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DANGER!! Maybe something the left and right can agree on…….

Nestled awkwardly among the usual guff, the outrage website Salon this week took a welcome flyer and accorded space to something genuinely alarming. “A SWAT team,” the headline screamed, “blew a hole in my 2-year-old son.” For once, this wasn’t hyperbole.

The piece’s author, Alecia Phonesavanh, described what it felt like to be on the business end of an attack that was launched in error by police who believed a drug dealer to be living and operating in her house. They “threw a flashbang grenade inside,” she reported. It “landed in my son’s crib.” Now, her son is “covered in burns” and has “a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs.” So badly injured was he by the raid that he was “placed into a medically induced coma.” “They searched for drugs,” Phonesavanh confirmed, but they “never found any.” Nor, for that matter, did they find the person they were looking for. He doesn’t live there. “All of this,” she asks, “to find a small amount of drugs?”

Historians looking back at this period in America’s development will consider it to be profoundly odd that at the exact moment when violent crime hit a 50-year low, the nation’s police departments began to gear up as if the country were expecting invasion — and, on occasion, to behave as if one were underway. The ACLU reported recently that SWAT teams in the United States conduct around 45,000 raids each year, only 7 percent of which have anything whatsoever to do with the hostage situations with which those teams were assembled to contend. Paramilitary operations, the ACLU concluded, are “happening in about 124 homes every day — or more likely every night” — and four in five of those are performed in order that authorities might “search homes, usually for drugs.” Such raids routinely involve “armored personnel carriers,” “military equipment like battering rams,” and “flashbang grenades.”

Were the military being used in such a manner, we would be rightly outraged. Why not here? Certainly this is not a legal matter. The principle of posse comitatus draws a valuable distinction between the national armed forces and parochial law enforcement, and one that all free people should greatly cherish. Still, it seems plain that the potential threat posed by a domestic standing army is not entirely blunted just because its units are controlled locally. To add the prefix “para” to a problem is not to make it go away, nor do legal distinctions change the nature of power. Over the past two decades, the federal government has happily sent weapons of war to local law enforcement, with nary a squeak from anyone involved with either political party. Are we comfortable with this?

The Right’s silence on the issue is vexing indeed, the admirable attempts of a few libertarians notwithstanding. Here, conservatives seem to be conflicted between their rightful predilection for law and order — an instinct that is based upon an accurate comprehension of human nature and an acknowledgment of the existence of evil — and a well-developed and wholly sensible fear of state power, predicated upon precisely the same thing. As of now, the former is rather dramatically winning out, leading conservatives to indulge — or at least tacitly to permit — excuses that they typically reject elsewhere. Much as the teachers’ unions invariably attempt to justify their “anything goes” contracts by pointing to the ends that they ostensibly serve (“Well you do want schools for the children or don’t you? Sign here”), the increasingly muscular behavior of local police departments is often shrugged off as a by-product of the need to fight crime. This, if left unchecked, is a recipe for precisely the sort of carte blanche that conservatives claim to fear.


The End justifies the means.

Last night an election took place in Mississippi. An upstart TEA Partier challenged a member of the gop establishment. Chris McDaniel, the TEA Partier, did not lose by much. In fact, once the challenges work out he may not have lost at all.


This would not even be an issue. In a fair fight. Politics is not a fair fight. The gope’er appealed to progtards to save his sorry ass. Which they may just have.


The fact that a gope’er had to use votes from progtardia to maintain his position should tell us all something. It should tell you that Conservatives have no place in the gop. We should accept this. Not fight it all.


Come election time in November of this year and in 2016, it is my opinion, that turn about is fair play. It is also my opinion That every Conservative has a duty to burn the gop down. They don’t want Conservative and they have told us so.


It is time to listen to them. Vote for the most liberal progtard that you can Conservatives. Burn the gope down.


We can repeal and replace it.


“But Tim we need to get control of the Senate”


“To Stop Harry Reid, thats why you dumb ass”

bitch mcconnel going to stop Harry Reid? LOLzer The progtards will just exercise their hecklers veto and the bitch will give them everything they want.

“But Tim, it’s still better to have someone who votes with us 75% of the time than someone who votes with us 0% of the time”

Answer. Here is what you do. Since we are talking about percentages, I want you to divide up you God given rights into 100. Now, decide which 25 you can live with out okay? I know you will give up my freedoms so you can get along but what freedoms are you willing to up?


I am looking forward to your answers.


First we burn the gop to the ground.

Second the media.

Third. Rebuild.


Update 26/6


Thaddie boi just can not quit. He has now asked the county officials in charge not to certify the vote until the last possible minute. This old fart needs to be put out of office. If you are going to act like a progtard, you need to get treated like one.


You might as well vote for a real progtard than someone who pretends to be on your side.


Update 27/6


CALL TO ACTION! All GOP/Conservative Mississippi Voters, Your help Is Needed on Friday!!

Wayne Dupree on June 26, 2014 at 6:01 PM

IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED!! All Conservative/Republican GOP voters in every Mississippi county, visit your county courthouse tomorrow and ask for copies of voter rolls from the Democrat/GOP run-off election.

