Hillary Rodham

In 1975 Hillary defended a man accused of raping a 12 year girl. Tape recordings proved that Hillary knew the man was guilty. That us not the point. We have lawyers mainly to defend the guilty.


The real point is that Hillary defamed and outright lied about the girl. Helped make a young girls life miserable.




That is all, carry on with your worship of the progletariat comrades.


8 thoughts on “Hillary Rodham

  1. neocon01

    didnt she take (steal) files from an office after a murder suicide?
    then “find them” in a white hut Br, two years later when faced with prison?

    what a guy,,,er gay,,,er :gal”

  2. neocon01


    Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Scandal
    By Jeffrey T. Brown

    In the midst of the eruption of near-daily scandals involving the Obama administration, let us not forget that until just a few months ago, Hillary Clinton was the most significant persona within that administration besides the president himself. Let us not also forget that notwithstanding the scandal-grenades going off all around us, Mrs. Clinton diligently plans her run for the presidency, even while several of those scandals are obviously and entirely her responsibility, exposing the State Department during her tenure as an utter sewer of corruption, cronyism, and fatal incompetence.

    For as long as Hillary Clinton has been on the national scene, she has left a path of destruction and wreckage in her wake that is both impressive and terrible to behold. She is a testament to the extent of damage that can be done by one person determined to conquer everything before her in the quest for unlimited power and self-gratification. The only prize left to her in American politics is the presidency, which she has always felt is hers by right. Indeed, she would have attained it were it not for the upstart community organizer, a fellow admirer of Saul Alinsky, who spoke in volumes but said nothing.

    While such determination comes at a staggering cost, we should remind ourselves that the bill is never paid by Mrs. Clinton or her equally arrogant husband. It is paid by the country. Before we ask yet again for the check, perhaps we should remind ourselves of exactly who this woman is who will soon attempt to seduce the country, and her history as the object of an absurd and undeserved degree of national affection.”


    1. GMB Post author

      “the bill is never paid by Mrs. Clinton or her equally arrogant husband. It is paid by the country.”

      Doesn’t this joker know that is what us peon tax payers are for? To pay for the wealthy like lifestyle of our proletard betters who never produced anything other than ideas?

      POWER TO THE PROGTRDS!!!!! NEWS AT (you guessed it) !!!ele!!!vn!!!ty!!!

  3. neocon01

    and the marxist muslim, Mutt takes us deeper into the pit of hell….

  4. GMB Post author

    “Shadowy Obama Megadonor Indicted On Fraud And Manslaughter Charges…”

    What Federal Prosecutor had the balls to do that? Alternately, how the money bag get on barkus dorkus bad side?


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