Does not get any better than this.

Open thread until the Mushroom Clouds dissipate.

Happy Days!


22 thoughts on “Fore!!!

  1. Tim Post author

    Awwwwww. 😦 😦 😦 duke of five iron is disappointed in Bibi. Snort a couple more lines of Coke, that will take your sorrows away, mmmmmmkaayyy????

  2. Tim Post author

    Down to the last person, the “congregation” of the westboro baptist church are registered democrats. Remember that when you here the chant G-d hates fags. MMMMMKKKAAYYYY?

  3. tiredoflibbs

    King Putz (instead of Putts) has gone around the world bitching, apologizing and groveling to other leaders about “U.S. interference in other countries”.

    But then, he interferes with the free elections in Israel because Netanyahu will not cave to King Putz’s will. This is another example of his hypocrisy, arrogance and narcissism. Of course, if he were a Republican, it would be all over the media. But the Praetorian Guard media will not report on this and will protect their King Putz all they want.


    1. Tim Post author

      That is not how a progtard looks at it though. They say that since we were all for the CIA getting rid of Mossedegh, Allende, etc, etc, that we are the hypocrites for pointing it out.

      What they will not not now nor ever say is that the U.S. can only interfere in another country when it advances the cause of progtardia.

      And you are right. It is,


      1. Tim Post author

        Israel had free and fair elections. prince sandtrap sent his henchmen over there to work against Bibi. His plan did not work out. He spent tax payer money doing so. He is no different than those you criticize.

        Either you stay out of foreign affairs or you do not. The duke of five iron tried. He failed.

        Better luck next time eh?

      2. tiredoflibbs

        Majordumbass, your bubblehead memory is faulty. You would know that obame tactics were to get out the Arab vote only and not all the citizens of Israel. That is akin to white supremacists (Democrats) getting out the white vote only and suppressing the votes of minorities. It took the Republicans put a stop to that.

        I expected something more intelligible and intelligent from a “computer”…. oh wait, you are only pretending to be a computer in the land of make believe – rather than the regurgitated, dumbed down, forked-up talking points.

        “More lies from those whose wealth is made from the pandering to white walking corpses.”

        Really? What do mooching and looting Democrats have to do with this? They use fear day after day.

  4. neocon01

    Pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported…

    White House Chief of Staff: Israeli ‘Occupation’ Must End…

    GOODWIN: Israel, Beware…

    1. Majordomo Pain

      Yemen was never Obama’s to lose. This is a regional conflict, playing out as it should with the allies of the United States doing their own work to settle the matter. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are well equipped to fix the instability caused in Yemen by the Iranian government. Iran must decide if they want this to turn from a civil war into a war between Sunni governments and Shi’a Iran. How many American lives is Sana’a worth to you tiredoflibbs? Has your generation of Americans learned nothing of the Vietnam waste? We think not, for you continue to fight in your minds the enemy that defeated you. When conservatives shout communism they mean those on the other side of the ideological spectrum that do not believe a single religion should speak for a diverse nation. A shout of communism means that Progressives will not stop their struggle for freedom because a man wrote something on parchment over 200 years ago and only a select few people who think as you do can interpret what they wanted in the future for the nation. This is simple really; America is not the country you thought it would be and you did nothing but enjoy the fruits of your unearned privilege rather than doing the dirty work of the fascist to ensure it would remain that way for generations to come. Conservatives are quick to point to their individual successes in business to become middle class but they forget the field was always tipped toward their success with doors swung open for them while others were left with no means of entry. Young people think for themselves in the modern age because they see now how horribly flawed their parents and grandparents were. Young women have a political voice and are seizing their citizenship with both hands and will not be the women that your mother was. We, Ourselves are enjoying this perfect storm of social and political change and even though the outcome is not certain that We will win the consequences of Our defeat will fall heaviest upon those who do not invest in themselves and open their minds to all possibilities. In clear terms that means tiredoflibbs if Progressives lose this ideological battle it will be the death of conservatism for certain. We have time on Our side; what do you have to look forward to in twenty-five, or fifty or one hundred years???

      1. tiredoflibbs

        Wow, more verbal diarrhea from Major Dumbass. I guess you are okay with the slaughter of thousands at the hand of Islamic terrorists so no American life will be lost. You don’t care that a nuclear Iran will start a new nuclear arms race.

        “This is simple really; America is not the country you thought it would be and you did nothing but enjoy the fruits of your unearned privilege rather than doing the dirty work of the fascist to ensure it would remain that way for generations to come.”

        I have earned everything I have. Nothing was given to me like your typical progressive low information voter through progressive vote buying and give away programs.

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