After you have done this, Contact

Melanie Sojourner — melanie at mcdaniel2014 dot com
Jay Craig — Jwcraig2 at yahoo dot com


Update 27/6


They stole the election with massive voter fraud. They know they stole it, everyone knows they stole it. Tell the gope to go right straight to hell. eff em all.

♪♫ Old McMacmoud had a jihad♫♪ ¡E!I!E¡I!O¡…..BOOM!♫♫♪

The nation formerly know as Iraq keeps getting smaller. Over the last week the sunni jihadis consolidated their hold in Anbar province, capturing 4 towns that used to belong to the shia jihadis. The towns of Rawa, Ana and Huseiba in addition to the more important town of Al Quim fell to the sunni jihadis.


shia jihadis are rumored to have lost an entire brigade of Infantry, 28 tanks, and 3 helo’s, leaving the shias with virtually no air force and little to no offensive capability. From what reports i have read the shias now only possess 2 Cesna prop jobs capable of fire Hellfire missles leaving their airforce one twelfth the size of the Air Force of El salvador.

Iraq. We hardly knew ye.




Hello and thank you for calling the Baghdad suicide hotline…this is Abu Machmoud Tariq ibn Ali al Saddam how may I help you?


Caller are you there?

………yes…..Just trying to compose myself Abu……

What may I help you with today.

Well Farrah, Fatima,Huma, and Hillary won’t have sex with me anymore…

And why id that? and my I have your name calle?

Yes….My name is Anwar.


Now Anwar, why do you think these women will not have sex with you? And by the way are these women your wives?

Yes Abu, they are my wives. They say I am a coward because I ran away from the sunnis in Tikrit.


Anwar, forget these women. Divorce them. Have sex with your concubines instead.

My cocubines left me too. They went back to North Korea…..for a better life….


Do you know how to drive a truck, Anwar?

NO Abu I d………



Today is also the anniversary of the nazi invasion of communist soviet union. Not even two years after a pact signed by a dork named after a gasoline coktail and a joker whose name translates out some like “a troop of ribs” , the national socialists led by one adolph schikelgruber decided to have a go at the the international socialist led by one joe “Uncle Mustache” jugashvili.

Four and a half years or so and at the cost of 15 million, at least, combatants on both sides, and depending on what “official” source you want to believe, 17 million civilian deaths, the thousand year reich lay in smoking ruins.


Now the spiritual heirs of those two systems are busy destroying another country. This time from the inside out.


What is it with progtard dictators and their names? Like they are ashamed of the truth. Nahhh. Could not be. Isn’t that right mr. sotero?

Hillary Rodham

In 1975 Hillary defended a man accused of raping a 12 year girl. Tape recordings proved that Hillary knew the man was guilty. That us not the point. We have lawyers mainly to defend the guilty.


The real point is that Hillary defamed and outright lied about the girl. Helped make a young girls life miserable.




That is all, carry on with your worship of the progletariat comrades.

Open thread Part !!!!ele!!!vn!!!ty!!!

Have at it. Whatever you want to say.


James, are you going to grace us with you majestic presence again, share your wisdom with us all?


If by some lucky miracle of lost carloads of Hillary ballots, a retarded, rino, repub gets elected as POTUS #45 Who will it be?

prince jebward the 467th

da joisey beach ball?

super rino Romney?


Who are you?

The hunter or the hunted?

Back to Normal

Well bfourv is back to completely normal. Having deleted any of the progtards to argue with clusterf has now started in on poor little ole me.


I has a sad.


See my frowny  face? 😦


I think I’ll live….sniff….somehow……snifff


What you really have is a few people who claim to have a devotion to a piece of paper that they are dead set against enforcing. Why? Easy answer, because enforcing that document would “play into the hands of the rrl”

If you are going to base your system of morals on a piece of paper you had better enforce it all costs. The crew is not willing to do that. There is always some excuse not to do the right thing.


Thank God the bfourv crew were not around in April of 1775.

My My…….

The “religion of peace” looks to be very warlike lately.  The new boss in northern irakistan has banned all guns, just like barkus dorkus wants to do, tp prove how peaceful he is. How does he plan to enforce this new rule? With guns for me but not thee!!!! elevnty!!!


Who’s to blame for all this you ask?


You shouldn’t have. You know the answer already.




Thad Cochran and the GOPe

You may or may not be following races other than in your home area. You may or may not of heard of Thad Cochran R, Senator from Mississippi.


He is personally and politically exactly what is wrong with this country. He has been getting his piece of other peoples pies for so long he does not want to give it up. How bad does he not want to give it up?

So bad that he is asking donrats to vote for him in Repub runoff election he lost to TEA Partier Chris McDaniel. Incumbents have a very strong history of losing runoffs in Mississipi. Thaddy boy is scared that share of his pie will be reduced in the future. So scared that all that federal money will not be his to play with anymore.


Reduce spending? Nah never, reduce taxes to make everyone prosper, how dare you! Get the fed out of Mississippi as much as possible? Heathen!!!!.


Thaddie boy and Haley Barbour and and all his ilk are what is wrong. People want their share of  a shrinking pie instead of baking any new ones.


The gope can go efff itself.


Nuff said.