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Commitment to Free Speech.

You either believe in Free Speech or you do not. If you put conditions on speech it is not Free Speech. There is nothing in the Constitution that says you have a “Right” not to offended.

Here is the deal as it stands now.

Neo called Cal a liar. Cal did not like that so Cal banned Neo from the Pitchfork and deleted all his posts.

Here is what I want.

I want Neo to state what the lie was. I want Cal to state why it was not a lie.

Anyone game?

A Recap of Fred’s Visit.

I could go on an on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on… You get the point there julie?

Back to where I started. I could go point/counterpoint about Fred’s visit. I will not. 😛

The main point of Fred’s visit was to call Neo and myself, poo-poo heads. Secondary points were to exercise his Hecklers Veto then storm off in a huff.

Who would of thunk that a “demon” would find the kitchen to hot? LoLzer 😛 I crack myself up sometimes.

Wait….. What??…*static*  That is the sound you hear when you realize “dey taint be laffin wit youz”


You may have missed this…..

This appeared and then disappeared. I can not fathom the reason why the author of this would pull it down so quick. Perhaps the author would like to tell us?


“We’ll see how it goes over the next two years. Many terrible things may happen between now and then, but I think they’ll just serve to temper the steel. The United States might find itself in 2017 to be a nation ready and willing to do the right thing.”


I beg to disagree with the author on this. Not about the terrible things happening part, that is a given. I want to disagree that in 2017 we will be a “nation ready and willing to do the right thing.”


I see no evidence of this. progtardia will only yell louder and louder until some go along to get along type starts listening to them. Any attempt to do the right thing will need to be backed by an Iron Resolve and an Iron Will. It will require someone who will ignore the cries and lamentations of progtardia.


I just do not see it happening.

Victory or Victimhood?

The world seems to grow darker by the day, with very little if any good news. The latest coming from Libya, as 21 Coptic Christians are beheaded there by Muslims, now threatening the overthrow of Rome.

This is almost like watching history repeat itself all over again at the time before before the crusading period that were taking place in a similar fashion so many centuries ago by the same sort of people. All while President Obama continues to golf, which gives us even more reason for proclamation of need for leadership in the White House. In reality there is little that the citizens can do except pray and wait. Wait for the next election to come when we have a chance to place our vote for someone who has the best interests in mind for the United States, and for the world. Provided that the circumstances do not change between now and then, and it is in the Lord’s will that America does not come under bondage to a foreign entity…in particular, a Muslim entity. It would come as no surprise, considering the fact that America has rejected the One, True God…the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Why, do you ask? Well, everyone has a different viewpoint as to the why, and how America became victim to disordered societal norms.

We have to keep in mind that there is a difference in proclaiming victim (having victim mentality) and actually being a victim. 50 % of America has a victim mentality because they have been wooed to sleep by the government’s wont to play the role of God through welfare and disability programs. Therefore, instead of people relying on God, and the will to succeed, and/or provide for themselves, they see only a desire to rely on government for their needs. Thus, half or more of the population lives a care-free lifestyle, and in so doing the government has created a civilization that consists mainly of a selfish population, a people that are all about themselves — to heck with success, and self-reliance and hard work. This is the dangerous kind of victimhood, and the victim mentality, as it were.

I think one could write forever on the many ills of government, but never really scratch the surface of what truly ails mankind and the world. While the government is of paramount importance to helping bring to fruition solutions to what ails society, as it stands, they are only the problem, afterall it is on a personal basis that change is truly made, and until and when people realize their rights, and where those rights come from, we will only experience more of the same in this country. Ayn Rand once said, “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” In a time when we hear so much about “minorities” being “persecuted” in particular black people, it is a tragic reminder that so many are under the delusion that they are owed something from society, and/or government, all while blacks are the predominant race in sports, we have a black President, they can vote, all employers are open to the black community, the entertainment industry is controlled predominately by the black community, and the list goes on. So why the cries of victimhood? Well, it all goes back to socialism, and the philosophy that advocates the perpetuation of racial division in order to achieve it’s ultimate end which gives the government complete control in relation to all aspects of individual liberty.

