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My My…….

The “religion of peace” looks to be very warlike lately.  The new boss in northern irakistan has banned all guns, just like barkus dorkus wants to do, tp prove how peaceful he is. How does he plan to enforce this new rule? With guns for me but not thee!!!! elevnty!!!


Who’s to blame for all this you ask?


You shouldn’t have. You know the answer already.





Thad Cochran and the GOPe

You may or may not be following races other than in your home area. You may or may not of heard of Thad Cochran R, Senator from Mississippi.


He is personally and politically exactly what is wrong with this country. He has been getting his piece of other peoples pies for so long he does not want to give it up. How bad does he not want to give it up?

So bad that he is asking donrats to vote for him in Repub runoff election he lost to TEA Partier Chris McDaniel. Incumbents have a very strong history of losing runoffs in Mississipi. Thaddy boy is scared that share of his pie will be reduced in the future. So scared that all that federal money will not be his to play with anymore.


Reduce spending? Nah never, reduce taxes to make everyone prosper, how dare you! Get the fed out of Mississippi as much as possible? Heathen!!!!.


Thaddie boy and Haley Barbour and and all his ilk are what is wrong. People want their share of  a shrinking pie instead of baking any new ones.


The gope can go efff itself.


Nuff said.

June 6, 1944

The beginning of the end of nazi Germany.  I will say nothing other than can you imagine what would have happened if every single battalion of the American and British Armies had been made up of men of the caliber of our current CinC?


Thank God that real men made that landing. Thank them all in life and thank God for them in death.


Bathhouse barry the marxist muslim usurper……..the continuing saga of the obamanation.
How long Lord?
Psalm 109:8

“Obama just committed treason. Those are strong words but if you examine the facts of this weekend’s “swap” with the Taliban, I think you’ll agree. I have included resource links below. –Steve

You may choose to do nothing with the information I am about to share. If so, you will be letting Obama commit one of the most damaging acts of his presidency. And he will win.

<b>In short, what Obama did on Saturday amounts to treason.</b>

It sounded so good — Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. POW, was finally released from the Taliban after five years in captivity.

But like all things “Obama,” just below the surface an entirely different picture is revealed.

Fact #1 — Obama just released the notorious “Gitmo Five” — top Taliban leaders who have been the focus of Taliban efforts. And Obama did this in clear breach of the law in an end-run on Congress.

Included in this “Who’s Who” of Taliban leaders is the Taliban Military Chief of Staff, a senior military commander, and the minister of intelligence. At least two are wanted for war crimes and all are directly connected to Al Qaeda.

And Obama did this in clear violation of U.S. law and without Congressional approval!

To do this under any circumstances during a time of war could raise this action to the level of treason. This fact alone is ENOUGH for citizens to be outraged and take action.

But it gets worse …

Fact #2 — Bowe Bergdahl openly expressed animosity toward America and was thought by those in his platoon to have possibly deserted.

There is a very disturbing fact pattern surrounding Bergdahl’s “capture.” First, prior to his disappearance from his unit, Bergdahl openly expressed his disillusionment with the U.S. military, writing in an email to his parents that he was “ashamed to even be American” and “the horror that is America is disgusting.” Just to be clear, those words were written before his capture.

His fellow service members have questioned from Day One the circumstances of his “capture” — and the government has attempted to cover this up by forcing them to sign non-disclosure agreements. One member of his platoon said Bergdahl “deserted during a time of war and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him.” In fact SIX SOLDIERS DIED trying to get Bergdahl back.

Generally, when members of the military “slip away” from their company, they are listed as either AWOL or traitors. Bergdahl must answer for this.

Fact #3 — Bergdahl’s father, Bob Bergdahl, appears to be a Taliban sympathizer who called for all the Gitmo prisoners to be released and blessed Allah during his White House press conference!

perhaps you missed it during this weekend’s media splash and hug-fest at the White House, but Bob Bergdahl began his comments by reciting one of the most important Islamic phrases from the Koran which means, “In the name of Allah, most gracious, most compassionate.”
a cursory review of Bob Bergdahl’s Twitter account would cause any reasonable person to surmise that he is, at the very least, a Taliban sympathizer. Only days ago, he deleted
Even a tweet in which he called for the release of “all Guantanamo prisoners” adding: “God will repay the death of every Afghan child, ameen!””</i>