28 thoughts on “ Infiltrating Evil

  1. GMB

    Loaded magazines. Sharp knives. A will to use them when needed. Like FTF said, time to choose a side. You will not be able to sit this out and expect the ones who did not to let you tell us what to do.

    Somehow, I do not think anyone will listen to you.

    Beg pardon Neo but even a Kbar will break if you hit a strong bone. It is not likely but it is possible. Better have at least two.


  2. GMB


    More progbaggers. This time it is public service union representing Border Patrol Agents. They are worried about diseases. Unlikely. They are worried about all that dark brown skin being let in the country. If all those “children” were mexIcans, the story would be different.

    Efff racists in the Border Patrol. Who would have thought it?


  3. GMB


    More evidence of the end of Iraq. It looks like the sunni terrorists had only IED’s and small arms against the shite terroroists.

    The sunni terrorists won.


    They were able to control their fear enough to win. Would they have been able to stand up to professional troops?

    Absolutely not. Professionally trained troops would have not had this kind of fear against terrorists.

    There are about 9 million professionally trained non active duty Military Veterans in the United States today. They have been labeled by the gum’mint and po’po departments as potential terrorists.

    They have a right to be fearful. Keep stepping on that rattle snake and you are going to get bit.

    Look at the pictures in the link. Look what terrorists did to other terrorists. Understand what you see in those pictures. Understand it good.

    Ask yourself if you want that to happen here.

      1. GMB

        While I got your attention here James, the Green Mountain Household would like your input on a few subjects.

        1. The race card. Has it finally played out or do you expect some more mileage from it still.

        2. Iron Dome. Hundreds of terrorist rockets fired at those evil jooos with no loss of life and not much property damage. Impressive record. You agree?

        3. Professor Emeritus of progtard studies, one bobby beckel, was he drunk again when he gave his “chinaman” screed?

        4. Do you share Chelsea’s obsession with runny poop?

        5. Gub’mint computers seem to be suffering from a rash of hard drive failures. Coincidence?

        6. Do you believe that the LotR novels were about drug smugglers as these folks do. Olease be nice. My 14 year old is busily devouring every word of the Two Towers right now. If you break her heart….


        7. In your opinion, do you believe that owl bore will ever have his “chakra” released?

        Please stay tuned for James’ answers to these questions and more after these important commercial messages!

  4. neocon01 Post author

    “what are you talking about?

    double super secret, conservative code words so prog tards and foreign iranians wont understand us.

      1. GMB

        Could you start posting some background on these. There are some that would like to know what as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story is?

        Maybe, that is if billy jeff has ever gotten around to defining what the meaning of is, is. 😛

    1. neocon01 Post author

      7 Hezbollah members killed in battle
      with Islamists on Lebanon border

      guns for them ALL, let the savages murder each other by the millions….

      1. neocon01 Post author

        yo yo im from new york………..

        and we are good old boys who dont give a shit where your alligator mouth, canary ass is from….ROTFLMAO!!

      2. neocon01 Post author

        White House Boasts ‘Tranquility of Global Community’… ( HUH? WTF??)


        Pregnant teen surge…

        ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’…

        Reid: ‘Border is secure’… (HUH? WTF?)


        Protesters hope to stop dumping…

        VIDEO: Illegals Bussed to WALMART With EBT Cards…


        DEAD BOY Found Floating in Rio Grande…

        95% Expect to Receive ‘Permisos’ to Stay…

        Coyotes Making $50,000 A Week… CA Health Officials Perplexed By Unusual Spike In Whooping Cough Cases…

        Doctor warns of drug-resistant tropical disease outbreak…

      3. neocon01 Post author

        JOHN KERRY: I Get ‘A Little Uptight When I Hear Politicians Say How Exceptional We Are’…

        “WE”, DOES not include lying, traterous, fake, gigolo, POS, MF’ers like you lurch, so get over it.

  5. GMB

    Chaos. Destroy what created him. He has lived a life of freedom and wealth and now he is destroying it because he hates what created him.

    He is an arsonists. Watching the destruction for the pure pleasure of it.

    Sharp knives, loaded magazines. Unless of course you prefer to be a slave to progtardia.
    Sadly, there are too many self proclaimed “conservatives” who will take that route.

  6. neocon01 Post author

    he is a communist, under the leadership of a communist, with a communist waiting in the wings.

  7. neocon01 Post author

    OOH PuLLLLLLLLLEEEEEAAASE!!! NO NO NO NO nor the fat beach ball from joisey, nor jebbadiah bush!!

    Huckabee, Perry and Romney look like they are running in 2016

    1. GMB

      If Perry can get his head out of his ass he will win. That is a big if. Mitt, schmuck, jebward, beach ball, dead in the water.

      ♪♫Happy days are here again……..♫♪

  8. neocon01 Post author

    the ruination of our nation by less that 15% of it’s inhabitants.

    Another fed hard drive containing evidence in criminal case ‘recycled’
    By Thomas Lifson

    Corrupt federal bureaucrats who have operated illegally as political agents have established a pattern and practice of destroying evidence of their crimes by claiming their computer hard drives have “crashed” and the “recycling” them. The lawless contempt for the judiciary has spread from the Internal Revenue Service to Lois Lerner’s old agency, the Federal Election Commission.

    April J. Sands, a lawyer at the FEC, was forced to resign her position in April. The UK Daily Mail explains:

    April J. Sands resigned her position as an FEC attorney in April 2014 after investigators confronted her with tweets she sent and a video interview she conducted during work hours, advocating for the election of President Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates – and asking people to contribute to their campaigns.

    When the FEC’s Office of Inspector General began the process of filing criminal charges, however, it found that the agency had destroyed her computer’s hard drive before it could be seized. (snip)


  9. neocon01 Post author

    SOMEBODY!!!!! please slap this jackass across the head!!!!

    Boehner Group Finalizing Border Security Plan; To See Floor Before August

    1. neocon01 Post author

      UN seeking to intervene in US border crisis,,,really?
      maybe Somalian pirates to parole the “fence”

    1. GMB

      Very, interesting. Miami, deep blue city, progtardia run amok. Jackson, black. Ramros,appears to be a “white” hispanic. Patrol vs. Internal Affairs. What is the history, any prior contact? Video that was provided is not accurate with statements made.

      Gopro camera mounted and turned on. No evidence of speed timer provided. Without having all the evidence my educated guess is that Jackson was out for Ramros. The IA guy was lucky one of the other responders recognized him.

      Progtards eating their own. This should be encouraged by every means possible.


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