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DOOM!! DOOM!!! DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This gub’mint is so boned. king putt, the prince sandtrap, duke of five iron, baron of the back nine, driver of golf cart one, possessor of pen and phone, has been called a , expletive deleted, by both the gub’mint of the Fifth Republic of France and by hollywierdo celebertyette Cher. In regards to negotiations with iRanIstan and fighting ipiss.


As Always, Open Thread until more DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comes our way.

Rick Santorum is running for the repuke Nomination again. Yes he is a big gub’mint type when it comes to the Economy. He has been that forever. He has made no secret about it. He has been true to his Philosophy. He is now on my list of acceptable Candidates.

It now stands like this.

1. TEH TED!!!

2. Rand Paul/Scott Walker.

3. Rick Santorum

Be Nice. 🙂

This is

Enjoy your Weekend. Remember those who gave so much more than we ever will to ensure your Freedom and Liberty.

Take a minute to actually think about what that Picture means.


aka Feel the Fang

The Second Waco Massacre

Yesterday a firefight broke out at biker bar in Waco, Texas. You can find details at Drudge or just about anywhere else. I will not get into the details of the fight.

Some progtardic sites are using this as an example of “see!!! whites do it too!!!”

Race has been and never will be cause. Culture. Can you progtards get it through you think Skulls that it is CULTURE not race. Those bikers share the same Culture of those inner city “yutes” They are kindred spirits. They share the same traits.

The Laws that they break. Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Turf Wars. Disdain for even the most basic Authority. No Moral Compass to speak of, especially when it comes to respect for Human Life.

Those bikers that murdered each other had everything in common with the rioters that destroyed fergAstan and bmorstan.

They had nothing in common with Western Judeo-Christian Culture.

Culture is all it has ever been about. Those that inject race into everything live on the left side of the Aisles.