RED ALERT: The First Sharia Law and Court System has been Approved in Irving, Texas

Sharia In America

A group of Muslims in northern Texas has created  the first official Sharia law system in the U.S.  What has just happened, is the eye witness accounting of the demonic dotrines infilitrating America even further!  If you do not think it’s bad, just ask yourself this, do we rewrite or incorporate laws for every religion that comes to U.S. soil?  NO!  The Islamic movement is here.  It is the New World Order.  

The Shariah tribunal in Irving, Texas, is trying to assure Americans they’re not planning to follow the type of Shariah law practiced in Muslim countries.


In those places, severe punishments are common, women have very few rights, and blasphemy against Mohammed can result in a death sentence.

But Tribunal Judge Imam Moujahed Bakhach is denying that will happen in America.

“The misconception about what they see through the media is that Shariah means cut the head, chop…

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About Jeremiah

First and formeost: I've been a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since February 3, 1991. Interests: I immensely enjoy God's Awesome Creation, I also enjoy beekeeping, and hope to have a large apiary some day. Gardening. Making apple butter. I enjoy hunting, Trout fishing, and Goin' Sangin' - digging American Ginseng. Hobbies: Building bluebird boxes. Reading: Slouching towards Gomorrah. Liberalism and Moral Decline in America. National Geographic Society Field Guides Wildlife. The study of trees.

53 thoughts on “RED ALERT: The First Sharia Law and Court System has been Approved in Irving, Texas

  1. Tim

    I can already can hear Fred screaming “BIGOT!! ISLAMAPHOPE!!!”

    Fred thinks he can control the muzzies once us evil Christians are out of the way. He thinks his “civilian defense force” will protect him.

    Sorry about your luck Fred.


    Hey infidel are you listening?
    Can you see my blade a glistening
    Your neck it will chop
    Your head will come off
    Walking in a jihadi

    The above ditty is Copyrighted by me, Little ole GMB aka The Green Mountain Boy aka Timiteous Allen-Davis. It may not be copied, reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission from me.

    1. neocon01

      it is also the Anti Christ system that will bring about Armageddon…..brought to our shores by a communist. foreign, homosexual, mulatto.

    1. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

      I get it now Tim. Anything racist or bigoted is Leftist and anything shiny and positive is Conservative. Strange world you live in. Wallace, Maddox and Bilbo must have all been Liberals as well as Democrats because political parties never change their bases demographically or their political missions. Right? Am I close to being as nearsighted as you guys? Do I get the coordinates and code to the secret “End of Days” bunkhouse now?

      1. Tim

        “I get it now Tim.”

        What could be the matter? Is it hard to wear shoes on opposite feet?

        Get back to me on that please.

        Of course you do not get the coordinates. However if you ask real nicely, Kenneth may let you in in what the real frequency is.


  2. Tim

    Nanny bloombrg.

    Now this is real racism in action. This is real progtardia. Heaven forbid NYC have a Police Chief like Detroit. Detroit where law abiding People of all races can own a firearm and use it to protect their lives and property.

    Nope nanny says “disarm them all” but since he is a rich white progtard, no one will call him on it. This is real racism. Not Fred’s phony ass claim of “keeping the brown man down”

    Happy Day.


    1. neocon01

      this leaves the “Eeeeeevil” whitey exposed to the savages “revenge” for the last 100 years of living on OPM. damn those hard working tax paying Christians ….burn them out fo tra von

  3. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

    If this was 1985 instead of 2015 I would really be worried for America. First off if this HeISComing1725 worked for any major newspaper or television station she’d be sitting on the curb with her stapler and personal effects in a box right now. This is as awful a conflation of facts as I’ve seen since Huckabee’s diatribe against the President the other day. And both spring from the same well–fearmongering among the 50 to 80 white conservative set. Here’s a little insight from Glenn Beck who actually talked to the mayor of Irving,Texas:

    “I just got this from the mayor of Irving Texas. A smart woman and tough mayor.

    Sharia Law Court was NOT approved or enacted by the City of Irving. Recently, there have been rumors suggesting that the City of Irving has somehow condoned, approved or enacted the implementation of a Sharia Law Court in our City. Let me be clear, neither the City of Irving, our elected officials or city staff have anything to do with the decision of the mosque that has been identified as starting a Sharia Court.
    As Mayor of the City of Irving, I took an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Texas and the Constitution of the United States. I respect the freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment and believe that protecting fundamental constitutional rights and ensuring that individual rights are not violated or denied is essential.
    Currently, Texas Supreme Court precedent does not allow the application of foreign law that violates public policy, statutory, or federal laws. However, now that this issue has emerged in our community, I am working with our State Representatives on legislation to clarify and strengthen existing prohibitions on the application of foreign law in violation of constitutional or statutory rights.
    American citizens need to remember that their rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and I believe no one should subjugate themselves to anything less. While I am working to better understand how this “court” will function and whom will be subject to its decisions, please know if it is determined that there are violations of basic rights occurring, I will not stand idle and will fight with every fiber of my being against this action. Our nation cannot be so overly sensitive in defending other cultures that we stop protecting our own. The American Constitution and our guaranteed rights reigns supreme in our nation and may that ever be the case.”