It’s really frustrating reading so many different opinions, one becomes lost in a sea full of this opinion and that opinion, and in so doing, never get to the root of society’s problem so that it can be fixed. Public opinion seems to never change in regard to their seemingly never-ending slavish support of government as the be-all, end-all of what the world needs. I can tell you with certainty that education has played the greatest role in public opinion…public opinion did not come from the media, nor did it come from some unforeseen, magical revelation. No, because they had to have some basis for their opinions before they could come to a their conclusions, and that is where education came in. The minds of children are well-groomed from an early age in the public school system through indoctrination into the precepts and philosophies of communism…yes, the public educational system, and those who control the public educational system are together, a communist organization to further the goals/ends of communist philosophy. If the reader knows anything about communism, or has read about it, you know that it does not bode well for those who cherish freedom and self-reliance, and in particular those who cherish their right to worship freely.

President Obama’s dad, Barack Obama, Sr. was an avowed communist, as was one of his closest mentors Saul Alinsky. How we got to this point in our history with a communist in the White House acting under the guise of a “Democratic leader” did not happen overnight. People did not just up and decide in one day that they wanted a communist for President. No, it took years of indoctrination, students well-groomed in the philosophies of communism. Generations of people, and I mean generations by many millions of people, that must number close to 75 or 80 million people by now. So this, in my opinion, has to explain why America is sleeping, and watching people be burned to death, beheaded, and so forth, while the one they elected to the White House goes golfing everyday. He has no plan whatsoever to fight Islam, much less defeat it, no, I think he wants Islam to win. He rejoices at the sight of Christians being tortured, beheaded, and burned at the stake.

America, you don’t have to sit back, idly waiting for this President to act, because I can tell you now, he isn’t, he’s not going to do one thing for those who are being oppressed…you, and every freedom-loving patriot of this country has a right to protest this President and what he is doing, but you aren’t going to get it done sitting at home on your computer. Your words on the computer are like chaff in the wind, they mean nothing, no, you have to get up, stand on your two feet and act, as any patriot would and should!

I am by no means a history buff, as you may see, but I care deeply about this country, and the many freedoms that we are accustomed to proclaim and enjoy. I fear, however, that we are not going to be enjoying our freedoms in the foreseeable future unless we act sooner than election day 2016. I could be wrong, I have been wrong before…I figured we would have already gone to civil war in this country. Well, apparently, God isn’t finished with America yet, but maybe…just maybe, He’s giving this country the opportunity at this very moment to see what you will do. Work toward victory, or sit back in the usual victimhood mentality?

God bless you all! Have a good week!

RED ALERT: The First Sharia Law and Court System has been Approved in Irving, Texas

Sharia In America

A group of Muslims in northern Texas has created  the first official Sharia law system in the U.S.  What has just happened, is the eye witness accounting of the demonic dotrines infilitrating America even further!  If you do not think it’s bad, just ask yourself this, do we rewrite or incorporate laws for every religion that comes to U.S. soil?  NO!  The Islamic movement is here.  It is the New World Order.  

The Shariah tribunal in Irving, Texas, is trying to assure Americans they’re not planning to follow the type of Shariah law practiced in Muslim countries.


In those places, severe punishments are common, women have very few rights, and blasphemy against Mohammed can result in a death sentence.

But Tribunal Judge Imam Moujahed Bakhach is denying that will happen in America.

“The misconception about what they see through the media is that Shariah means cut the head, chop…

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Crusades Vs. Jihad

Our President is quite the orator when it comes to standing in front of a podium, and many are bedazzled by his speeches, though not nearly as many today as was first the case when he was elected 6 six years ago. He was the “answer to many peoples prayers,” as it were. America would soon realize, however, that “the-one-they-had-all-been-waiting-for” had a vision with only himself, and his closest advisers in mind. The “fundamental transformation” of America, which he spoke of to get himself elected has been nothing short of a success, taking the country to its lowest levels since the Great Depression of the 1920s – 30s. He has also given America a bad reputation among our allies, and presented us as weak to nations that hate us for who we are, and the freedoms that we stand to fight for. Nations in Europe and the Middle East are in disarray, many are in great fear for their very lives as we speak, not knowing when they may take their last breath to the knife or bullet in the hands of Muslims. Yet, Mr. Obama seems to care very little for their plight, while he strolls to his next green in a golf cart, but when confronted with the very simple task of commenting on the brutality of Muslims in the Middle East, he, instead of condemning the actions of Muslims, equivocates them to the Crusades of the 11 century…

