Commitment to Free Speech.

You either believe in Free Speech or you do not. If you put conditions on speech it is not Free Speech. There is nothing in the Constitution that says you have a “Right” not to offended.

Here is the deal as it stands now.

Neo called Cal a liar. Cal did not like that so Cal banned Neo from the Pitchfork and deleted all his posts.

Here is what I want.

I want Neo to state what the lie was. I want Cal to state why it was not a lie.

Anyone game?

9 thoughts on “Commitment to Free Speech.

  1. neocon01

    I have no intention to play games with the likes of the forkers. All their persona’s are childish dreams, their rants about conservatism are fictitious musings, their second grade dungeon and dragon bull shit are testimonies to simple minded role playing fantasies.
    The schtick about being demons, having hooves, being dead, residing in hell, gumdrop computers, “journalists”, are laughable.

    Their site IMHO is a psudo porno site degrading women. They are self admitted communists, homosexuals and lesbians.
    What calhoun posted about the michael brown shooting had been totally dispelled, even after the truth about the shooting was official and a grand jury refused to indite the police officer who shot the felon, calvin continued with the al sharpton narrative. I called him out on it and the rest is history.

    My short lived stint there is over and so be it, they were proven to be intolerant, bigoted, thin skinned, inaccurate,leftist slanted, ideologues.

    Mission Accomplished, I WON! playing their game back at them was too much for the kids on the short bus to handle.


  2. Tim Post author

    I have no intention of playing any games either. Here is my deal. If you are going to name names, start with your own.

    My name as it appears on my Church Birth Record. Timiteos Allen-Davis. My email address is

    I have nothing to hide from anyone.

    Do you?

  3. neocon01

    Love this Gal.
    “Laura Ingraham: ‘Let Jeb Bush And Hillary Run On The Same Ticket’”

    “I was just thinking: A name like Clinton-Bush would get all the lesbians interested.”

  4. neocon01

    Leonard Nimoy, world famous as Mr. Spock on ‘Star Trek,’ dies

    RIP, Spock!
    maybe Spock can hang out at the fork with these aliens and fred
    freddy “Sitting in my office waiting for me when I got there were three officers and the Director of Counter-Theocracy of the Laal Hethri, Thaantu Beobrai,The taller female Laal Hethri officer, a member of the Special Branch of Urine Dowsers, spoke up, “You scanned the document, you did not read it. This is a different case. Do your fucking job fred. Thaantu stood up and fluttered ***his wings*** briefly,”

  5. Majordomo Pain

    Rural white culture needs to be changed for the same reasons that urban black culture needs to be changed; this is because the power of insular culture is a breeding ground for social failure. Complicit in that failure are the elites both in industry and government that watch as tens of millions of people descend into a cycle or drugs, and barbarism unparalelled in Human history in the wealthiest nation on the planet for the benefit of a powerful class.

    Wanting the Truth and Justice as in the case in Ferguson is not the same thing as a lynch mob demanding a man be released to a mob. In your words you demand a privilege that you have not earned.

    The these so-called Christians then should be without crimes, or poverty or the ills that come from realizing that little matters what you do your lot will be a living misery. We, Ourselves can find numerous cases of abhorrent crimes in both groups yet We find it curious that no one assigns a visceral fear to the rural white man that is assigned to the urban black man. At one time in America’s history it was fear that kept blacks in a place where whites wanted them now in this new century the tables have been turned and it is whites who are sent to near panic at the thought of being on a dark street and seeing a single black man.

    We do not see savagery, this is a bigoted word, We, Ourselves view this as a result and a planned one that keeps as much as a quarter of 300 million people at bay from a middle class existence by some measure by their own choices and by some measure by the choices made by an unseen hand. Religion is not a cure for these ills were it these ills would not exist. The cure has to come from within these people who have little hope, little education and little experience except what previous generations have taught them. Those lessons of ignorance, want and self loathing are self evident and must be corrected. Only in a time without elite masters lording over the scales of success and failure and using bigotry against race, gender and sexual orientation as weapons for a fearful majority race will these ills ever be addressed.

    Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

    1. neocon01

      we see you for what you really are, frightened, evil, bigoted, racist, Christophobes, anti male, anti white, anti straight, pro murder, pro islam, pro communist, dungen and dragon pretending FOOLS.


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