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  1. Tim Post author

    The Freddy Gray death.

    The Mayor is black.
    The Prosecutor is black.
    The Police Chief is Black.
    Three of the six Police involved are black.

    Endemic waycismm is the cause. No get this. The Van Driver is black yet he is charged by the black DA with Murder 2. The only blotch on this Mans record is for NOT firing his weapon when a Prisoner escaped from his custody.

    The Man is gun shy. No doubt about it. What did this man do for the DA to throw him under the bus? The Man appears to be a mild mannered Gentleman.

    There is no doubt about this either. He is being railroaded by the very progtards he served.

    Have to keep the hungry mob fed. Let us make sure they have to feed on their own.

    1. Cavalor Epthith, Esquire, D.S.V.J

      The driver is ultimately responsible for the safety of the prisoner in custody. This is why he bears the most serious charges. This case was never about race in simple black and white terms but about how a city department treats lower income black residents. Also, from what is known the arrest was unlawful because the knife Gray had was legal and it is not a crime to look at a cop or to run from one in Baltimore.

      1. Tim Post author

        “This case was never about race in simple black and white terms but about how a city department treats lower income black residents.”

        My my, we agree on something. progtardia is the most racist culture I have ever seen. progtardia treets “lower income Blacks” like walking talking ATM’s. progtardias hunger for OPM knows no bounds.

        “The driver is ultimately responsible for the safety of the prisoner in custody.”

        This is a matter for debate. From what I have read the Van Driver was not responsible for the proper restraint of Prisoners. His only duty was to drive the van. Sure he must drive with safety in mind but that is all.

        ” from what is known the arrest was unlawful”

        Another point we agree on. If six of progtardias finest have to be sacrificed to the mobs of progtardia and the Constitution wins no matter what outcome, I am all for it.

      2. neocon01

        calvin umpteenth
        this is about militarized police, ones who think of them selves as lord and masters, armed to the teeth, dressed like ninjas who feel other citizens are “civilians” and they are LEO’s who are there to lord over us for big brother. They scream COMMANDS while pointing 9mm’s at you for traffic stops. If you question them you are tazed, beat to a pulp or shot as they violate the constitution and the law with impunity.
        This action comes straight from the HNIC usurper in the white hut and his commie goon AG.
        The only difference is low iq, black savages can only “protest” with violence, the rest of do it through the legal system and balot box.
        NOTE to all liberals on the donk plantation….YOU GOT the GOVT. YOU WERE PAID to SUPPORT.

      3. Tim Post author

        “NOTE to all liberals on the donk plantation….YOU GOT the GOVT. YOU WERE PAID to SUPPORT.”

        Exactly. Their votes were bought and paid for with various and sundry Taxpayer give aways and now the hunger for OPM has grown to the point that progtardia is starting to quote Constitution.

        Let us get one thing straight right now. The DA in this matter will be lucky to keep her Law License after all is said and done. A halfway decent law-yakker will rip all these charges to shreds.

        It is going to be very interesting watching a black United States AG prosecuting those three Black BPD Officers for Civil Rights Violations here in a year or so.

  2. Tim Post author

    ” planet of the apes sequel 1000″

    If you look at the Men you will notice that four of the five have virtually no growth on their Noggins. The only woman has very short Hair.

    This is obviously a plot to get the “Folliclly(?sp) challenged out of the BPD. 😦

    Where is Dr. Zaeus when you need him?????????

  3. Tim Post author

    5 of the 6 appear to have thick Necks. A conspiracy to rid the BPD of the Fatty Necks! Call the law-yakkers!! File the Lawsuits!!! Make the “Man” pay for his “neckism”!!!

  4. Tim Post author

    News from the Social Justice Rebublik of Chavezuela, formerly Venezuela, The Toilet Paper Ration has been cut again. That is all.


  5. neocon01


    BREAKING: Obama’s Ex-Boyfriend Comes Forward And Exposes Him For THIS
    American News Apr 11, 2015 BREAKING: Obama’s Ex-Boyfriend Comes Forward And Exposes Him For THIS2015-04-11T05:09:37+00:00 News

    pResident Obama has long been rumored to have a homosexual past, which he has carefully covered up to be elected to the White House.