Perhaps Mr. President should take a course in history before actually commenting on something for which he hasn’t the slightest clue what he is talking about. On the other hands, perhaps he knows the true accounts that had taken place, and only wishes to re-write them to fit his own narrative for what took place so many centuries ago. My bet is that he is guilty on both counts. He should take some initiative to educate himself, as well as stop twisting the truth to fit a false narrative for which he is notoriously known.

Comparing Islam and Christianity is as simple as comparing day to night, Let us be clear, there is no moral equivalent in what took place from one end of the Mediterranean to the other, from Clermont all the way to Jerusalem – to what is taking place today all over the world by the Muslim world.

The primary goal of the Crusades was recapture the Holy Land for which the Christian Jewish nations of that era had rightfully in their possession, but was taken siege by Muslims around 1053. This created a separation between the Eastern and Western Church, the hope then was that both East and West could be reunited, and therefore win heaven. Christians, for centuries held the Holy Land in high esteem, and pilgrimages to its holy places became on of the highest acts of devotion. But now, the Seljuk Turks, who had now become Muslims were threatening the Byzantine Empire. Thus, if Christians were to unite both branches of the Church they had to practice war for the sake of the empire and the whole Christian way of life.

It is a rather long story, but one of great interest to those who seek a better understanding of the events that took place and how they correspond with our current world. Let it be known, however, that what took place then by the Christian Church had no bearing on what Muslims have been doing since the time of Muhammed and his erroneous visions of “Jihad” for his followers. The Christian Church did not start a crusade as an act of converting people, she did not pride herself in the pillaging (sacking), raping, and murdering infidels as those of the Muslim religion do. Christianity is not a “convert or die” philosophy, and no act proclaiming such can use Christianity for its defense, and therefore, should not be used as an example to justify the actions of other religious belief systems, or their philosophical underpinnings. Free and prosperous nations have a right to defend themselves from those who seek to do them great harm.

A Word On Islam And Its True Nature

I’m sure many of you who watch the news regularly have noticed a pattern develop among those who would seek to do the world, and America in particular, great harm by televising their actions of violence and brutality upon people of interest. Most recently the Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, who was burned alive in a cage…


It is rather distressing to see these types of atrocities aired on a regular basis, even moreso that the world sleeps while innocent people are murdered in the most cruel manner, at the hands of the lowest form of human beings on planet earth, Muslims. They share no other values with human kind accept those of the Nazi regime in the late 1930s – 40s who were led by none other than the infamous Adolph Hitler, who led a bloodthirsty campaign to exterminate the Jewish race, which is, ironically, the same goals of those who proclaim adherence to the Muslim belief system. The only real difference being the impact, and reach of the Muslim brutality which encompasses the entirety of the globe, in every country.

That much being acknowledged, there begs the question, can there honestly be assumed a peaceful faction among those who adhere to Islam? While others may hold views in stark contrast to my own; in my own personal opinion, I firmly believe there to not be a peaceful faction among those of the Muslim ideology. If they were a “peaceful” people, there would be millions still living today, and the news would not be littered with these horrific accounts of violence that we’ve been witnessing.

The accounts you’ve heard about on the news regarding the Journalists that were beheaded, and the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo media outlet in France, along with millions of others who have shared similar experiences with Islamists.

It is really of no interest to me as to what slogan or nickname they may go by, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, IS, Taliban, yadda, yadda, yadda…They … all … share … the … same … identity. One of terror, bloodshed, pain, death … to all who do not share their beliefs. Islam and/or the Quran teaches them to murder those who do not believe in the Quran or Muhammad (their so-called “prophet”). This IS … True Islam. Those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam are not a minority under the title of Islam, they are the MAJORITY!!! Make no mistake, they would love no more than to infiltrate American cities to create untold suffering and mayhem.

My only hope, is that world leaders, for the sake of everyone reading, and every citizen of the United States will wake up and smell the Jihad!

Okay, enough of my rambling…please feel free to discuss…