Some things never change. A recap of James’s visit.

Item 1. I (GMB) an an idiot who doesn’t know how the world works.

Item 2. James repeated an accusation that can not be proven.

Item 3. James again shows his bigotry against anyone older than him..


Recap. Name calling, accusations, and ageism.

Conclusion. Nothing has changed. If this is the best the left has to offer, there are no worries here.

James tried to exercise his hecklers veto. The veto was over ridden.

Come back anytime you want James.


34 thoughts on “Some things never change. A recap of James’s visit.

    1. neocon01

      Poor lil sasan er jimmah, so much hatred , so few brain cells.
      are ALL iranians like you sasan…er jimmAH?

      sniff, sniff do you smell camel?

      1. GMB Post author

        “are ALL iranians like you sasan…er jimmAH?”

        I can testify to the fact that they are not. I had dealings with several Iranians who member of the Mujahadeen e Khalq. This group startet off purely as a communist orginization in opposition to the Shah. The turned into anti authoritarian resistance movement, accepting just about anyone who would fight, against the eye-ahchoo-tohhlahs.

        If a member of MEK gave you his or her word, you could count on it. Shaking hands with one was not a problem either.

      2. James0601

        Wait, the same MEK that was on the official terrorist list of multiple nations?

        that one?

        I don’t have to prove you’re an idiot, you just did that yourself.

      3. James0601

        im sason, go get pissed on by my fat ass mama, we all know you like it. or better yet, start bragging about how you spent $100 dollars at Dave & amp; Busters with your fellow child killers of the vietnam era.

      4. James0601

        and GMB, you’re really an odd creature, you live in this bubble where everything is about to collapse, and you’re the only one who sees it coming. You’re the one who thinks that the government is always evil and always out to get you.

        let me break it to you Mennonite, nobody cares about you or your little farm.

      5. neocon01

        “start bragging about how you spent $100 dollars

        I presume you meant Dave AND Busters?
        bragging about spending a mere $100.00 ROTFLMAO, thats the tab for our FIRST ROUND…..silly iranian goat herder, whose mama pees on all the boyz.

      6. neocon01

        I have three Iranian (not muzzies) friends one works for me when I need extra help……good people (did I say NOT muzzies?)

      7. James0601

        the pussy white trash sasan from Houston edits posts because he is to much of a pussy to respond to them directly.

        tell my whore of a wife I said hello. next time you pay her for her services.

      8. neocon01

        do you really want to play that game here jimmAH? orwe can just hurl insults at each other in typical leftist style and leave it at that?

        do 3250 Briarpark Dr. ring a dingy a bell?

      9. James0601

        I can go with you all day. I have your name, address, wife’s name, DOB, property tax appraisals and kids names. bring it old timer, I will ruin you.

      10. neocon01

        Ruin me??? ROTFLMAO…….I have same stuff for you jimmAH, plus the death threats you posted at the fork….

      11. neocon01

        ” I will ruin you”.
        married to the same woman @ 40 years
        worked for same company 30+ years
        never arrested
        dont do drugs
        drink moderately
        never bankrupt
        business owner 29 years
        never been sued
        never smoked
        dont cheat
        offspring……pretty much the same
        Former Grunt US Marine…..
        an old school, rough, tough, in your face, dont give a FUCK, construction working, knife carrying, pistol packing, biking, kick ass, friend of cops, firemen, lawyers, Hells angels, Outlaws, beer drinking kind of guy,
        and you will “ruin me” HOW? ROTFLMAO

        anything you told someone about me would bring a broad smile on their face and the words I dont doubt it one bit, he is a mad man. LOL X1000

    2. James0601

      funny, the video is posted by a guy on youtube who is a NAZI sympathizer….huh, freddy that’s not your account is it?

      1. neocon01

        your mother does that?? what a pig.
        dave and amp busters??? WTF?
        child killers? nah we leave that to the moos lems
        nazi sympathizer? na once again that was the moos lems.
        nice try though, as usual you are good for a laugh….thamks.

      2. neocon01

        jimmAH so when you cant provide cover for the feral animals in the video’s, you attack some one who filmed it, or posted it…….alinsky 101
        did you see that bird?? what a racist!!