    Now, Dr. Jerome Corsi, a PHD from Harvard, claims that President Obama was well known as a member of the Chicago gay community, and was often seen in the regular gay bar. He was even reportedly part of the bathhouse scene.

    In fact, reports indicate that some friends of Barack were surprised to find out that he was even bisexual.


    1. Tim Post author

      This is nothing new. Kevin DuJon at Hillbuzz did almost the very same Writeup of this a few years ago. He aught to know.

  6. neocon01

    ARM UP!!

    ACLU: ‘Black Spring Has Begun’…


    (Black Plague in full pandemic)

  7. neocon01

    Mc IDIOTS…….can you spell self service kiosk’s??

    McDonald’s workers will gatecrash the burger company’s shareholder meeting later this month with “the biggest ever protest” demanding an end to “poverty wages” paid to many of its 420,000 staff.

    As the company announced plans to turn around its ailing business, Fight for $15, a union-backed protest group, set out plans for a day of protest at the company’s Chicago headquarters.

    “Fed up with pay that drives them to rely on public assistance to support their families and angry over the publicity stunt disguised as a wage increase, McDonald’s workers will insist that the fast-food giant include in its turnaround plan a serious investment in the cooks and cashiers who make its billions in profits possible,” Fight for 15 said in a statement on Monday.

    The workers, who organised protests in cities across the US last month calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage, said they “would not be coming alone” to McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting on 21 May but would be “armed with 1m signatures from everyday Americans calling on McDonald’s to pay workers $15 an hour and respect their freedom to join together in a union”.


  8. neocon01

    “calling” for a $15 an hour minimum wage,
    how about “calling” unemployment assholes!!

    1. Tim Post author

      It is coming anyway. When I deal with a Bank do I go inside and get helped by a human? No when I do have to deal with a bank I use the Machine, usually around 3 AM. No human involved and no Error that was not my own.

      Self serve Kiosks at FF Joints? They will not get surly with you nor will they bring their attitude from home with them.

      1. neocon01

        our local WAWA’s already has them, six of them (kiosk’s) , order, pay, and two people making the food that they hand to you…..self serv drinks…….EASY fast and 100% RIGHT.

  9. neocon01

    $15.00 ph??????
    baaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha…….sorry tra von we no longer need you to be surley, rude, and bored.
    You have been replaced by a machine that is here every day, No attitude, speaks proper English and has more brains than you.
    Down to two cooks, and one server.(cooks soon to be replaced by a robot.)

  10. neocon01


    Fans Got What They Deserved in Mayweather vs. Pacquiao ‘Boxing Match of the Century’
    Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao
    The Associated Press

    by Kevin Scholla4 May 201554
    After Floyd Mayweather’s unanimous decision victory over Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, social media lit up with complaints, rants, and tantrums. The epic bitching made legendary SNL characters Doug and Wendy Whiner look like optimists. The irony of it all is that all those supposed “boxing fans” crying in their beer got exactly what they paid for.

    The long awaited title tilt billed as the “Fight of the Century” didn’t come cheap. Viewers had to dole out about $100 to see these two welterweights finally collide. Apparently many of those who paid up thought they were going to get something vastly different than what transpired.

    The bout went the distance with Mayweather handily winning on all three scorecards. He outboxed and outfoxed Pacquiao all night long to move to 48-0 in his amazing career. But after the 12-round affair, fans were upset. They called it boring and slow. Others screamed for their money back. It wasn’t what they expected. Well, what did they expect? Clearly they had never watched Mayweather in action.

    The strategy that turned out to be a winning one for the American pugilist was classic, cookie-cutter Mayweather. He is not a fighter. He is a boxer. Those looking for a fight would’ve been better served to wait in the parking lot outside the venue. If you wanted a flurry of punches connecting one after another, you could’ve popped in the old tape of Robin Ventura charging the mound to plant a few shots on Nolan Ryan’s balding dome (a move that turned out horribly for the White Sox third baseman). Or better yet, perhaps an old Rocky movie would’ve worked. Long story short, Mayweather never came to fight. He came to box. That’s what he’s done his whole career.

    They call boxing the “sweet science” and Mayweather takes that term to heart, embracing it openly. He looks to score points and keep his opponent from doing so. He doesn’t climb in the ring to put on a show for anyone—he does so to win the bout. Just like the Patriots and Spurs and some other vanilla champions of our time, Mayweather is often methodical. Some say he’s boring. Perhaps. But he’s undefeated partially by being a real snooze.

