Because it is convenient

Why are some people small c conservatives? Especially those that focused on money? Because it is “convenient”

Public school is also convenient.

Television is also convenient.

Google is also convenient.

They want the easy life. Sit behind the Big Screen Plasma TV and yell at the whatever host is on msdnc. Heaven forfend if they realize that a portion of that money they give to Cable Company goes to msdnc to spew their hatred. Big effn deal. It is convenient

They send their kids to gub’mint sponsored indoctrination centers because it is convenient. Heaven forfend should they take into their own hands the education of their own Children.

They use google because it is convenient. Every time you use google they make money so timmy cook can spew his brand of hatred all over the world.

In reality they are just conservatives for whatever extra penny they can put into their pocket.

That is why they gave up the fight on legalized murder of the pre born. That is why they gave up the fight on homosexuality. That is why they just plain gave up. That is why they urge everyone to vote for the mccains, the flakes, and the Mitts. Because they know that those kind of people will not get them involved in any kind fight they have to take a stand on.

Since julie long ago labeled me the “Gate Keeper of True Conservatism” I have no problem labeling you.

I may be a little bitch. But I will debate you on that point.

Yes Jay. Yes Mark. Yes Julie. You all are small c conservatives.

That is all this little bitch has to say right now.


22 thoughts on “Because it is convenient

  1. neocon01

    you are exactly 100% spot on. Conservatives have become fat, lazy, and complacent. In days past that same mentality made the way for the hitlers of the world. Today we have an illegal, homosexual, drug dealer, communist, muslim never was at the helm because squishy people like jay would support butt fers rather than to lose a sale. Selling your soul for a comfy job and a buck.

    The left is willing to stoop to any level including lying, murder, burning entire communities to WIN their evil agenda. Every time good men sit back and do nothing evil prevails.

    exhibit A

  2. neocon01

    all that was needed in ferguson was 500 well armed patriots to take out the trash, guess who the government gestapo (cops) would have engaged with automatic weapons?

  3. neocon01

    posted on blogs for veggies ROTFLMAO,
    I wonder how long it will stay.

    neocon01 April 4, 2015 / 1:54 pm
    cluster, you are such a dick

    1. Tim Post author

      I think I have proven my commitment to free speech. Else, the Fork would never get to come here and spew their vile brand of bullshit. That kind need to be heard. You need to be able to point at it say, “do not be a forker”

      They delete posts,spout off their bold moderation and congratulate themselves on being “above it all”

      Beg pardon but you are not. You are beneath it.

      Stand on your own damn feet. and quit begging others to do your dirty work.

  4. neocon01

    Chimpout 0 da day,
    planet of the apes sequel 10,000
    Massive brawl break out at Resorts World Casino in Queens.

  5. Tim Post author

    The really sad thing about the veggie crew? I have no doubt in my mind they would march into one of Mark’s fema camps willingly. Gotta save that skin.

  6. Tim Post author


    progtards out in commiefornia banning watering your lawns. progtards out in that same commiefornia handing out fines for not watering your lawn.

    Only in commiefornia..

    You smarter than smart progtards should be able to find the story…….

  7. neocon01

    the big LIE!! is being lost in the fog, anal sex between two men (bonga bonga) or cunnilingus between two women is NOT ***MARRIAGE**** it is perversion and a pathology.

  8. neocon01

    Ayn Rand: “In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”
    seig heil homos

  9. Tim Post author

    shillary committed how many crimes with her “private email sever”? The big story that requires a joint investigation? Scott walkers One Dollar Sweater!!

    Yeah for progtardia!!!!

    Heil SARAH. See Neo’s pic above.

  10. Tim Post author

    #gamergate. The Hugo Awards. The Pizza money bomb. The Florist money bomb.
    rollingstone fagazine gettibg sued.

    sjws’ taking it on the chin.


  11. neocon01

    Stephen A Smith: White People Offended They Can’t Use ‘N-word’ ‘Need to Get Over That’

    yo yo yo stevie ole boy, this STILL the USA and we STILL have a constitution, we can say NIGGER, NIGGER, NIGGER, ANY time we please!!! we mostly CHOOSE not to. got it nigga?
    now go peddle your racist, leftist, communist, PC bull shiite in Iran.


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