      3. neocon01


        Muslim Brotherhood & Hitler

        Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 by a 22-year old Muslim named Hassan al-Banna, who admired Adolf Hitler’s hatred of the Jews and persistently wrote to Hitler to express his admiration for Hitler, as well as his desire for collaboration with Hitler’s Nazi Party.

        Haj Amin al Husseini and Adolf HitlerWhen Hitler rose to power, his Nazis supported al-Banna, a school teacher, to grow the Muslim Brotherhood into its ally in the Middle East; by 1938, the membership of Muslim Brotherhood topped 200,000.

        During World War II, members of the Muslim Brotherhood spied for Hitler’s Nazis in the Middle East and fought for Hitler as Nazi troops in two specially formed Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar Divisions (‘Handschar’ is German for scimitar, the curved saber used by the Muslim troops of the Ottoman empire).

        SS Handschar DivisionAbove is Hitler with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and a close ally of al-Banna, in Berlin, where he lived as Hitler’s VIP guest from 1941 to 1945, before joining al-Banna in Egypt in 1946. The Muslim Nazi troops of the Waffen-SS

      4. neocon01

        What did the Nazis really think about Muslims?

        According to the Nazis’ racist ideology, Arabs are racial Semites and thus subhumans, similar to Jews. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler described the struggle for world domination as an ongoing racial, cultural and political battle between Aryans and non-Aryans.

        He envisaged a “ladder” of racial hierarchy, asserting that German “Aryans” were at the top of the ladder, while Jews and Gypsies were consigned to the bottom of the order. On Hitler’s racial ladder, Arabs and Muslims occupied a servile place, held in much the same contempt as the Jews.
        Hitler made a personal remark in 1939 in which he referred to the populace of the Middle East as**** “painted half-apes ****that ought to feel the whip”.

        As in other instances, however, the Nazis never allowed their ideological views to get in the way of more urgent political considerations.
        The Nazis recognized the importance of wooing the Arab and Muslim world to their side and, in their public proclamations, downplayed their real views of Muslims and Arabs. When Mein Kampf was being translated into Arabic in 1938, Hitler himself tactfully proposed to omit from it his “racial ladder” theory.

  1. sarahbloch

    Neocon you made a comment at the blaze about Ruby Ridge and connected it to Clinton. I’d like to remind you that Bush the Elder was President when Ruby Ridge happened August 1992.

      1. sarahbloch

        Would you support the use of US Armed Forces to protect the rights and property of minority citizens against a domestic terror group?

    1. neocon01

      the big difference Ruby Ridge was not sanctioned or directed by the administration, but by federal agencies like raids do daily.

      KKKlintoon and the dyke handled Waco personally.

      BOTH were travesties. The weavers received Millions, the waco victims? the grave and prison.

  2. GMB Post author

    I knew the pissing match would start sooner or later.

    I am currently researching if “I will ruin you” qualifies as communicating a terrorist threat.

    James, you really need to settle down. You need to learn how to play nice with others. Your hecklers veto isn’t working here. You are going to pop a vein.

    1. James0601


      that’s hilarious, you….research??? do you even know how to use a computer.

      ., bring it. I think you’ll be surprised, unpleasantly.

      Removed Personal Information

      You have been Moderated by little ole GMB

      1. neocon01

        cameron you really need to be careful, the name you are identifying (from the forkers) is NOT me, maybe a bit close, but you are defaming and threatening some one else which could liable you, like the Pinellas county deputy sheriff you are referring to…… ENJOY …you have been warned cammy boy.

        Neocon is a name that used to be used by clusterfuck some time ago and the forkers have attributed his rants to me, same with stolen/hacked internet accounts ….LOL so much for the “internet sleuths”

  3. GMB Post author

    Got a question for you James.

    We all now that bu-rak is the magic negro, who in your opinion will be anointed the magic vagina, queen mooch, fauxchahantas, or is “poor house” hillary still in the lead?

