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Whitewashing history: Communism and Islam

For logic-minded Americans still genuinely puzzled as to how it could be that our presidents and secretaries of state and generals and pundits keep hammering home the big lie that Islam has nothing to do with jihad, that the religion of conquest is a “religion of peace,” I have a special warning. Such widespread, politics- and mass-media-driven brainwashing is nothing new.


Getting the field cleared….. Open thread for harvest time.

It is a lot of work. The people I grow for will not hire illegals.  They are very good at verifying ss numbers and who they really belong to. So far we have went through 10 different people to keep 4 on the job. Despite the fact the pay is almost double Illinois’s minimum wage. I could use double that amount of people.


Some people just will not work. That is something you can count on.


As I said, if you got something to say, say it.


By default it looks like the repukes are going to gain control of the Senate. Even accused criminal tricky dick durbin is the fight of his life. progtard poll workers are all the Campus area trying to register more double voters but haven’t had much success. They may not be able to save accused criminal tricky dick who has done nothing but be a politician all his life but has somehow amassed $21 million in his pocket.


But hey they! he keeps voting to murder unborn babies so, so what hey?


I’m getting sick of the culture and the whole process. progtards, bring your revolution. Blow back. You “t’aint seen nuttin yet”



The open thread to end all open threads or the mother of all open treads. Cross my maot!!!

A few random thoughts.


Lets talk a bit of business. It is harvest time again. Every vegetable and fruit we can get to the processor without paid help gathering benefits the Green Mountain House hold in more ways than just cost. Exercise is healthy for the Body and Soul. Leading a sedentary lifestyle sitting in front of the boobtube or office desk is just not good for either.


What it does is make you worry about things you have no control over. Like the fact that little ole GMB will not ever be voting for your flavorite diablo ever again.


Yeah? Bite it again.


Lets talk some more business. My business. The Heritage Seed business. It is better than good. This year we out did what we had last year by almost fifteen percent and again income rose to our highest levels since we got back into farming.


Even though Harvest has just begun we have the plots for next years plantings already in hand. Like this year, most of next years seeds will be going over seas. Mainly to the Philippines and India but there is a surprisingly big order from Vietnam along with a Invitation for a two week visit. Kris and I are still debating that but we think it will be a go.


Let us talk about economic self interest. After November 012 elections a lot of so called conservatives, along with blaming us evil SoCons for Mitt’s loss, bitched out a lot of people who voted against their economic self interest.


You need to add me to that list. You see, against my better judgement, I voted for Mitt, even knowing that if he were elected, I would be back to raising oats and bare and wheat for my own use and to trade with.


My economic self interest and those others involved with Heritage Seeds,  the small arms manufacturers, the booze industry,  and a few others who outlook on politics generally tend to very right of center, we have a vested interest in barkus dorkus keeping on being barkus dorkus. We have a vested interest in the three repuke stooges to keep on stooging. In fact it is time to coin a new phrase.


From hence now all rino/diablo/goalongtogetalong/moderates will be know as “stoogetrds”


barkus dorkus and the stoogetards have been good, very very good for our industries. Remember that in 16.


LOLzer. I hear Huntsman and ONE, count em ONE delagate Guliani are considering running in 16.


What a choice. jebward the 467th, da joisey beach ball, one delagate guliani, or chicom huntsman. Hellofa field you repubs are putting together.


Later folks. It is a beautiful day here in East Central Illinois, not going to waste it sitting in front of this laptop.



75 years ago….

Today the nazis invaded Poland. It took them 28 days to render the Polish Military incapable of effective resistance.

What made this possible? The Polish Army despite whatever propaganda you have read was very a very capable fighting force. They were at divisional level and below very well led. They were motivated. They had a reason to fight. To protect their homeland.

Sept 17. The commies invade Eastern Poland in the guise of protecting ethnic russkis. Sound familiar? The molotov-ribbentrop pact sealed Poland, fate. Caught between national socialist and the international socialist they had no chance of surviving as a nation.

They depended on Britain and France to help them out. Well the frogs launched a desultory attack in the Rhineland, wet a few kilometers, packed up and went home. So much for Poland right?

The frogs screams for help in May 1940 ring a bit hollow knowing the kind of help they gave when it was time to give it.


What lesson can you draw today? There are some yes but the most important one is this. When your life is on the line trust no one other than yourself.


Put your trust in a politician to save you? LOL effn ZER. My rights do not come from any politician or someone in a black robe. They come from God.


End of Story