Open Thread Part…………………………………………………..

Can you just imagine the drubbing the progtards would get in November had there been just one instance of real opposition in the last six years?

Have you seen all these “If Mitt were President” comments popping up all over the place?
I can end this now. What would be different? Not one damn thing would be different. All the progtards would have to do is scream waycism or what not and Mitt would cave.

You got to go along to get get along there right veggie folks?

Enjoy life. It is too short to even think about how things would be if “Mitt were President”.


21 thoughts on “Open Thread Part…………………………………………………..

  1. neocon01

    “Have you seen all these “If Mitt were President” comments popping up all over the place?
    I can end this now. What would be different?”

    ◄ Proverbs 26:11 ►
    As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.

  2. GMB Post author

    Repuke national committee keeps making it easier to nominate the squishes. Mitt says that 15 candidates will run. Mitt will change his mind cuz “Merca needs him” as squish in chief. cf and amy will jump for joy cuz they can be “heavy lifters” again.

    Ace and Allah can rejoice cuz homosexual “marriage” has run roughshod over tradition and morality. Ebola is coming and Oboli will not stop it on purpose. Illegals are still coming. Our military has been gutted to point of impotence.

    The free shit army keeps marching in the direction of more free shit.

    Seems like it’s burning to me. The repukes have proven themselves as a group no less big gub’mint statists as the progtards.

    Does not matter to me. My family will be fed and warm during the harshest of winters. You city folk? Problems. When the stores run out you have to depend on gub’mint just like the free shit army.

    Perhaps you could eat those pieces of paper you use to push phony OPM around with?

    When the III’s have put things to right, why should you have any voice in the future?

    1. neocon01

      WILL: Chris Christie lays groundwork for ’16…


  3. neocon01

    ISIKOFF: First Whitewater prosecutor says ‘serious crimes’ were uncovered in probe…

    Geeee ya think?
    and the U.S. pravda covered it up? how could that be?
    Im so glad we went on to bombing aspirin factories, BJ’s in the oral office by 21yo interns, gutting the military and all the leftist crap and the sinking the US to new lows we had to live through. Thanks all you journalists leftist – useful idiots pretending to be journalists.

  4. GMB Post author

    progtards turn against piglosi? You mean the piglosi that threatened to shut down her winery if the workers unionized? The piglosi that keeps funneling millions of taxpayer and borrowed $$$ to hubby’s companies??

    progtards turn against piglosi??? Who dreamt that up??? Seeing is believing. I am not seeing.

    Da Joisey beach ball should not run for POTUS. He should run to lose weight. The fat ass looks like he ate Delaware.

  5. neocon01

    and the feral, savage natives rage………..nothing like threats of violence, murder, looting, mayhem, arson to bring about “justice” in our court system eh?

    That is why I am not voting for gov. scott this year, I cringe that crist could be elected but I cant bring my self to vote for the man who railroaded G. Zimmerman to appease the feral savages. A true coward RINO.

    Missouri Officials Prepping For Riots If Ferguson Officer Not Indicted…
    ‘You Will See A Lot Of Carnage’…

  6. GMB Post author

    “Missouri Officials Prepping For Riots If Ferguson Officer Not Indicted…”

    Going to be interesting. The progtards need the money from the Police Unions to buy the votes. They need the votes to get the money from the Police Unions.

    Gotta have one to get the other. Who’s the sacrifice?

  7. GMB Post author

    “tra von the bastads to the last one, violence is all they understand.”

    You are correct to our misfortune. Those that should have stood in opposition to the destruction of culture did not. They allowed themselves to be labeled and to be swept aside.

    Those that should have stood in opposition and did not are more to blame than the free shit army.

    It is no never mind now. What is done is done. There is no going back. Standing on the street corner screaming “Constitution…Constitution” is not going to achieve anything.

    We must return to the pre 1861 morality of the Northern States that treated all men equal and the pre 1861 liberty of the Southern States that held gub’mint is very dim regard.

    That reminds me.

    Clyvven Bundy. Still guilty as hell.

    Still free as a bird.

    Enjoy that little tidbit progtards.