    The build up to this battle was huge. All eyes were on Vegas for this one. Mayweather would have been a fool to abandon what got him to this point. If he tried to brawl with Pacquiao he would’ve opened the door for the pride of the Philippines to have a chance at winning. Instead, Mayweather smartly stuck to his game plan with one thing in mind—winning the contest and taking home a ridiculous amount of money.

    Mission accomplished.

    Floyd Mayweather purposely turned this competition into a chess match. He kept away from Pacquiao when he needed to and landed punches when the opportunities arose. Pacquiao, who built a career on throwing upwards of sixtysomething punches every round was held to punch numbers in the teens for some rounds. Mayweather dictated the boxing match the way he said he would. He warned all of those who paid for this spectacle exactly what he would do. Why they thought something else would happen makes no sense.

    Some fans tend to complain regardless of the outcome. When Mike Tyson used to pulverize opponents in mere seconds, people screamed foul. Now a bout goes 12 rounds and that’s not good enough, either.

    There are many questions about Mayweather’s character, especially when it comes to his treatment of women. (an obama son) He is far from a choir boy. Based on that alone some wanted to see him knocked out. Those hoping for Mayweather’s demise grew frustrated as he ran from his opponent at times. But it’s all part of the sport and certainly a huge part of Mayweather’s style.

    So for all the keyboard warriors disappointed in the show the ring warriors did or didn’t put on, ask yourselves this—what did you expect? Perhaps you thought you were about to see a UFC match. Perhaps you thought Mayweather boxed like Tyson for some reason. Or more likely, perhaps you simply fell for the false billing of the event. The ‘Fight of the Century’ was actually the ‘Boxing Match of the Century’, and the undisputed, undefeated champion did exactly what he had to do to come out on top.

    There is a lot to complain about when it comes to this event: The high price to watch it, Jamie Foxx’s revolting rendition of the National Anthem, the fact that it took years to make it happen, and the ridiculously late start of the first round are all valid grievances. But the actual boxing turned out exactly how most who follow the sport thought it would.

    Like it or not, everyone got exactly what they paid for.
    NOT me I paid ZEROOOOO

  11. neocon01

    ROTFLMAO…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “Just got a call from a buddy in Baltimore;

    Went to go help clean up the burned CVS and the only thing left was sun screen and Father’s Day Cards!!”

      1. Tim Post author

        I actually saw a tweet stating that a dozen pair of brand new, still in the Box, Work Boots, were found in the rubble of the CVS.

        CVS does not carry work boots.

  12. neocon01

    congress WHO??

    Extreme secrecy erodes support for Obama’s trade pact…
    Lawmakers forced to surrender notes…
    Forbidden!!! from discussing details with ****public****…

  13. neocon01

    FLOTUS POS GHETTO HO plays race card: Museums are for white people
    BizPacReview.com ^ | 5/05/15 | Nicole Haas

    First lady Biotch Michelle Obama used a speech Monday that was supposed to be celebrating the opening of a new museum to instead dig deeper the racial divide that’s been growing ever wider during her husband’s presidency.

    “Museums and concert halls,” she said, just don’t welcome non-white visitors – especially children – the way they welcome whites.

    Speaking at the new Whitney museum in New York City’s meat packing district last week, Obama said she grew up thinking that museums were not places “for someone who looks like me.”

  14. neocon01

    ‘We’re Giving Up Our Freedoms so as Not to Offend Savages’ (Garland TX)
    INN ^ | 5/5/2015, 9:55 PM | Ari Soffer

    Pamela Geller, the outspoken head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, has spoken out after her group’s Mohammed Cartoon event was targeted in a shooting attack by Muslim terrorists on Sunday night.

    In an interview with CNN, Geller lashed out at the media “elites” for criticizing her group—the attackers’ intended victims—as opposed to radical Islamists responsible for such violent attacks.

    The event had offered a $10,000 award for the best cartoon depicting the founder of Islam, Mohammed, and featured a speech by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, among other prominent critics of Islam. […]

    The prize was won by an ex-Muslim, Geller noted, as she responded to a grilling by her interviewer, who asked whether she realized “just how dangerous an event like this could be?”