    And then this from the actual story from KEYE TV:

    Are any of you familiar with other religious courts in the United States? I’m a Jew and I know that the Orthodox have has tribunals similar to these arbitration courts since they arrived in America. Catholics have similar arbitration courts over religious matters that are binding only among those of that religion. And that’s where the young lady’s post falls apart like a house of cards. Non Muslims are not subject to the decisions of the tribunals within Sharia Courts! Just as I would not be subject of a decision by a Diocesan tribunal or an Ecclesiastical court.

    Here’s more reading for the unenlightenable:

  4. Tim

    “It is not this…..!!!! It is not that……..!!!”

    That is how we know it is exactly what it is. If progtardia says it something, the exact opposite is what will end up being true.

    Want some examples? Do you huh? Go ahead Fred make my day…..!!

    LoLzeronium 234

    1. sarahbloch

      There seems to be an understanding issue here. The United States as a nation, and the several states, have laws that if broken may result in criminal and or civil penalties. I think Fred’s point is clear and I’ll even expand it for you. The case you make is that there should be no Sharia Courts allowed because they could lead to Americans being harmed or even killed. However, no conservative would ever apply the same logic to the right to own guns. So I am saying guns should be banned in the hands of private citizens for the same reasons Conservative feel a threat from Sharia Courts.

      1. Tim

        WE do not “feel” a threat from a sharia court Sarah. Because you will never get a person like me in front of one. It is people like you who need to feel threatened. Your alliance with the muzzies will not save your neck.

        It is foolish to think otherwise.

        This is just another example of anti Western Culture taking a baby step in the direction they want to go. First get progtardia used to the idea of sharia operating with non binding results, wait awhile…


        Now force of law.

      2. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]


        That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There are currently in the United States 2.5 million Muslims. While that sounds like a big number it is only 0.8% of the population. The majority religion in America is the many forms of Christianity with 73% of the population. There are so many laws against what you say is going to happen that I wouldn’t be able to fit all of them printed in my apartment and I have a very spacious apartment. So this brings me to my question. Since conservatives, like you, and I have to assume Jeremiah, aren’t threatened by Sharia Law, what is this great interest you have in it? Why write pounds of words about something that isn’t a threat to you or your way of life by your own words? I, as a Progressive, and not a citizen of America also don’t feel any threat from this so-called “creeping Sharia.” So once again I call fearmongering against the “Other” as the basis for all of this, or in Jeremiah’s case a desire to have a Christian Theocracy in America that would be the greatest abomination to the Constitution ever.

      3. sarahbloch

        Tim you have no idea how stupid this sounds. Exactly under what circumstances would I be subject to a Sharia Court in the United States? I gather you feel I am allied with ISIS because I disagree, fully, with your brand of conservative political thinking. That’s fine. But why would a Progressive, who belives a a woman has a right to terminate her pregnancy, that same sex coupkes can marry, that women deserve equal pay as men and who ejoys the occasional pork chop or sausage patty, want an alliance with violent jihadists who ideologically have more in common with my Christian conservative adversaries?

      4. Tim

        First off my guts are not twisted into any kind of knot they were not born with. Second please post a link to where Jer has advocated that the United States should be a Christian Theocracy.

        Sharia Law holds that women are pretty darn valueless. I hope you have 4 male family members as witnesses should something untoward happen to you. Sharia law also holds that any inheritance you should receive will be only half of what any male relative would get.

        Sharia law prohibits legalized murder of pre born babies. Sharia law prohibits most forms of employment and education for females. Pork is completely haram.

        Homosexual marriage………………

        If by chance you are a homosexual, a neck stretching or being thrown off the roof of a building, awaits you.

        I recommend that you actually read the poo-ran instead of relying on wikipedia for a abridgement.

        “how studid it sounds…..”

        To each their own.

      5. neocon01

        Bzzzzzt, awww gee $arAH, wrong AGAIN!
        It seems guns are protected by that lil constitution thingy that bathouse barry likes to wipe his arse and chin with, sharia law?….mmmm not so much.

      6. sarahbloch

        I’m sorry but Fred’s right on this. I’ll get right on this link to Jeremiah’s old blog where he often stated that America would be better off under a “Christian” government.

