The memory Hole.*

Just how big is it?

CIA Station Chief is outed in shitholistan by minions of his most imperial majesty, bringer of light, orginizer of communties, lord of the bent pool cue, earl of line cutter, possessor of pen and phone, barkus the first, dorkus


Reaction by valery plame support group. “chirp chirp”


Scooter Libby could not be reached for comment.


* All due respect to the Boiler Room Crew.

41 thoughts on “The memory Hole.*

      1. tiredoflibbs

        Sure, obame wants to fight the “cartels” of the NRA, anti-amnesty folks, Border Security interests, the Tea Party, the conservatives, the pro-Constitutionalists, etc. etc.

      2. GMB Post author

        Keep your weapons loaded and your knives sharp. A knife does not jam. It does not hurt to be prepared.

        I have said this many times. The downfall will only happen if we let it. I have also many times that there will be no Head of any organized opposition.

        It will be several to hundreds of Bundy Ranches and Murrieta Protests happening at the same time.

        Did I mention knives do not jam?

        Yeah, I did.


      1. GMB Post author

        I was talking about the chimpout out vid. WTH? All that “person” is saying over and over “my baby my baby!!”

        Just what caused this and what was it?


      2. neocon01

        Just 1. what caused this and ..2. what was it?

        1. Low Iq’s, demographics, tribalism, no self control, the me me me, victim mentality.
        2. a chimpout by feral blacks plain and simple….

    1. neocon01

      yo yo yo lets da bros in, dey be mo democrats fo je$$ah and Al’$ to shakes down….

      No, no, who pay fo ma six baby mama, ma rents, ma obammy phone, ma wik, ma ripple?
      dem racst te partay, crackas already bitchin bout payin tyrone….I aint share ma monies (OPM) wit no cans.!

      cans = mexiCANS

      1. GMB Post author

        House went boom boom very good! Hope the muzzie took his own advice and did not evacuate. Save the Israeli tax payers from having to bomb his house again.

  1. GMB Post author

    the hizzies in Lebanon are now getting hopped on goofballs. Firing missiles into Israel. Bibi said stfu NO! to barkus dorkus offering to broker a peace deal.

    Bout time someone said no to the kenyan.

    I would give 4-1 odds on Bibi telling the useless nations stfu No! to. As soon as the muzzies go crying to mama.

      1. GMB Post author

        There the go to guys when you want to terrorize civilians or to label women and children “legitimate targets” or to kidnap and murder teen age boys.

        Stand up fight? Forget about it.

        To bad the forkers only want to keep the world safe from Christian Theocracies. They might prove useful for something other than a small chuckle.

  2. Feel the Fang

    It’s time to start posting again. It’s time to choose a side. You can’t play the middle. You never could. You’re deluding yourself if you think you can.

    If you think that snowbilly in Alaska is problem, then you have a chose a side. If you think Senator Cruz should not run for President because of the citizenship issue, you have chosen a side. If you think that impeachment is a problem because it plays into the hands of the progressives, you have chosen a side.

    The wrong side.

    It is time for those of you who claim to be small government conservatives to quit seeing shades of gray. There are no shades of gray.

    There are only two sides. Choose.

    I hope to see you on my and my Husbands side.

    1. neocon01

      There are only two sides. Choose.
      abortion IS murder
      sodomy IS sin
      communism IS evil
      socialism IS communism
      islam IS an evil cult
      atheism IS deception
      Christianity IS righteous

    1. GMB Post author

      And as soon as that Walmart decides that the cost of doing business in that neighborhood is too high and they close the doors for good, the first thing everyone that was in that video is going to say, yeah you guessed it.

      Waycism!!! waycissstttsss!!!!! el!!ev!!!en!!!!ty!!!!

      As Tired likes to say and I agree with, PATHETIC.

      Back to my doldrums. 😛

      1. Feel the Fang

        Be nice. Don’t burst their bubble. Let them think that an MRAP is a world beater. It breeds over confidence. Over confidence breeds risk taking and risk taking leads to dead and wounded.

        Win win.

    1. Feel the Fang

      They are already heading that way. 4 days of intensive air strikes has got the terrorists reeling. Having over 90% of their rockets shot out of the sky by Iron Dome has not helped their morale.

      Also knowing that the next phase of the Israeli Missile Defense System is almost ready to deploy is sinking their morale even deeper.

      The only thing they have is the world wide media/government complex bleating the usual bull about how innocent the terrorists are. They are even tweeting pics of dead syrian babys and claiming the Israelis are at fault.

      Bibi is having nothing of it. That is how a real leader does it.

      1. GMB Post author

        Speaking of Iron Dome.

        The score in this match was

        Jews (the good guys) 6

        muzzies (the bad guys) 0

        That is all.

  3. GMB Post author

    More progbaggers. This is getting sickening. Where are all these racists coming from? SHARE THE EFFN WEALTH PROGBAGGERS!

    1. neocon01

      YEAH…..WE needs da OPM, not some fucking mexi CAN, was up wit dat?
      dey stelin da moneys we shud be stelin,


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