11 thoughts on “Caught again….

    1. neocon01

      I think ONE of the dumbest morons on the planet………well except for @ 50% of the population of the US that “votes” for these loons.

  1. neocon01

    akbar…..did you hear a noise?
    akbar jr…awww just them damn jooooos
    ok turn up al jazerra
    akbar; holy SHIITE!!

  2. GMB Post author

    I would disagree with the title of this vid. That is no “lady” and that “lady” seems to have eaten quite a bit of “reparations” in her life time.

    1. GMB Post author

      The vast majority of slaves worked in farm fields. The vast majority of those fields were cotton fields. The vast majority of that cotton was exported to Europe. Cotton was These United States number one export prior to April of 1861.

      To say that these United States were built on that one economic activity is a testament to the effectiveness of the race baiters who ply their trade in The United States. It is an absurd lie.

      Nothing is spoken of the African or muzzie slave traders who sold slaves to the traders. Nothing is spoken of these innocent, pure as the new snow, Europeans who benefited from African slave labor. For some reason they are absolved of all guilt by the race baiters.

      I have no “white guilt” Neither should you. Whoever “you” are.

  3. GMB Post author

    Politicians as public servants are valid targets. No accusation no matter how baseless should nor ever be censored.

    Been looking through some old trunks and what nots laying around the old homestead. Found a birth certificate for one Steven Joseph Harper laying in the bottom of one.

    After I am done scanning it, I’ll post it so anyone can see that he is an American.


  4. GMB Post author

    The Useless Nations condemn the death of civilians caused by Israeli strikes on hamasturd weapons stashes that located in buildings that are owned by the Useless Nations.

    Go figure.

    Hey progtards. Any of youse wants to voxsplain why da Laws of Warfare do not apply to dose hamasturds?

    1. GMB Post author

      He should have went ahead and been offensive. Since he did not I will. Thank You Lord and God for those White, Male, Christians who built this Country and then put into place the same system that is now being used to tear it down.

      Once this system has finally collapsed we will rebuild it again and hopefully those that rebuild will not allow those who only know to destroy and their allies in the go along to get along camp to participate in governing.


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