Open Thread part 2.

Since my cohorts are even lazier than I am. Here is part 2 of my indeterminate length open thread.


“and your ideology is better silenced. ”

Not my words. See those quotation marks? A free life time platinum premium subscription to this little old bloggy thing to the first person who guesses where they come from. Other than that, enjoy what passes for discourse around here.


10 thoughts on “Open Thread part 2.

  1. GMB Post author

    So which one of you jokers has been appointed as commissar for vice and virtue over there at the peoples republik of progtardia?

  2. GMB Post author

    Looks like stooge number 2, aka moe, aka mitch “da schnozzz puncher”, mcconnell won his primary.

    progtardia will have a new progtard in the Senate come November.

    1. neocon01

      Since my cohorts are even lazier than I am

      Busy Brother, A/C season here in fla….(you know, hay season)… moving into and setting up new shop……. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. GMB Post author

        I have it lucky this year. I didn’t even have to plant. I have the usual caretaker work but not much in the labor department.

        Capitalism rocks!


    2. neocon01

      mcconnell won his primary.

      UGH, we are soooo fucked, 60 years of dumbing down ameriKa and OPM will be our downfall.
      along with Godlessness, sodomy and black racism.

      1. GMB Post author

        I will gladly trade you 30 million new prog voters tomorrow for a river dam today.- b. mcconnell.

        Done-any progtard.

    1. neocon01

      alinsky, communist marxism 101

      race has nothing to do with any of it unless you are an inbred, self loathing, low IQ, delusional, lazy, moron……… Oh wait we have one of those in da whites hut and as his ag
      did I mention homosexuals as well?

      1. neocon01

        Oh and BOTH are mongrels (husseins words) and both eat mongrels ….. figuratively, and as a meal.

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