What the “Left” wants.

Make no mistake about it. What the left wants is total power. Power over everything. If it involves your daily life and routine the left wants to regulate. The total abolition of all God given rights will be in the hands of Mental Patients like Sarah Bloch. You will have no right to anything except what Sarah wants you to have.

You can not compromise with a jack booted thug. Make no mistake about that either. As long as Sarah wields the power of the jack booted thug, she is fine with it. It only effects those she hates.

Make no mistake again. Politics and elections are not the Savior you are looking for. The Savoir you are looking is named Jesus the Christ. Yaweh ben Yaweh. God son of God. In his teachings and in Him you will find Salvation.

You should read up on sword buying. It do you some good. Stand Together? No. Never. I will not accept that. You did not stand by us when we warned over and over again. You stuck your head in the sand and pretended that we did not exist. You pretended to be better and above us.

Stand on your own two feet if you have them. Find the Courage you need. We can not give that to you.In all our imperfections and perceived biases we stay true to who and what we are.  So do you.

“You shall know them by the company they keep”

Truer words never have been spoken.


76 thoughts on “What the “Left” wants.

  1. neocon01

    Ted Cruz Tells Iowa Evangelicals There Is ‘No Room For Christians In Today’s Democratic Party’
    International Business Times ^ | 4/26/15 | Mark Hanrahan

    evil people in an evil party.

    1. Tim Post author

      Senator Ted did not say anything that was no not common knowledge. Is someone trying to go all sjw outrage on the Senators’ comments?

  2. Tim Post author

    Just looking through a bunch of stats. I do not believe that the Fork has driven any traffic to our site. We have the same amount of followers that we did before Sarah and her Sock Puppets started posting here.

    Take away the artificial bump the veggie blog got when Ali took over we are only shy 2 followers of what used to be a top grade “republican” blog.

    Not bad for three Rightwing, Christian, Whack Jobs.


  3. Tim Post author

    The progtards would never agree anyway. The only products of progtardia are “ideas” and fiat money. Anything else they get from somewhere else.

    They have to have somebody feed them.

  4. neocon01

    cops stand idly in large groups while looters rob, smash, now burn. They retreat when groups of feral savages throw stones at them.
    The time has come to spray the streets with automatic rifle fire to smash this racist animilastic behavior.
    ARMED vigilante citizens now needed to smash these 15% ghetto savages.

  5. neocon01

    pig shiite

    Obama Sends Three WH Officials to Freddie Gray’s Funeral – Sent No One to Chris Kyle’s Funeral


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