        Sharia as applied in many Sunni Muslim nations is brutal for women yes, but how does that differ, save for the violence, from white Christian male arrogance on abortion rights? You make my point for me. Islam is antiabortion, anti women’s rights and so are Christian conservative. To be truly anti Muslim you’d have to respect a woman’s right to have an abortion, equal pay and the right to marry the adult person they love. I have two very old holy books on my desk at all times; a King James Version of the Bible and an annotated copy of the Qu’ran. They both sit on the right side of my desk.

      7. neocon01

        “, save for the violence, from white Christian male arrogance on abortion rights? “
        Huh? WTF x1000, the ***ONLY*** violence is when the butcher and the incubator team up to MURDER the child….

      8. neocon01

        They both sit on the right side of my desk.
        so? satan = (the Koran) , can quote scriptures,(the bible) Per Jesus.

      9. neocon01

        you obviously fail to understand the OT was the season of law and was done away with the by the fulfillment of the law = the birth of Christ,
        HE ushered in a NEW area, the area of GRACE!

        islam, = still a murderous 6th century cult of madmen following a dead madman.

      10. sarahbloch

        You mean era I take it and yes I knew that. Islam as I have said many times needs a reformation and there’s no time better than the present

      11. neocon01

        Christ wasnt about reformation, He was 1000% about FUNDAMENTAL change.
        The old testament = CLOSED, DONE, sayonara , AMF, cooked, buried, a NEW COVENANT ushered in.
        FAITH, FORGIVENESS and SALVATION for all who believes and receives Christ in their hearts.

        the other? death and destruction of hundreds of millions in one century alone.

      12. sarahbloch

        Where again in the New Testament does it say a woman cannot have an abortion and that same sex marriage is prohibited?

      13. Jeremiah Post author

        In this matter we must refer to The doctrine of election and reprobation-for the elect and the impenitent. The elect we know that they are the body of Christ and He being the head along with His many members -the “Church” or elect. They rejoice in the obedience to their Heavenly Father and in so doing He completes the good work that He started at the Cross.

        For those souls who are caught up in sin (homosexuality being part of sin) are determined to be unfit for the kingdom of heaven, and therefore, God’s eternal decision regarding those sinners Is to deny them life, or entry into the Kingdom. God has chosen to not change their hearts. They will continue in their sin, and will, at Christ’s second coming be judged for what they have done. God may further remove restraining influences that keep a person from extremes of disobedience. This abandonment is called “hardening” and is, in itself a punishment for sin.
        As for references to the forbidding of homosexuality in the New Testament there are many. The most notable being found in the first chapter of the book of Romans. I would encourage the reader to pick up a bible and turn to that chapter in an effort to learn more about how God feels regarding the sin of homosexuality.

    2. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

      Boom! Well done Sarah! That is how you win an argument by twisting a conservative’s guts in a knot! That young lady is a Coal Sack worthy bit of opinion!

      1. neocon01

        yeah declare sarah (gore) the winner, jump up and down, run victory laps screaming at the top of your voice while the real winners watch in bemusement and laugh at……”we won”….score? 100 to 0…”WE had the zero, yeah”!!!

      1. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

        Alright genius how do you make sense of the fact that on the face of it your religious belief is more in agreement with my secular beliefs? Where are the Liberals stoning women, mutilating girls, throwing acid in women’s faces? These aren’t thing intellectuals do. These are the things fanatics do in the name of the only thing they have–religion. You say you threw a ball and I swung and missed? Look again a fan is holding it in the upper deck of the left center field stands, 500 feet away.

      2. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

        Here’s one for you Neocon1 why not let women decide what to do with their bodies and the government, to maintain a well regulated militia issues every American at the age of 18, two pistols of their choice, one shotgun, one M-16 fully auto and a dozen grenades for home and personal protection with 1500 rounds of ammunition for each of the firearms? Could we call it even then? Women have their rights in full and you have the White Citizens Army you always dreamed of. Win. Win.

      3. neocon01

        No not only childish but unconstitutional on the gun side and immoral against nature on the abortion/murder side.
        you do know that in America if you kill a pregnant woman you are charged with two counts of first degree murder dont you?
        like taking candy from a baby, sans the high five and victory lap….but with a chuckle.

      4. neocon01

        I never dreamed of a “white army”, I served with latinos, blacks, asians, and whites of many religions.
        your crystal ball and projection beam need tuning, maybe “pain” the gum drop computer from ork can help you out.

      5. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

        I also know the Supreme Court packed with Republican appointees ruled 7-2 in favor of a woman’s right to have an abortion. Therefore it is illegal and your argument holds no water because the crime is against the living mother with full rights as a Human Being and the states in an effort to make such a crime more unlikely add on the other charges. Those types of crimes since these efforts have been taken by states have decreased dramatically. So why doesn’t every free citizen have a right to the guns and ammo, again? That would be unconstitutional you say? Oh, that’s right the “other” would have weapons too. That would be so terrifying for white conservatives to have to be nice to everyone, well you know.

