My My…….

The “religion of peace” looks to be very warlike lately.  The new boss in northern irakistan has banned all guns, just like barkus dorkus wants to do, tp prove how peaceful he is. How does he plan to enforce this new rule? With guns for me but not thee!!!! elevnty!!!


Who’s to blame for all this you ask?


You shouldn’t have. You know the answer already.





19 thoughts on “My My…….

  1. GMB Post author


    I am very optimistic about Iraq. I think it’s gonna be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re gonna see 90,000 troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re gonna see a stable Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government…I’ve been impressed by how they’ve been deciding to use the political process rather than guns to settle their differences.”

    Sheriff joe “the shotgun” biden 02/11/2010

  2. bardolf2

    All the time and treasure and sacrifice in Iraq are coming to zip. Who could have seen that coming? (Any Vietnam Vets in the house?)

    An ultra-fragile peace is not a peace. An economy pumped up by US military spending is not an economy. IMO there was never a chance of success in Iraq without essentially breaking it into competing pieces. Arm the Kurds and letting them break off. Divide the Sunnis and Shiite and let them each have their piece. Put the Christians in with the Alawite Muslims who are indifferent to the religion. With 3 or 4 sub-countries worrying about each other they have no time for expeditions.

    1. GMB Post author

      Exactly right Dr. B. I would also give the Marsh Arabs that are left their own slice. They too are pretty much indifferent to religion.

      Now the Kurds didn’t need any encouragement. They don;t need a lot of help either. Their Army is capable of doing what is needed to survive.

      1. bardolf2

        One problem is there is a mass of Christians in Iraq even to this day. Islam is much less heterogeneous than the news pretends. There are Sunnis, Shiites, Alawite, Sufi and many more and even within e.g. Shiite there are large differences. Add to this ethnic tensions and there is a recipe for peace.

        Make an independent Kurdish territory e.g. with 80% Kurds give them arms, a flag, a national anthem and a soccer team and they’ll fight to the death to protect their area. There would be no sane or insane reason for the Sunni’s to try and take over that area. Same with a Shiite region and a Sunni region.

        Throw out all the bullshit ideas of the past and think basic biology- propagation of your genetic line. You are a people who are averaging at or below replacement birth as much of the MidEast is nowadays. Are you going to send your only son to fight to take over a piece of dirt so some bastard (sheik, Wall St. trader, communist party boss) can make more money? No.

        That’s why Russia won’t invade Poland, Pakistan won’t take over Kashmir, England doesn’t want to be in Ireland and on and on. The only reasons for a population which is barely reproducing itself to go into other lands is 1. no casualties expected e.g. via drones 2. The current territory occupied by said population can no longer ecologically support it. But with today’s technology almost every country on the planet could be self-sustaining with the possible exception of energy independence.

      2. GMB Post author

        “That’s why Russia won’t invade Poland, Pakistan won’t take over Kashmir, England doesn’t want to be in Ireland and on and on. ”

        I have been thinking about declaring war on and invading Indiana.I think one Light Infantry Battalion would do the job. I need a S-2 Officer. Want a commission?


      3. GMB Post author

        I believe the Kurds are very shortly going to declare their independence. In my opinion it is about time. They have effective control of almost the the entirety of their homeland in what we used to call Iraq and Syria.

        From the information I have read the Peshmerga in Kurdistan now numbers over 250k trained troops. I have seen pictures of Kurds operating armored vehicles including some russian built T-80,and T-90 tanks. Who knows how many they have collected from the remains of the Iraqi Army.

        They will be one tough nut to crack.

        I agree with you about the Russia vs Poland. The Russki’s don’t want anything to do with the Polish Military. They are probably the most effective military organization that Nato possesses in Europe.

        They also still have a grudge. September 17, 1939 is not a date many Poles are likely to forget. The Lubliners are also something most Poles are not likely to forget.

