30 thoughts on “CHIMPOUT O the day

  1. neocon01 Post author

    SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Police arrested a man FERAL ANIMAL (bathhousebarry’s son) they said beat another man to death in front of a crowd of people at an Amtrak Station.
    21-year-old Michael Joseph Fobbs is charged with murder for the beating that happened Thursday.

    Investigators told KENS 5 the victim was sitting on a bench by himself waiting to board the bus when Fobbs approached the man and started beating him.

    Police said Fobbs then paused for a few moments, said, “I feel like killing someone,” and then continued to beat the man with his fists until he was dead.


  2. GMB

    And the “african americans” get upset when a “white” person crosses the street to avoid them.

    Hey progtards, yeah you know who you are, a challenge if you will. Why don’t you match us with some videos of “Caucasian Americans” beating the crap out of “Blacks”

    Come on, see if you can match us one for one.

    Meanwhile here for your enjoyment is a vid of 4 hamas militants terrorists enjoying their last few seconds of life of curtesy of Zahal. Now they will soon be carbon nuetral. LOLzer

    Am Ysrael Chai!

  3. GMB

    Sort of brings a misty eye to me. I do miss the sound and smell of engine blocks hitting the cobble stones. The smell of burnt cordite, fertilizer and diesel fuel. That had to be a ton or so Compound C lighting off.

    Just plain beautiful. Jews fighting back.

    What oh what will you progtards do? How will stop those evil jooos from destroying those who seek to destroy them?

    Read it here


    Yeah I know it’s buzzfeed but hey even stormfront gets one right now and then.

    1. neocon01 Post author

      ““We will do more than mow the lawn in Gaza. We will scorch it,” he said.

      Burn Baby Burn!!

  4. GMB

    I would disagree with the reporter calling them “men”

    Men do not murder. It is that damn simple. Men do not murder.

    1. neocon01 Post author

      “I think them evil jooos may finally be pissed off.

      I think we could use the pissed off evil jooos fence and security forces here…
      for good measure they could drop a few blockbusters on the capital….

  5. neocon01 Post author

    White House warns: Stop criticizing…
    Feds using tax dollars to buy Monopoly games, toys for illegals…
    PHOTOS: Crossers Wearing ‘Obama Shoes’…
    Flying migrants back home ‘would be 99.5% cheaper’…
    Ted Cruz Sends Map With Directions From Fundraisers To Border Towns…

    yeah barry, just piss on Americas shoes, violate our laws, break your “oath” break the law, and we will lap it up and thank you signed – Boner and the gop.

    1. neocon01 Post author

      Baaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!
      ray goesssss from da choc-olate citah….to da choc-olate jaillll, hey ray says hi to ole je$$ah jr and his wife fo us, ya heah!!

      Ray Nagin gets 10 years for bribery, money laundering…

      1. GMB

        I was just going to post that. LOLzer

        But in case anyone missed it, DEMOCRAT I REPEAT DEMOCRAT ray nagin is off to the hoosegow. Enjoy those baggy pants ray.

  6. neocon01 Post author

    The ChiCongo thug-hate machine rolls on…….

    White House warns Dem rep to shut up
    By Jeannie DeAngelis

    U.S Representative Henry Roberto Cuellar a Democrat from Texas told Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends this morning that he’s already gotten a phone call from the White House, he wouldn’t say from whom, warning him to stop criticizing Obama on his handling of the border.

    Kilmeade mentioned to Cuellar that the WH doesn’t take kindly to Democrats criticizing the president and cited Corey Booker catching flak and then backtracking.


    1. neocon01 Post author

      Beck Doubles Down, Will Greet Border Crossers with Toys

      he must have gotten a call from harry reids and mitts grand puba from the LDS to cool it……
      sad day indeed

  7. GMB


    A good read. The hopes of turning Texas blue is dwindling for the donkrat progtards. More and more second generation “hispanics” are self identifying as “white”

    This is true all over. People want to free. They are waking up to what the progtards offer. Slavery to the state.

    1. neocon01 Post author


      “. Slavery to the state.”

      yeah alas, gone are the good old days of the leftist’s IRON CURTAIN, where barb wire, machine guns, minefields, fences, and armed troops manned the borders to keep all those pesky people out er...IN

  8. GMB

    “where barb wire, machine guns, minefields, fences, and armed troops manned the borders”

    Coming to commiefornia very soon!

  9. GMB

    Good news Good news!! Our potus would rather be photo op with someone smoking choom than the mess his handlers created on the the border.

    That really is good news.

    Think about it.

    Continue with your regularly scheduled doldrums.

  10. GMB

    A quote from her.

    “What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country. ”

    Doesn’t want to share the pie. That is it. She just doesn’t want to share the pie. Her racism against hispanics is showing. She is a racist, no doubt about it.

    Her seething hatred against hispanics shows with every word spoken out of her mouth.

    What a progbagger.

      1. GMB

        As I understand it, the lions share are “brown hispanics” coming over what used to be our border.

        I stand by my word. She is a racist progbagger.

  11. neocon01 Post author

    Notice….. This post could be met with BIG BOLD PRINT accusations of bigotry and homophobia with the threat of banishment, scorn, and howls at the moon at site B, DO NOT post this there, amazooma and clusterfuck heads could explode!

    “L’Etat, C’est Gay: Taking the New Sexual Fascism Seriously
    By Robert Oscar Lopez

    There is a mass movement aimed at stifling the autonomy of natural relationships – friendships, familial love, romantic love, human reverence for the divine – and subverting such relationships to the punitive power of an intrusive state. It is as sweeping and menacing as past isms, including fascism, to which it reveals a number of striking resemblances.

    It is difficult to comprehend, partly because it operates so often with emotional subterfuge, and partly because it is unprecedented. It is less nationalistic than past fascisms, though more invasive and consuming because it polices interpersonal relationships and interior thoughts in a way that earlier police states did not. I have come to realize, though, that it is violent, even though we tend not to think of the movement as violent because many still stereotype gays as delicate, and the violence is usually carried out through the seemingly legitimate auspices of the state.

    This strange fascism has grown under the guise of advocating for a marginalized and even obscure population – homosexuals and bisexuals – whose interests are in no way served by this movement, and who are themselves some of the people most vulnerable to repression by it. The stakes are huge, the urgency serious. We have to call it something, and its name should evoke the dramatic emergency it is presenting to the globe. So let’s just call it “homofascism” for simplicity’s sake”.


  12. GMB

    It’s been coming for awhile now. The progtards have to have something beat people over the head with so they can scream “BIGOT” HOMOPHOBE, not even knowing what “homophobe means, too.

    You can soon add to the list incestuous relationships. After all it is just a different “kind of love”.

    As for site b? All talking like a bunch of “radical fringists” over there lately. Story will change once prince jebward the 467th gets the nominee.

    GANS SI DIU!!!


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