is still the PM of Israel. It looks like, as of this time, Bibi will be able to put together a coalition government of 63 Mk’s vs the progtards 57.

King Putt lost this election. Prince Sandtrap, possessor of pen and phone will have a major butt hurt in the morning, one not given to him by Reggie.

Bad Jew Bibi, Bad Jew. 😛

19 thoughts on “Bibi….

  1. Tim Post author

    king putt sent his minions to Israel. One mission. Defeat Bibi. It did not work out. Sorry about your luck.

  2. Tim Post author

    One final congratulation to the Maretz Party. A progtard party within Israel They had dreams of getting eight seats. They would have settled for six. They got four. Do not forget to send your thanks to prince sand trap!

    Sorry about your luck too.!!!!


  3. Tim Post author

    Herzog, the main priogtard in Israel still holding out hope that what happened did not happen.

    If he would have won there would have been an immediate call by him for Bibi to concede defeat.

    It is almost like progtards have some kind of “natural born” right to rule.

  4. Tim Post author

    Great News!!! Yeay!! A nation and a non nation entity that have both vowed to destroy another nation have been removed from our gub’mints list of terrorists!! Yeay!!!!

    About effen time!!!!

      1. neocon01

        the continued destruction of ameriKa by the Manchurian traitor and his donk minions.

        Feds release 30,000 more criminal aliens onto streets…(drudge)

        Psalm 109:8

      2. Tim Post author

        I do not think Bibi cares. The writing was on the wall months ago. There is absolutely no doubt that king putt’s sympathies are with the muslim brotherhood and their islamic terrorist allies.

        Will all Nations stand against Israel? I do not know the answer to that. Only God does. In my opinion this is just a warm up. The real show is ahead of us.

        Sharp knives and loaded magazines and a willingness to use them when the time comes.

  5. Tim Post author

    Out in kommiefornia, state wide water restrictions are now law. On the flip side of this coin, theft of water is at an all time high there. Just as yours truly had predicted. It is only a matter of time before someone gets killed over the simple matter of water theft.

    When it is cold in kommiefornia and the envirowackos determine that you can not heat your own home with a wood burner they have cars equipped with Fliir devices to go around and check. How long before the proles that put these progtards into power, start taking them out of power with bullets?

    That will happen also. You can bet on it. On the flip side of that coin, they got the gub’mint they voted for.

  6. neocon01

    Now that ‘treason’ charges are in the air
    By James Lewis

    According to the noisy left, Senate Republicans are “traitors” for explaining the Constitutional requirement for the Senate to “advise and consent” on treaties, so that the world and the mullahs will know the truth. Obama’s sole signature cannot commit the United States to surrender to Iranian nuke demands.

    What’s more, by bringing that ticklish word “treason” into the public debate, the left is opening up a can of worms. We can now ask some crucial questions that have been taboo until now.

    Does Hillary Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin, a lifelong Muslim Brotherhood acolyte, represent a clear and present danger in time of war?
    Did Hillary Clinton knowingly allow Abedin access to top secret State Department documents via Hillary’s private email accounts?”

    And, to echo Prince Turki al-Faisal this week,

    Is Obama now opening the door to nuclear proliferation to rogues and terrorists, by letting Iran have nuclear weapons, thereby betraying this country, our allies and the entire world?

    Read more:

  7. neocon01

    As for “aiding and abetting,” listen to four-star Admiral James (“Ace”) Lyons (USN, ret.):

    The Obama administration … totally embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, even though its code is to destroy the United States from within by our own “miserable hands.”

    It must be understood that there is no difference between the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. Any distinction lies only in the tactics they use to achieve their objectives: Destroy the United States and replace the Constitution with Shariah law.

    For years, the Muslim Brotherhood has been able to penetrate our national security agencies, and now it is institutionalized. It is the same type of penetration the communists were able to achieve in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s to influence our policies and operations.”

  8. neocon01

    Starbucks Fights Racism. Racism Fights Back.
    By Colin Flaherty

    If you need a conversation starter with your Starbucks’ barista, try this: What’s up with all the black mob violence?

    Just as the coffee giant announced its employees would be educating their customers about race relations, (Hash tag: #RaceTogether) large-scale episodes of black mob violence were breaking out across the country.

    Starting in Minneapolis, where public officials get very, very testy during the rare occasion when anyone asks about black violence in their tolerant city.

    So after several years of regular and frequent and intense large-scale black mob violence throughout Minneapolis — documented in that scintillating best seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry — police and reporters are finding it increasingly difficult to pretend this is something other than a black thing.

    Though they try and try and try.

    The kabuki theater of racial denial was on full display on St. Patrick’s Day: Hundreds of “troublesome teens” savage feral blacks, rampaged through downtown Minneapolis, punching white people, firing guns, destroying property, defying police, stopping traffic and menacing parade-goers. Some of it on video.

    Police even held a news conference during the riot, where a spokesman assured reporters that a “majority” of the downtown was under control. And with the assistance of at least three other police agencies, they expected to regain full control at any time.

    Read more:

      1. neocon01

        yup…… wait until the ferals and musloons turn against the jooos and homo’s, the forkers and their enablers will be begging for protection from our Bibles and guns……gud luk wit dat!!

  9. Tim Post author

    LoLzer, the stooges are getting a bit proactive. In anticipation of another klintoon administration, they have declared the “magic vagina” too big to impeach.

    🙂 😛 🙂

  10. neocon01

    really??? Boner
    Boehner plans to sideline House conservatives in budget battle
    By Rick Moran

    Speaker John Boehner has made plans to bypass House conservatives and ram through two items opposed by the right. He will try and pass a budget deal, using a parliamentary manuever to speed passage. He is also planning a vote on the so-called Medicare “doc fix” he negotiated with Nancy Pelosi last week.

    Read more:

    1. neocon01

      A little-noted masterpiece of constitutional scholarship by Justice Thomas
      By Mark J. Fitzgibbons

      Everything you really need to know about the Constitution (and that’s barely an exaggeration) — why it is structured the way it is, what led to it, its purposes — is found in pages 2 – 12 of the March 9 concurring opinion by Justice Thomas in the Dept of Transportation v Assn of American Railroads case. Although it received little media attention, Justice Thomas has provided us a masterpiece of constitutional thinking, explaining why “administrative law” — the practice of delegating to bureaucrats the making and enforcement of rules with the force of law – is so profoundly unconstitutional.

      You could spend years reading history books, the Federalist Papers, and case law, but you won’t find a better explanation of the essence of our Constitution. If you understand what’s in these few pages, you understand why we have the Constitution, why it is structured the way it is, and why it is essential to the American experiment.

      Pay attention to his words and the words of others he cites — arbitrary, unilateral, etc. Justice Thomas describes the dangers that the Constitution was written to prohibit, and he traces the roots of those dangers to abuses of the English “rule of law” on which the Constitution was based, but perfected in America to address those abuses. The Constitution corrected several flaws of the English system including limiting the authority of the legislative branch by placing the Constitution – this written law of the land – over all three branches of government.

      As to our system of administrative law, we may often wonder how unelected bureaucrats got all sorts power to regulate us.

      Read more:


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