    1. neocon01

      “Clyvven Bundy. Still guilty as hell.
      Still free as a bird.”

      as is al $harpton…..and charley wrangle
      Oh wait…one has a target on his back…the others a special class of protected hyphenated “citizens”

    1. GMB Post author

      Be calm. Be of good cheer. Mitt with his business and managerial skills will save us all from everything. I do believe he is once again the man the progtards proclaim the “most electable” among the gopE.

      Let’s do it again!!


  8. neocon01

    aah yes the great mitt, brethren to ole harry reid the biggest POS possible

    The Plain Truth about the Mormons

    The Mormon movement began with “the prophet” Joseph Smith, Jr. in the year 1820. Joe (as he was known) was born to some rather strange parents in 1805. His mother, Lucy, was involved in occult practices and visions, while his father, Joseph, Sr., consumed much time with imaginary treasure digging (including the booty of Captain Kidd).

    According to Mormon writings (Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith – History 1:1-25), on a day in 1820, Joe was praying in the woods when he received a vision from God the Father and Jesus. It was revealed to Joe that the church was in apostasy and he was the chosen one to launch a new dispensation.

    Being unwilling to drop his current occupation of money-digging with his father (while using “peep stones” and “divining rods”), Joe put his “calling” on hold for three years. Then, according to his own account (Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith – History 1:29-54), he was paid a bedside visit by the angel Moroni in 1823. Moroni, who professed to be the glorified son of a man named Mormon (who had been dead 1400 years), told Joe about a book of golden plates which contained “the fulness of the everlasting Gospel.” This book was said to have been buried at Cumorah Hill, near Palmyra, New York, some 1400 years earlier by the man named Mormon. Four years later (1827), Joe supposedly dug up the golden plates along with a gigantic pair of spectacles which he called “the Urim and Thummim.” The spectacles were for translating the hieroglyphics on the plates. With the help of his only legal wife and a friend named Oliver Cowdery, Joe translated the plates and published the Book of Mormon in 1830. Later that same year, Joe, his wife, his brothers (Hyrum and Samuel), and Cowdery established the “Church of Jesus Christ,” which is known today as the “Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.”

    The Book of Mormon contains many plagiarisms of the King James English (at least 25,000 words). This is strange since the plates were supposed to have been in the ground many centuries before the King James Bible was completed in 1611! The Book of Mormon also contains many errors such as claims of elephants in the Western Hemisphere and advanced metal producing capabilities in America before 400 A.D. (See Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults for a fine study in the errors of the Mormon Bible)

    The Mormons, under Smith’s command, turned out to be a rough bunch. Joe was a polygamist with at least twenty- seven wives (some say over 60 wives). The whole gang left New York for Ohio, and then moved to Missouri. The Missouri governor ran them out of the state, so they settled in Nauvoo, Illinois, and built the state’s largest city. In 1844, Joe and Hyrum were thrown in jail. Then an angry mob stormed the jail and murdered them both. Naturally, this “martyrdom” insured the perpetual reverence of the great “prophet” Joseph Smith.

    The “church” then split. The Smith family headed for Independence, Missouri and started what is now the “Recognized Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.” However, the majority of Smith’s followers chose Brigham Young as their new captain.

    To escape U.S. laws, Young led the Mormons from Nauvoo to Salt Lake City in 1847 (which then belonged to Mexico). For the next thirty years, Young and his “saints” laid the foundation stones of the Mormon cult.

    Little known to most Mormons, Young was a rather rough and ruthless character. In 1857, he commanded Bishop John D. Lee to murder a wagon train of over one hundred helpless non-Mormon immigrants. Twenty years later Lee was convicted and executed by the U.S. Government. Young escaped punishment, and his role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre has escaped the Mormon history books.

    Young spent most of his “ministry” dodging the law to continue the immoral practice of polygamy. At the time of his death in 1877, Young had seventeen wives and fifty-six children. “

  9. GMB Post author

    The religious beliefs of the great Mitt are not a problem with me. His skill at changing his position on multiple issues over the life of his political career and his willingness to go against those purported religious beliefs and his willingness to give progtardia whatever they may desire, to win votes is.

    It boils down to this. In November of 16 when Mitt loses again. ama will have a valid reason to blame SoCons this time.

    Prez’nit Injun Liz. It does have a certain ring to it. My guess though the free shit will run out before her first term is up and then there won’t even be any crumbs to fight over.


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