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Shadowy Open thread. Spook(y) Edition

Bits and Pieces.


The Pope says the big bang and evolution are real.  Next up? Saint Hood for Nik Lenin,  Joe Stalin, M.S. Tung, P. Pot. and Chavez the Hugo. The katolischers are losing their minds.

gopE expects big wins next Tuesday. All kinds of news stories about how worried the progtards are. Do not believe it until you see it. Then triple check to make sure it actually happened.


gopEr Paul Ryan says that repukes had no control over spending the last 4 years.  He must of forgot where spending bills originate.


barkus dorkus I, bringer of light, calmer of oceans, possessor of pen and phone, five putter extraordinaire, empericus Americus. Labels Bibi a “Chickenshit” , like a boss! The bear is loose!!! Run!!!!


The choices for gub’nor here in Illinois? A progtard with a d after his name or a progtard with a r after his name.

Some choice right?


Hey say it.


James, come and tell us who is going to win what next Tuesday. We will be nice to you. I promise. 🙂

A Czar here and a Czar there. A Czar Everywhere!!!

The United States has a new “Ebola Czar” He is not a Doctor nor does he have any medical training at all. What he is a law yakker. What is most concerned about? Why over population of  the planet Earth of course.


He seems especially concerned with Asia and Africa. All those black and brown people are using up resources that would be better off being used up by his own and his wife creatures lilly white asses that is.


This joker is maggy sanger and jules streicher rolled into one fat ass.


The donktard party!! Where the real waycism resides! Jim Crow laws anyone?



The World according to progtardia……

You can, according to the progtards of progtardia, blame all the World’s ills on two things. alGoreBullnonWarming-climatenonchaosnonhumanchangeableorRoveweathermachinable and the repuke party.


I almost feel sowwy for the repukes. The have not learned how to tell theprogtards to go fuck off. Instead they hide like the cowards they are behind whatever freeshit they can throw to the freeshitarmy.

Being cowards not withstanding. All evidence points to the repukes having majorities in both branches of Congress come the start of the next session. Stooge number 1’s first priority? Giving control of the Senate right back to the accused child molester reid. How do you ask? By giving the Fillibuster back to the progtards so bitchmcconnell, aka stooge number 1, has an excuse to hide behind.


wah!! wah!!! wecantdonuttincuz da filllybuster dingy!!!


Advice? Sharp knives, loaded magazines, and a willingness to use them. Clyvven Bundy showed just what true cowards the progtards are when they can not deliver overwhelming force.  One thing has rolled back overwhelming big gub’mint since the socialist Abe Lincoln became President in 1861.


Armed Force. Clyvven Bundy told the gub’mint to go get fucked and backed it up walk and not talk like today’s repuke goalongtogetalonggivemeapieceofthepietoo! party.


To Clyyven Bundy. You are the second Hero of the Counter Revolution. HCR1C

Open Thread Part…………………………………………………..

Can you just imagine the drubbing the progtards would get in November had there been just one instance of real opposition in the last six years?

Have you seen all these “If Mitt were President” comments popping up all over the place?
I can end this now. What would be different? Not one damn thing would be different. All the progtards would have to do is scream waycism or what not and Mitt would cave.

You got to go along to get get along there right veggie folks?

Enjoy life. It is too short to even think about how things would be if “Mitt were President”.