      4. bardolf2

        GMB and Neo

        I know demographics not battle and base my intuition on that. I had never heard about the Peshmerga until today and now have heard it twice.

        I was reading a blog from the ‘war nerd’

        and wanted to know the opinions of warriors. So read up and let me know what y’all think. (Don’t get distracted by the Bush reference, he seems to be a person that believes disturbing complex balances usually results in unforeseen consequences and would just as quickly say the same thing about Obama’s meanderings).

      5. GMB Post author

        Not sure on what you want an opinion on. Capabilities, Intentions?

        Lets take the capabilitiesof ISIS/ISIL first. From the accounts I have reas they have somewhere between 1k and 2.5k armed terrorists in what we used to call Iraq, mostly armed with AK47’s and rpg 7’s. Cold war stuff. Cheap and effective to a point. The heaviest weapons they appear to possess are russian/chinese built 82mm mortars that are man portable. Basically the same design that the commies used during WWII.

        They operate as motorized light infantry when used en mass, until the vehicles start breaking down, then they either get a new vehicle or start to hoof it over hill and over dale.

        On smaller scales, terror, is the best weapon. Grown men will flee, leaving behind their wives and chilluns under the threat of getting their throat cut. Courage is not well represented in the individual arab muslim. Courage tends to strengthen in larger groups of like minded arabs.

        Imagine the Fulton County Regulators hopped up on meth and you have most arab militaries.

        As far as intentions. They intend to take what ever they can grab. Baghdad may or may not fall. As I understand it, Baghdad Airport is under mortar Fire as we speak. How much resistance the shias are putting is an unknown right now.

        If the news story are true and there are two battalions of Irainian Revolutionary Guards present on the front lines, that should be enough to keep the sunnis out of Bagdad proper. However gaining anything back will be problematic.

        The terrain outside of Baghdad is very well suited for mechanized warfare. What kind of tanks and ifv’s do the shias have available? The Iraqi shias not much and the junk the Iraians possess isn’t fit for the parade ground. The scrap yard yes, parade ground no.

        As the Iran/Iraq war has shown, both sides proved fair to good on the defense and extremely pathetic on the offense.

        To sum it simple like, the winner will be the side with the last man standing on a hill he is willing to kill for.

      6. bardolf2


        As usual didn’t make myself clear. I was wondering your opinions on the analysis at the blog link. The good thing about being unclear is I got even more information which seemed to reinforce some of the things I have been reading.

        Who can watch McLame and the rest of the gang yammer on and on when they have been so wrong so often? When Jon Stewart makes more sense about mideast foreign policy than many of the leaders of the GOP there is a big disconnect.

      7. GMB Post author

        The article was pretty much on the money. Except for the clear anti GWB bias which in my opinion is unfounded.

        The graft and corruption started by the shia dominated government didn’t start until barkus dorkus seized power.. maliki pretty much purged any and all sunni involvement in the gub’mint even up to the point of trumping up charges against his vice prez’nit,

        Graft, corruption, and cronyism, not just for the Windy City!!!

  3. GMB Post author


    An “army” of about a thousand sunni fanatics is about to topple a nation of some 30 plus million..

    News reports have Baghdad being shelled as I type this. No one notified the sunni’s that violence never solves anything and war is not the answer.

    TOLERANCE!!!!! COEXIST!!!!! ELENvTY!!!!!!!!!!

    Somebody please get in touch with the white hut and tell them to get the 1st special #hashtagranger battalion ready for deployment.

    Tee hee

  4. GMB Post author*Situation%20Report&utm_campaign=JUNE%2017%202016

    Look at the pic. This is what ISIS/ISIL is. Light Infantry riding in what ever cars and trucks can be scraped up. Once these vehicles break down it is highly unlikely they ever will run again no matter how small the problem.

    Unless there are Westerners around somewhere who will fix them, auto mechanics and just about any job involving mechanics is beneath the typical arab muslim.

    Spray and pray babee!!!!

    My apologies to GSGF 😛


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