A picture does sometime explain everything.


55 thoughts on “A picture does sometime explain everything.

      1. GMB Post author

        Just unbelievable. What a world we live in. Thanks progtards. You reap what you sow. The teacher was more than likely a progtard herself. You got one of your own fired from her job.

        Doesn’t really matter though. Not like it was a union job. Not like there was a portion of her pay going into some progtards pocket.

      2. James0601

        so now a school fight is somehow the fault of liberals? I am sure you will equally denounce the tea party conservatives that shot two cops and an innocent bystander before committing suicide.

      3. GMB Post author

        “those TEA Partiers” lol ????wth???? Thats already been covered. They were progtard occupoopers.

        As you like to say, edumakate uself.

      4. James0601

        that’s why they went to bundy’s ranch. that’s why they had the tea party flag with them.

        yes, keep living in your bubble, im sure it’s nice and cozy.

      5. neocon01


        they were asked to leave the Bundy ranch as in KICKED OUT for being FN nuts……but were well embraced by the OWS loons.

  1. GMB Post author

    It has been clear for some time now that those of us who value our freedom and those that value so called “equality and fairness” are on a collision course. It is a collision that can only end in violence. Violence that created this country.

    The end result will be that the Anti-Federalists will win the next go around. Of this I have no doubt what so ever. I live in a small, very conservative Christian Community that keeps the world at bay. Most of the time by ignoring the outside world.

    This will work up until the progtards can not feed themselves and I see this time is approaching. Progtardia is quickly reaching a boiling point. The pool of victims is shrinking. To keep from eating their own, they will arm themselves and go after any opposition to progtardia.

    Our Founders shot and killed those that stood in their way. Do you people understand that? Those of you that will use flowery words and every excuse in the book to get along.

    You are trying to get along with people who do not want to get along. They will make laws that will take every right given to you by God away to create progtardia. You are merely a speed bump on the road. An annoyance. That is all.

    You will march into the shower room because you believe it is a shower room.

    Part of me cries for you and your suffering. Another part of me says goodbye to bad rubbish.

  2. GMB Post author

    I wonder what kind of grades our “Constitutional lawyakker in the white hut got in his Constitutional Law classes.

    Straight D-. Prove me wrong buttholes!!!ele!!!!vn!!!!ty!!!!!

  3. GMB Post author

    I wonder how many dead paeleostinians there will be by next week? Bibi won’t take the execution of those three teens very well.

    What kind of vengeance will he take? Time will tell.

      1. GMB Post author

        “what’s he going to do?”

        Difficult to tell. Taking out Fatah leadership is one answer. This used to be standard procedure. Since all of the PLO Leadership has declared that there are “no non combatant jews” Bibi can play the same card.

        I would recommend at least the top twenty plo leaders bite the dust. No more talks declare pali a state and when the next rocket comes flying over the border, declare war and finish up business.

        Thats just me. I am sort of a meany head.

      2. James0601

        you’re not a meany head, you’re just an idiot with no knowledge of how the world works.

        obviously, as you see today, all they did was some bombing runs, and that’s about it.

      3. GMB Post author

        Most definately I am an idiot that doesn’t know how the world works. Any other insults to get off your chest? Please by all means, get then done now.

        As I said, it was a good start. Start, being the word you should pay attention too.

        BTW, I would like to welcome you here. Did you decide to show up on your own or did you get the assignment? Doesn’t matter, you are here and I welcome your posting here. Even proglydytes like you need to be heard. I will warn you though. Get into a pissing match with Neo and I bear no responsibility for what happens. Understood?

        Just one more thing. While I do welcome you here, and that is something you should believe with all your heart, there will be of this changing user name crap. Pick one and stick with it.

        Again I welcome you and look forward to seeing more of your posts.

        Have a good day James and say hello to Casper, Watson, and Mitch for me.

      4. neocon01

        Israel launches more than 40 airstrikes against Gaza terrorists
        By Rick Moran

        As expected, Israel’s response to the discovery of three dead teenagers in a field outside of Hebron who were missing for 18 days was swift and decisive. The IDF launched at least 40 attacks on terrorists and their infrastructure in Gaza, striking at the heart of Hamas and their terrorist allies.


      1. James0601

        nice post UNPROVEN racist.

        You have been moderated by your friendly neighbor dictator, little ole me, GMB

      2. James0601

        oh you have a little B4V in you. Typical conservative, don’t like something, ignore it, moderate it, or delete it.

        it was a good run while it lasted.

      3. neocon01

        awwww jimmah
        cant take the heat camel boy?
        GMB was just having some fun with you TYPICAL lefty wah wah wah, noooo fairrrrr

    1. GMB Post author

      Your comment stands as is. It was not deleted or changed. You made an accusation with nothing to back it up.

      Prove your accusation.

  4. GMB Post author

    Kill whitey!!!!

    “What time should we kill whitey?

