome to post anything you want. However combativeness will be met with the same. This is not b4v or apn. There will be no deletions, there will be no bannings, and the only thing that will happen will those rules Neo told you about earlier.

        Leave if you want. Do not let the door smack you in ass on the way out.

      2. neocon01

        stay, you have very good insight and wit…and you drink good scotch 🙂 cant be all bad LOL

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