  5. neocon01

    liberals and their minions murder, loot, rape, burn entire sections of American citys and have done so since the 1960’s

    Illustrating Chicago Values

    Year To Date
    Shot & Killed: 34
    Shot & Wounded: 138
    Total Shot: 172
    Total Homicides: 40

    1. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

      One city in a seas of thousands that’s doing poorly on the crime front. You know I could fix the problem in Chicago in one month with 10,000 troops but America doesn’t work that way.

      1. neocon01

        or provide a one way ticket to those doing it back their beloved homeland they so proudly call them selves after.

      2. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

        Deportation isn’t needed. Just a show of force to control hearts and minds. It has worked in America every time it’s been done. Thirty days and the crime slinks away and a few thousand minds are changed for the better. You can’t save those that are lost, but all aren’t lost.

      3. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

        Really? So if you sent all the thugs who commit crimes in America to a summer church camp all of this would just go away? You think the lack of religion in America is the cause of all of this? Did you study the history of prohibition while you were at community college? Billy Sunday was the most popular entertainer on the radio in the early 1920s in the flyover states. Today you have megachurches in every big city. And no one from the federal government I’ve ever seen has stood in front of the door of a church and not allowed people to worship. What else do you want?

      4. neocon01

        your ignorance about Christian salvation and the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit is grossly lacking. Did you miss that day at jr college religious studies 101?

    2. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

      And by the way Neocon the right to the “free exercise of religion” is protected by the Constitution as well. Or did you skip that day in business school?

      1. neocon01

        “free exercise of religion”
        yes and the MAJORITY of that religion in America is Christian ole freddy boy…. that was included in my five semesters of American, and business law.
        sharia law? NOPE, Americas laws are fashioned after English common law, and will remain so.

      2. Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.]

        So in violation of the free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment you would strip all Jewish tribunals of their right to exist as well?

      3. neocon01

        in American jurisprudence, yes
        in your synagog? no, but only if you attend one, and their findings would only be of an internal religious doctrine nature.
        steal a car?
        you go to jail by good ole American jurisprudence.and the rabbi cant say SHIITE about it, except shalom, and AMF

  6. neocon01

    “liberalism is a mental disorder” , Dr Savage

    Bryn Mawr Changes Admission Guidelines To Accept Transwomen.

    Bryn Mawr College, an all-women’s = racist) liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, clarified its admission policy on Monday to accept “transwomen” and individuals who “identify as women” when they apply.

    LOL, the blind leading the blind into the nearest ditch….
    “joy did you notice “judy” stands to pee? and has one big clit?”
    “Noooo silly, “judy” is a he, and thats a dick”!
    HUH? WTF?

    1. Tim

      That is a private school. They can do what they want. Everyone else is free to laugh at them when they grad’ee’ate with a useless degree in “transgender studies” and have to compete with a machine that can cook 6k burgers in an hour.

      LoL zer 234.
      Thats a weapons grade laugh for those of you in rio redmond.


  7. Tim

    I also think the United States would be better off as a Christian Nation. Just as Israel is a Jewish nation. Just like in Israel where no Churches or mosques have been shut down and and everyone is free to worship as they please. Just as Israel is tolerant of homosexuals so should the United States.

    That does not mean you get extra points for being in a self appointed “aggrieved” class of people. What is going on now is the FORCEFUL association of anyone who does not agree with the progtard agenda. You will never be able to force my Church to have “weddings” for homosexuals nor be able to force me to bake cakes for homosexual weddings should I own a cake shop.

    I have the God given right not to associate with you or your agenda and I will ignore any laws that you pass that will force me to do so.

    This is really what is happening in the United States. The progtards are screaming louder and more and more peopel are dis associating themselves with gub’mint and progtard culture.

    The progtards control the courts and the media but nothing else. progtardia has propaganda and rule by the courts.

    Enforcing is getting to be a problem though. You can not enforce what people are actively ignoring and in some cases mocking.

    It boils down to this Fred. You are free to be as homosexual as you want to be. Until you enter my Home, my Church, or even my Cake Shop. When you enter one of these, I have the God given right to tell you leave. And yes(yes amy, I know you are not supposed to start a sentence with “and”0 To start over.

    And yes I have the God given right to tell you to leave BECAUSE you are homosexual.
    In fact though Fred if you showed up at my door, you would be invited in. Be welcome to sit at my table and share meals. Be welcome to spend the night, attend Church Services on Saturday or Sunday morning. The only thing you would not be allowed to do in my house is talk to my children about homosexuality without myself or my wife present.

    I would even sell you a cake with two figures of your choice on top.

    What you can not do and I will never accept is for you to force me by LAW to do it.

    I hope this might clear up some misunderstandings.


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