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Is Baltimore Burning?

By the news reports it is looking more and more like progtardia’s foot soldiers want it too. At least in the Neighborhoods they live in. They destroy their own homes and local Businesses and then work their outward. About within walking distance.

Ferguson. You can walk across the whole wreck in about a half an hour. That is about the limit of destruction you will get when progtards riot.


Is this the beginning? Who knows. progtardia is at war with themselves. They can sort the mess out if they are able. Stay out of their way and let them do as much damage to each other as they can.

Then be ready.

You need to be able to feed yourself and your Family. You need to be able to protect yourself and your Family. You need to be able to protect yourself and your Family from the elements.

Sharp blade and fully loaded magazines are also advised. Knowing what to do with them might also help but hey, even some amateur out in the Desert might get lucky.

Personally I think we have at least one maybe two more incidents before the real show starts. You think anyone going to queen mooch out of the white hut without a fight?

Is this the End? Only the Doors know.



What the “Left” wants.

Make no mistake about it. What the left wants is total power. Power over everything. If it involves your daily life and routine the left wants to regulate. The total abolition of all God given rights will be in the hands of Mental Patients like Sarah Bloch. You will have no right to anything except what Sarah wants you to have.

You can not compromise with a jack booted thug. Make no mistake about that either. As long as Sarah wields the power of the jack booted thug, she is fine with it. It only effects those she hates.

Make no mistake again. Politics and elections are not the Savior you are looking for. The Savoir you are looking is named Jesus the Christ. Yaweh ben Yaweh. God son of God. In his teachings and in Him you will find Salvation.

You should read up on sword buying. It do you some good. Stand Together? No. Never. I will not accept that. You did not stand by us when we warned over and over again. You stuck your head in the sand and pretended that we did not exist. You pretended to be better and above us.

Stand on your own two feet if you have them. Find the Courage you need. We can not give that to you.In all our imperfections and perceived biases we stay true to who and what we are.  So do you.

“You shall know them by the company they keep”

Truer words never have been spoken.

Rand Paul announces…

He is running for POTUS.


Rand Paul is a walking shotgun with the trigger wired back and a thumb on the hammer. You just do not know where that thing will be pointing when the thumb gets too tired.

Better than jebward or any of the other gopE pond scum.

1. Cruz

2. Walker

3. Paul

UPDATE About time someone with a R after their name did this.

Who would of thought it would be Rand. Better get on your game Ted.

Because it is convenient

Why are some people small c conservatives? Especially those that focused on money? Because it is “convenient”

Public school is also convenient.

Television is also convenient.

Google is also convenient.

They want the easy life. Sit behind the Big Screen Plasma TV and yell at the whatever host is on msdnc. Heaven forfend if they realize that a portion of that money they give to Cable Company goes to msdnc to spew their hatred. Big effn deal. It is convenient

They send their kids to gub’mint sponsored indoctrination centers because it is convenient. Heaven forfend should they take into their own hands the education of their own Children.

They use google because it is convenient. Every time you use google they make money so timmy cook can spew his brand of hatred all over the world.

In reality they are just conservatives for whatever extra penny they can put into their pocket.

That is why they gave up the fight on legalized murder of the pre born. That is why they gave up the fight on homosexuality. That is why they just plain gave up. That is why they urge everyone to vote for the mccains, the flakes, and the Mitts. Because they know that those kind of people will not get them involved in any kind fight they have to take a stand on.

Since julie long ago labeled me the “Gate Keeper of True Conservatism” I have no problem labeling you.

I may be a little bitch. But I will debate you on that point.

Yes Jay. Yes Mark. Yes Julie. You all are small c conservatives.

That is all this little bitch has to say right now.