  4. neocon01

    sooooo, sasan works for cameron

    Resume Text:
    xxxx Driscoll
    Houston TX 77098 Cell: 713-498-****
    Sasan Zxxxxxxxxr
    Objective To obtain an Engineering Position that can put my full skills to use and to advance my career.
    Experience October 2007 – Current SBM Offshore Group Houston, TX
    • Electrical Engineer III / Instrumentation III / Package Engineer
    • Duties Include: Editing, Checking, and Redlining CAD drawings for submission to customers. Going for FAT of devices and instruments. Designing and changing existing designs for BOP systems, Drilling Systems, and DP systems. Working in Intools to update our database system. Maintaining and making new Cable Schedules on Excel. Drawing termination and one line diagrams for various systems. Producing Load lists for clients and analysis. Work with purchasing department for procurement. Running scripts on AutoCAD.
    • Worked on P&ID’s for all instrumentation. Extensive experience with PAGA and PABX. Kept database in INtools with regards to all instrumentation for semi-submersibles. Worked with instrumentation such as Level Transmitters, Pressure Transmitters, all other applicable instrumentation for drilling systems. Maintained our signals in INtools. Created tags for different instrumentation and maintained them.
    • Part of Systems Engineering Group which worked on TDS2000, TDS2500, TDS Odebrecht. All semi-submersible offshore drill platforms. Worked with high, (110kv), low, and medium voltage applications, MCC’s, switchgears, UPS’. Sized different transformers based on applicable data. Designed switchgears for applicable systems.
    • Worked on Power transmission systems for offshore platform. Worked on transformer sizing, and power generation and distribution for offshore platforms and land rigs. Worked with 3-phase power transmission for offshore platforms. Designed redundancies for power transmission on platforms for more efficient power routing in case of downtime. Worked with both AC and DC power. Knowledge of Electricity distribution for platforms.
    • In charge of Drilling “Package” for TDS2500 and TDS2000. Directly supervise 2 designers and 2 Engineers. Organize weekly meetings with engineers and designers regarding project. Met with Vendors, clients regarding progress. Turned in weekly progress reports.. Knowledge of project management and team leading. Experience with FPSO design and relevant equipments
    • Promoted to Package Manager. Did cost analysis, risk analysis, and project consulting with clients with regards to the specified Package. Was in charge of package execution planning for the project.
    • Used skills acquired from MBA in leading the most productive and efficient team in systems engineering. Drilling package team was at 95% productivity compared to company average of 78%.
    March 2007- September 2007 Aker Kvaerner MH Houston, TX
    • Electrical Engineer II
    • Basic Duties: Prepare basic electrical rig packages for sales department, design edit and redline schematics for electrical systems on rig. Monitoring supply of electrical parts and equipment from vendors. Prepare approved vendor list for electrical parts and equipment.
    • Design and present basic rig packages for offshore and land rigs.
    January 2005- February 2007 National Oilwell Varco Houston, TX
    • Electrical Commissioning Specialist. / Field Service Engineer
    • Duties included: Simulating rig electrical systems to confirm operation, fixing problems that occurred during simulation, Installing Oil Rig SDAQ software which controlled the drilling equipment and monitoring system. Installing KEMS data values which was the backbone of the safety emergency system. Troubleshooting the top drive system patented by Varco. Troubleshooting the SCR house systems and confirming operation. Troubleshooting Baylor Brake system. Signing off on equipment, which was tested and ready for delivery. Taking part in Commissioning and FAT’s for NOV.

    Education University of Saint Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Masters in Business Administration, GPA: 3.85/4.00 Graduated in Spring 2008, St. Thomas
    • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. 3.21/4.00. Graduated in 2004, Georgia Tech
    Electrical Engineering Courses: Circuit Analysis, Electromagnetic theory, Micro-electronics, Semiconductor design, Analog Electronics, Power systems, Digital IC
    Skills Expert with Windows 2000/XP, Microsoft Office 2007, Internet Explorer, expert in AutoCAD, HTML, JAVA, Fluent in French, Dutch, English, and Farsi, Intools Database software, Cloudis cable routing software, and ETAP ARCFLASH software. Experience with SAP. Certified offshore safety and survival. CPR certification, AED, PDMS experience as well.
    Reference Available Upon Request.


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