Libertarian Folly: Why Everybody is a Social-issues Voter

Libertarian Folly: Why Everybody is a Social-issues Voter


There is this notion, one we hear more and more, that the Republican Party has to shed the social issues to seize the future. “Social issues are not the business of government!” says thoroughly modern millennial. It’s a seductive cry, one repeated this past Tuesday in an article about how some young libertarians dubbed the “Liberty Kids” are taking over the moribund Los Angeles GOP. Oh, wouldn’t the political landscape be simple if we could just boil things down to fiscal responsibility? But life is seldom simple.

If you would claim to be purely fiscal, or assert that “social issues” should never be government’s domain, I’d ask a simple question: would you have no problem with a movement to legalize pedophilia?

Some responses here won’t go beyond eye-rolling and scoffing.

WOW sound familiar??



16 thoughts on “Libertarian Folly: Why Everybody is a Social-issues Voter

  1. neocon01 Post author

    we have been “well DONE” since the 60″s the system will crash, things will get bad and the welfare state will be a thing of the past…….until then carry on — HILLARY in 2016
    what possibly could go wrong?

    1. neocon01 Post author

      WaPo Plays Ebola Race Card: Why Do Two White Americans Get the Serum & Not Africans?
      gatewaypundit ^
      Why do two white Americans get the Ebola serum while hundreds of Africans die?

      Ummmmmmm…it is CALLED SITUATIONAL ETHICS……you leftist dummies!!
      and is taught in EVERY UNIVERSITY and Jr College in the US!!
      so now your own teachings are raaaaacist…who’d a thought pure Schadenfreude ROTFLMAO

  2. neocon01 Post author

    Hamas Ultimatum: Open Gaza Sea Port or We Start Firing on Friday

    would you like a couple of dozen B-52’s Mr.Prime Minister? yes? onThursday? on the way!!

  3. GMB

    This man is awesome. Just plain awesome. His language is raw but he speaks truth. We need more Mr. Sotomayors and fewer je$$ees and al$.

    Keep em coming!! Fight the good Fight!

    1. neocon01 Post author


      he reminds me of someone I hold dear……LOL
      yes he is a voice of truth in a sea of lies.

      1. neocon01 Post author


        The concept of homophobia, as used by progressives to psychodiagnose Christians, is a variation on the theme of government-sponsored total enmification. It is the progression from biopolitical enmification to psychopolitical enmification in America.

        The Nazis believed that the Jew was physical illness personified. Pro-sexuality progressivism, which is advanced by the Obama administration throughout the government of the United States, conveys the view that devout Christianity is a form of mental illness called “homophobia,” and that Christian believers are mental illness personified. While there are no voices in America calling for the killing of devout Christians, an echo of socialist utopianism from the left wing can be detected throughout the government, academia on all levels, and the media that the world will be a better place when Christians are no more.

        The vilifications hurled at Christians when they fulfill their religious duty to warn others about the stumbling blocks to heaven have become so hateful that while American Christians will be kept working to pay taxes for the government that has abandoned their defense, Christians appear in the mind of the more extreme elements of progressivism to be lebenswurten leben, “life unworthy to be lived.”

        Wikipedia’s entry entitled “homophobia” makes the concept seem the greatest boon to humanity since the invention of the wheel. It articulates the totalitarian fallacy by taking mistreatment and violence against homosexual people out of the precincts of “real enmity” of crime, and transferring it to the category of “objective enmity,” presenting it as a mental disease. This misunderstanding does damage to the real cause of protecting homosexual people from mistreatment. The online encyclopedia’s definition and classifications of the homophobias clearly indicate the view that believing the teachings of the Bible on the subject of homosexual behavior is a mental disorder. It reports that the term was coined by a psychologist, George Weinberg, as a blend of the words homosexual and phobia – “fear or morbid fear.” The article states Weinberg’s term “describes the concept of a medical phobia.” The article further states that although “homophobia is usually used in a non-clinical sense,” a case has been made “for its inclusion in the clinical taxonomies of phobias as well as its classification with racism and sexism as intolerant personality disorder.”

        The belief systems of the Nazi leaders spawned extensive discussions as to who was and wasn’t a Jew. Today, pro-sexuality progressives are having the same discussions about who are the homophobic, mentally disordered Christians and who are the acceptable ones.

  4. GMB

    Excellent article. protardia has no idea what the hell they are talking about. They will try to browbeat anyone who disagrees with them into acceptance of the pc definition of anything.

    You are free to do what you want. You are not free to use my tax dollars to do it. That is one thing those at site b do not seem to get when they are screaming “Constitution”!!!!! all the time. Do not even suggest taking away progtardias money because that would playing right into the hands of the “rrl”

    At the end of the day you have a goalongtogetalong/rino/gopE paradise. They claimed victory for maintaining the status quo.



  5. GMB

    “The religions of the world are increasingly being misused for ideological struggles and excesses of violence between people of different faiths. Religions are never violent per se, but the market criers of violence are using them to promote their own interests.” — Editorial, Neue Westfälische.

    Hmmm. They did not name which religions are doing this. Those damn Taoists better watch it or some Buddhists might just kick their asses.

    1. neocon01 Post author

      yeah why cant they all be like TROP?…….Oh wait!

      it is plain to see why Armageddon will take place in the ME, and WHO Christ will come to defeat.

  6. GMB

    He does have a different outlook. His hatemail box must be filled to the limit.

    Somehow I think he can handle it.

  7. GMB

    It is time to impeach buraq Milhouse hussein sotero.

    It is time for Conservatives to wage war progtard style. Attack on all fronts. Shut the gub’mint down, stop the flow of money to the freeshitarmy, ignore the media, ignore the rinos, ignore the nay sayers, ignore those who can not seem to find a reason to oppose progtardia.

    Comfortable behind that big screen tv and boat on the lake. That is why they find reasons never to do anything.


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