    “Are you really asking that question?

    Yes, what time should we kill whitey?

    At !!!ele!!!ven!!!ty!!!! of course.


      1. GMB Post author

        I am totally against gub’mint involvement in private life. You can homo it all you want, just not in my house. If I choose not to associate with any certain group of people, in is none of the gun’mints business.

        obarkycare is nothing more than forcing people to associate with something they may not want to associate with.

        Am I clear?

      2. James0601

        you’re not clear at all. the type of society you want isn’t a modern civilized society. It’s a medieval society and a laissez faire society.

        amazing how people like you, although in the minority, still exist today.

      3. GMB Post author

        I am for free and fair markets. Capitalism raises people out of poverty. Any of your other isms brings primarily poverty and suffering. Outright murder of their opponents did not bring wealth to the bolsheviks, it brought the exact opposite.

      4. neocon01


        minority?? you need more camel humps to count…….OH wait Im forgetting the 2 MILLION new peasant foreign ILLEGALS you are importing to replenish the plantation with.

      5. neocon01

        “amazing how people like you, although in the minority, still exist today.”

        NO; what is amazing is how many useful idiots still cling to the 18th century of a FAILED idea of socialism ( marxist communism) and rail against the people and system that has made the greatest country to ever exist, The USA, who has spent more blood, national treasure protecting and freeing billions from tyranny, and yet assholes like you rail against it.
        must be the islam in you a perpetual hatred for anything good or ordained by God. (not moo MAD)

      6. James0601


        every country thinks they are the greatest on earth you fucking idiot.

        america has freed BILLIONS? really? like who? and don’t even say WWII, because that was the Russians taking Germany and Berlin.

        did you free the people in Vietnam? was that before or after the carpet bombings you killer. People like you, like I said are in the minority. When you die off, your kids will be in the minority.

        the gig is up. go get pissed on by my mama and call it a day old man.

        This is what you have from James every time. He can hold it for a while. Never for much time. His anger and hatred and UNPROVEN accusations always get the best of him. He is neither a thinker or a doer, just a mere foot soldier for his betters in progtardia.

        He is Horst Wessel waiting to happen.

        Even Horst should be heard, even if it nothing but the same thing over and over again. Just for a reminder of what you are working against if nothing else.

        Edited by GMB

      7. neocon01


        the Russians? Hmmm seems patton was ORDERED to let them take Berlin, Patton had to wait days for them to break through. does Stalingrad ring a bell?? sans winter they were toast.

        Viet Nam? due to traitors, leftists, communists we left the Vietnamese to fight on their own, the rest is history,
        PS camel jocky, the “carpet bombing” was on the Ho chi minh trail, we could have invaded and beat them in 2 weeks, ask the donk johnson why we didnt.

      8. neocon01

        1. People like you, like I said are in the minority.
        2. When you die off, your kids will be in the minority.

        1. Bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha

        2. with another 50 million illegal, diseased, illiterate, peasant, uneducated, non english speaking mouths to feed it does not matter, they will still be mowing our lawns….think S. Africa.

      9. neocon01

        old man.
        do you have a father? uncle? grand father? do you hate them also?…
        we all die, and the funny thing is lots of young arrogant morons like you end up in the ground LONG before they think it will happen…be careful what you wish on others it could be YOU in stead….

  5. GMB Post author

    barkus dorkus first of his name, Bringer of light,Lowerer of seas,Son of the Father of Lies, Shredder of the Constitution and bearer of the Sacred Melanin has been slapped down 20 times by the Supremes 0 to 9.

    Here lies what the the first prince of progtardia wanted the power to do.


    All Hail!!! barkus dorkus, the magic mulatto!!!!!

    1. neocon01

      “All Hail!!! barkus dorkus, the magic mulatto!!!!!”
      The DOG lover….just like Michael vic…….Oh Wait…”BARKus” ATE them, vic only tortured them….silly me.

  6. GMB Post author

    I would have to say that is a disturbing video. The number of women these brave “men” victimize is disturbing. I would also say that 99% of those victims also voted for barkus dorkus.

    They were condemned by the color of their skin. Not the content of their character.

    Think that over progtardia.

  7. GMB Post author

    Honestly James, would amy or clusterfuck have let your comment stand? Would they have told who had moderated the comment?

    The comparison does not hold much, if any merit.

  8. GMB Post author

    Confirmed sighting of James outside the GMB Fortress of Doom.

    Oh my mistake. Footage of the worst bigfeets hoax evah!!

    The footage I had of James was on a hard drive that crashed and the data was not recoverable. Even by the NSA!!!

    Bada bing.

    1. neocon01

      “The footage I had of James was on a hard drive that crashed and the data was not recoverable. Even by the NSA!!!

      whew, some goat is breathing easy tonight.
      I wonder what jimmah thinks camel toe is? Nooooooo dont answer!!


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