No No No No No………..

2016 Just May Be the GOP Base’s Year (Yuck! Huckabee v Christie)
Daily Beast ^ | August 8, 2014 | 

WaPo: Romney 2016 idea gaining steam among his supporters [Ebola-Level BARF]
Hot Air ^ | 11:21 am on August 4, 2014

24 thoughts on “ No No No No No………..

  1. GMB

    Mitt, da joisey beach ball, and Huckabee. Wow, what a choice. None of those three have what it takes to tell the progtards and the progtard propaganda machine to go get effed.

    What the hot gas article did not tell you was that those three are only doing well with the gopE. Not with us evil TrueCons.

    You want steak and taters. You will settle for a foot long blt on wheat. The gopE waiter will serve you half cooked linguini.


  2. GMB

    Remember Chris McDaniel? He is the guy who in fact won the Mississippi GOP Senate run off against gopEr thaddie boi cockroach. Dirty tricks and dirty deeds keep coming to life.

    Looks like he found more than enough votes to disqualify to make him the winner. WJTV in Jackson reports that the official challenge was filed today by Chris McDaniel.

    What ever it takes. Burn the gopE down, scatter the ashes, salt the earth where it stood.

    Then get to work on the media.

    1. neocon01 Post author

      one falling perpendicular, one at about a 30 degree angle, at different times………Nice try akbar but no C-gar.

  3. GMB

    Mitt would make a great Secretary of the Department of Redundancy Department. I would put da joisey beach ball as a junior deputy assistant under Secretary of the Department of Transportation bridge closure division.

    Huck? Ambassador to Andorra or Lichtenstein. I am leaning towards Andorra.

  4. neocon01 Post author

    finally….some one notices…..

    Republican blasts Dem ‘war on whites’

    By Rebecca Shabad

    Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) on Monday accused Democrats of engaging in a “war on whites” in the current immigration debate.

    On conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show, Brooks dismissed the idea that the more conservative GOP bloc’s position on immigration is hurting his own party.

    “This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else,” he said during the interview. “It’s a part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true.”

    Read more:

    1. GMB

      Resistance is starting to stiffen. The light bringer has not brought any light. He has not calmed the seas.

      He has intentionally five putted this Country down the hole.

      I have no fear. This correction was needed. It revealed that there is no opposition party worth a damn.


      Load your magazines and sharpen your knives.

    1. neocon01 Post author


      so all the palitards ALL know where the hamassholes are, and what they are doing….that makes them part of the aggression against Israel, and subject to their response.

      1. neocon01 Post author

        Bad Boy, Bad Boy…whatcha gonna do when they come for you??
        “I still see self-proclaimed banner carriers of conservatism, who announce that THEY are the ones who represent the movement, in all their narrow-minded bigotry and overweening ego, screeching that if people do not look like, think like, and act exactly like them then we don’t need their vote and they can just go vote Left, as an element crippling the cause and the nation. They are, as I often comment, not different from the Left, just the other side of the coin, because their alleged political views are really as identity-based as those of the Left, and just as ignorant of actual governance.

        followed by…….Ta Da !!! THREATS of dismemberment and banishment Fo Evah !! ROTFLMAO..

        GMB August 5, 2014 at 12:48 pm

        “Racist and-or ageist and-or sexist bigotry is never allowed. You can’t seem to get more than one post in before reverting to it. People with this pattern soon have every post removed as soon as we see the name of the poster. //” Moderator

  5. neocon01 Post author

    WOW you got special attention at the pitchfork;

    You are free to be as homosexual as you want to be. You are free to murder as many of your babies as you want to murder. I want to be free from you. I do not wish to associate with your type. I do not wish to have my tax dollars used to force me to associate with your type.

    ” They put Obama back in office, ”

    Still with that tired old meme? Can not you come up with anything original? Do not bother. In 16 it will be true for once.

    You want to win the white hut? Stop with your incessant crap and urge the gopE to give the people a candidate they can believe in.

    “posturing as loving their country but really only loving what they see in the mirror.” Yeah, that is right. Want to sit down somewhere and compare DD-214’s old woman? I think that would be very interesting. ,mmmmkkkayyy?

    Nice blabbing wit ya.”

    GMB 1
    amazooma 0

      1. neocon01 Post author

        I think the pitchfork,
        they were referring to the clan at site b as lonely…not you. LOL

      2. GMB

        Oh well, makes no nevermind anyhoo. Same old same old wit da Amymeister. Da freeshitarmy is less than unconcerned wit da constitapion thingy. Dey justs want tu kno when da next instalmint of da freeshit is coming.

        Youse think Mitt, Mike, jebward, or da joisey beach ball cares enough bouts da constipation to end da freeshits?

        Will not make any difference in the end. No matter what solution anyone other than her comes with it will only do one thing.

        Play right into the hands of the RRL.

  6. neocon01 Post author


    next time use polish, instead of calling her “old woman” say Stara Babba



  7. GMB

    Strange. Very strange. Having jumped into the shark pool and gotten out alive, I feel ickEEer than I did when I posted at the Fork.

  8. Joe B

    Wheeeeee!!!! My teletubbies DVD arrived in the mail today. I’ll be busy for the next few hours so call if you need me!

      1. neocon01 Post author


        La Raza CEO: Angry, sickened, outraged by protesters chants of ‘USA’…

        IF……Y_O_U ….DONT LIKE IT here…….STFU and GO the FUCK BACK to the HELL HOLE YOU and YOUR RACIST 3rd world ILK came FROM.!!! PERIOD!!!

        this includes all the so called AFRICAN “amerikan” crybaby assholes.

      2. GMB

        “this includes all the so called AFRICAN “amerikan” crybaby assholes.”

        That has been tried. “The best and brightest” were sent to a area of Africa that had seen no borders or nation and was relative unoccupied by any natives.

        It is called Liberia. Some kind of disease thingy is now killing people off left and right there.

        For some reason the witch doctors and shamans can not stop it. People are so afraid they are dumping dead bodies of family members out in the street instead of possible having to go to a quarantine camp.

        But hey since the melanin content of the skin matters more than culture, racism.

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