The End justifies the means.

Last night an election took place in Mississippi. An upstart TEA Partier challenged a member of the gop establishment. Chris McDaniel, the TEA Partier, did not lose by much. In fact, once the challenges work out he may not have lost at all.


This would not even be an issue. In a fair fight. Politics is not a fair fight. The gope’er appealed to progtards to save his sorry ass. Which they may just have.


The fact that a gope’er had to use votes from progtardia to maintain his position should tell us all something. It should tell you that Conservatives have no place in the gop. We should accept this. Not fight it all.


Come election time in November of this year and in 2016, it is my opinion, that turn about is fair play. It is also my opinion That every Conservative has a duty to burn the gop down. They don’t want Conservative and they have told us so.


It is time to listen to them. Vote for the most liberal progtard that you can Conservatives. Burn the gope down.


We can repeal and replace it.


“But Tim we need to get control of the Senate”


“To Stop Harry Reid, thats why you dumb ass”

bitch mcconnel going to stop Harry Reid? LOLzer The progtards will just exercise their hecklers veto and the bitch will give them everything they want.

“But Tim, it’s still better to have someone who votes with us 75% of the time than someone who votes with us 0% of the time”

Answer. Here is what you do. Since we are talking about percentages, I want you to divide up you God given rights into 100. Now, decide which 25 you can live with out okay? I know you will give up my freedoms so you can get along but what freedoms are you willing to up?


I am looking forward to your answers.


First we burn the gop to the ground.

Second the media.

Third. Rebuild.


Update 26/6


Thaddie boi just can not quit. He has now asked the county officials in charge not to certify the vote until the last possible minute. This old fart needs to be put out of office. If you are going to act like a progtard, you need to get treated like one.


You might as well vote for a real progtard than someone who pretends to be on your side.


Update 27/6


CALL TO ACTION! All GOP/Conservative Mississippi Voters, Your help Is Needed on Friday!!

Wayne Dupree on June 26, 2014 at 6:01 PM

IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED!! All Conservative/Republican GOP voters in every Mississippi county, visit your county courthouse tomorrow and ask for copies of voter rolls from the Democrat/GOP run-off election.

After you have done this, Contact

Melanie Sojourner — melanie at mcdaniel2014 dot com
Jay Craig — Jwcraig2 at yahoo dot com


Update 27/6


They stole the election with massive voter fraud. They know they stole it, everyone knows they stole it. Tell the gope to go right straight to hell. eff em all.


21 thoughts on “The End justifies the means.

    1. neocon01

      ” Land junge. Vereinigte Staaten Freiwillige von 18 Jahren. Schießt, jagt, fischt. Betriebe, für die letzten vier Jahre. Wirtschaftliche konservativ, soziale konservativ.”……….. Gesundheit

  1. GMB Post author

    Hopefully Chris McDaniel is not just going to roll over and let the gope’ers win. I want to see every legal challenge made. I will donate to him if he does. I want the gope torn apart.

    I want McDaniel to mount a write in campaign. Lets see if those 30 k plus progtards vote for thaddie boi in the general. Aint going to happen.

    1. neocon01

      30 k plus progtards vote for thaddie boi in the general. Aint going to happen.

      Ooh mama what I gonna do?

  2. neocon01

    Bathhouse Barry Bitchslapped By supreme court




    SCALIA: Powers risk becoming ‘a weapon’…

    Obama Suffers 12th Defeat…

    UPDATE: Boehner readies House lawsuit over executive orders…

    High Court Voids Abortion Clinic ‘Buffer Zones’…

    next, charges of treason?

    1. GMB Post author

      I read the article. How immoral of person do you have to be to watch some getting the snot knocked out of them and sit back, do nothing except record it on your bama phone?

      This is the kind of society you want?

  3. neocon01

    Hmmmm, seems ole clusterfuck isnt as smart as he thinks he is…….

    Cluster June 21, 2014 at 8:36 am

    Using the IRS to target political opponents was one of the main reasons Nixon was impeached and left office in shame.

    REALLY?? I must have slept through that impeachment CF.

  4. GMB Post author

    I probably did sleep through the whole shebang. Being ten years old or so at the time and not living in Chicago, I had no opportunity to vote.


  5. GMB Post author

    “get rid of Harry Reid”. And replace a donkyrat progtard with a repuke progtard!!ELE!!ve!!!ty!!!

    Ummm bitch mcconnell has said his first move will be to give back filibuster for judicial nominees to the tards, The bitch will accomplish nothing when the tards exercise the media and hecklers veto.

    “come over to the GOP” This is even a better LOLzer. NEWFLASH!!! DUMBASS!!! they didn’t come over to the GOP because they want limited government or less taxes.

    They came over to save their FREE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    How hard is that to understand?

      1. GMB Post author

        You sure thats a lip plug? Looks more like a poorly disguised drum magazine for a ppsh-41.


  6. sarahbloch

    Okay, there’s quite a bit to cover here.

    1 The TEA Party and the need to “out conservative” the Establishment GOP has already set the fire to burn the GOP house to the ground. There’s no going back from what was started in 2009.

    2.The media is out of the question because the Right has an outlet and everyone else is in the center with MSNBC clearly on the left. The media are not there to change minds or even to inform but to reinforce deeply held beliefs on the left and right.

    3. Rebuild into what? A regional party that has a firm strangle hold on Idaho, Montana, The Dakotas and Wyoming? Elections are won by building coalitions not by distilling your base down who is the most ideological. far Right Conservatism will be a footnote in political history that will be looked at as a curiosity by the 2024 election when Texas turns bright blue.

    Viva la revolucion!


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