In Memorium.


We walked among the crosses
Where our fallen soldiers lay.
And listened to the bugle
As taps began to play.

The Chaplin led a prayer
We stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of fallen comrades
I had known so long ago.

They came from every city
Across this fertile land.
That we might live in freedom.
They lie here ‘neath the sand.

I felt a little guilty
My sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time
But these men lost their all.

Now the services are over
For this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses
I just want to say,

Thanks for what you’ve given
No one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in heaven
From now through evermore.


17 thoughts on “In Memorium.

  1. neocon01

    Memorial Day: Why We Must Study War
    As citizens of a free country it is necessary that we acknowledge the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform that died to defend it. Civil society only survives in a world of violence and tyranny if there are rough men ready to do violence on our behalf.

    by Jarrett Stepman 42

  2. GMB Post author

    I just woke up. I didn’t see the .jpg ending of your last link. ewwwwww 😦

    MODERATOR ACTION…..What has been seen can not be unseen.


      1. GMB Post author

        Yeah you did. 😛


        May john effn kerry rot in hell. Lucifer is waiting on you to “report for duty” winter sailor boy.

  3. neocon01

    Police Arrest Dozens of obama’s sons During Memorial Day Ruckus RIOT By The Beach

    FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Fort Lauderdale police believe hundreds of young (black) people made their way to the beach for one reason this Memorial Day, to cause trouble with a huge chimpout.

    Police described a volatile scene Monday night as they had to arrest dozens of people that were part of unruly crowds.

    Two separate incidents late Monday afternoon kept officers busy. One scene was near the area of 31st Avenue and West Broward Boulevard.

    The other was near the beach close to A1A.

    Police said around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, hundreds of young people made their way to the beach for one reason this Memorial Day, to cause trouble.

    Fort Lauderdale Police were in riot gear as a large crowd of young people moved through A1A reportedly causing mayhem.

    “We had several reports of individuals who were reaching into vehicles, striking drivers. We have reports individuals who were jumping on top of taxicabs,” said Detective Deanna Greenlaw with Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

    1. neocon01

      Myrtle Beach shootings tied to motorcycle rally? (+video)

      Thousands of BLACK motorcyclists gather in the Myrtle Beach, SC, area for a rally every spring. Police are investigating whether a series of fatal shootings Saturday is tied to the biker rally.

      By Mark Guarino, Staff writer / May 26, 2014

      State Law Enforcement Department officers handcuff a man at the scene of the multiple shootings in Myrtle Beach, SC. Police report three people were killed and one was injured late Saturday.Six shootings across Myrtle Beach, S.C. this weekend left three people dead, breaking the beachside resort city’s total homicide count for 2013.

      3 Shot Dead in Myrtle Beach, Suspects Sought

      Three people were killed and one wounded in a shooting in a motel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Saturday night. Police are searching for at least one suspect and…

      The first shooting, which struck one man and sent him to the hospital, took place around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, police Capt. David Knipes told reporters Sunday. With officers investigating onsite, a second shooting was reported at 11 p.m., less than a mile away.

      In that shooting, three people were killed and a fourth wounded as a gunman shot into a crowd outside the Bermuda Sands Motel.

      The shootings took place during the 34th Annual Atlantic Beach BikeFest, a motorcycle rally that has attracted up to 400,000 bikers, predominantly black, in past years. Police would not say if the shootings were connected to the event.

      1. neocon01

        As Democrats and gun control advocates continue to push the three gun-related deaths in Santa Barbara as justification for more gun control, the gun-related deaths of three people at a “predominantly black” bike fest in South Carolina have gotten no mention.

        Democrats are also mum on the two people who were shot to death and the eight who were wounded in less than ten hours in Chicago on Saturday.

        clearwater fl.

  4. neocon01

    A press release claims that Fuller approached the mayor and calmly expressed his disagreement after the event, which included a religious service, concluded, handing Kindig his business card and requesting a time to speak further about the issue.

    But Kindig purportedly responded with what the atheist group dubbed “disturbing comments.”

    “Take me to f****** court, because I don’t care,” the mayor is quoted as saying. The organization claims he later added, “Minorities are not going to run my city.”

  5. GMB Post author

    I thought barkus dorcus, the first, his majesty of progtardia qas going to heal the racial divide.

    I was wrong.


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