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What it will take….

You may have noticed that there was an election in this country awhile back. The progtards in the House are now at a historic low level. After all the dust hast settled there will be be 53 or 54 r’s in the Senate.


Whats has changed?




Stooges number 1 and 2 have taken all options off the table for dealing with the kenyan in the white hut. No impeachment, no defunding, and stooge 1 still insists he will file a lawsuit against against the light bringer knowing full well that it will tossed at first chance.


Go around and read  what some so called “Conservatives” are saying. They are so happy that the progtards in charge now have r’s after their names instead of d’s.


obarky care is now starting to hit hard. Rate increases will but millions without the coverage they need forcing more and more to suck gub’mint tit to survive. Which is the plan all along. Except now stooge 1 and 2 get to call themselves the “leaders”


What does the Bible say about those in high places? I suggest you read it yourself. I also suggest you sell you cloak and buy a sword. Maybe you are familiar with the Man that said that? No? You will be.


soap, ballot, jury, Cartridge


That is all there ever was.

A New Manifesto is out!!! Oh….And open Thread as always.

D List actor and noted expert on everything, Russel Brand, has written his own version of the progtard manifesto!!


All Glory to Russel!!!


All hail Russel!!!


Russel is now the progtards go to guy for “expert” advice on all matters.


You are welcome to him progtards


Be right back. My wife bought me a new knife. It needs sharpened.