    “It’s dangerous because increasingly we are abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages,” Geller shot back. …


    1. Tim Post author

      The Fork is already spewing their crap about Gellar. “She is a hater” “She deserved it” Yada yada yada and more nonsensical yada.

      The Constitution. Read it. Understand it. There are no qualifiers for Free Speech. Beyond your screaming “fire” at an inappropriate time or place. Gellar did neither. They drew Cartoons of someone whom MUZZIES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRAW. No one else are under this ban. I will give the muzzies who are allies of Americas progatrds no more respect than the progtards give Christians.

      OK for the muzzies to shoot up Cartoonist ok for those who drop a Crucifix in a Jar of pee to get shot up.

      Correct Sarah?

      1. sarahbloch

        In regard to Fred’s post you read what you wanted to read but didn’t understand. Geller is a hater of Muslims; I am not. Charlie Hebdo is a magazine which has been around for decades; SIOA is a fringe group that only appeared after 9/11/2001. Why didn’t Geller start a similar organisation after the Oklahoma City bombing or the seige at the Branch Davidian compound in the 90s? Sure the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech protected against infringement by the government. But it isn’t a shield against violence. That is what the law is for. Geller has a right to mock anything she pleases but that right does not protect her from the consequences that may ensue from her hate speech. The right adored the woman who kept a flag from being teampled and burned recently at Valdosta State even though that act of defiance is protected speech as well.

  15. Tim Post author

    I will not have my God given Rights taken away by the Veto of a murderous terrorist. Sarah evidently will. I will criticize and mock everything that near and dear to the progtards.

    No hecklers veto. No terrorist veto. Got it?

    If not GFY.

    1. sarahbloch

      Terrorist aren’t interested in your fucking rights Tim. They are lunatics who believe if they kill enough people those they call enemies will surrender. You and I both know that is impossible. The West will win over time and Islam will reform in the coming centuries. And you rights are no more divinely presented than those of an acolyte of Islam. Rights are codified by societies and nation states. Religion is the reason Terra in in this shit blender. Only multicultural secularism can pull the plug on that blender and save civilisation.

      1. neocon01

        “Terrorist Evil LEFTIST’s “aren’t interested in your fucking rights Tim. They are lunatics who believe if they kill enough people those they call enemies will surrender.”


      2. neocon01

        Only multicultural secularism

        yes we see that “multicultural secularism” = ( evil, communism, tyranny) in EVERY major city in the US, perfect examples are NYC, DC, Detroit, & baltimo.
        Somalia, sudan, kenya, haiti, and HUNDREDS of city’s and country’s across the globe.

    2. tiredoflibbs

      Tim, don’t you just love the way these useful idiot proggies split hairs?

      Drawing Mohammid cartoons is “an act of hatred”… while…..

      Burning the flag is “an act of defiance”. Don’t call it hate. Oh no… that is free speech. Their ever changing definitions is truly hysterical to watch them twist in the wind and try to unravel their panties.

      1. neocon01

        islam is a murderous cult populated by, homosexual, women, jew, Christian HATING lunatics. PERIOD.
        The lefts slavish devotion to anything anti white, male, straight, Christian, is readily observed.. These muzzi lovers are the same leftist evil loons that made communism, naziism, and facism the lead murderers in the world before their beloved islam, which one day soon will murder them.

        McVeigh was 1000% payback as the result of the insane out of control FBI and ATF under command of the KKKlintoon white house and lesbo ag, using CYOP warfare on civillians, murdering women, children, minorities, infants with snipers, tanks, gas and fire.

        Multicultrism, atheism, leftism gave us WW1, WW2 and will give us WW3 nice job SarAH..er Satan.

      2. neocon01

        note to forker ferddy schwartsputz
        Christians are NOT offended by nude women.
        Islam IS offended by nekked womans.
        we (Christians) are offended by THOSE who EXPLOIT women by paying them to disrobe and pose in positions they would never let their family see.
        (like Sarah’s gash pic, pic,pic, echo)
        So, in your raving, hate filled, homosexual, leftist, rants you FAIL AGAIN!!

      3. Tim Post author

        Hair splitting has become a Cottage Industry for progtards. Twisting themselves into Pretzels
        has become the norm.

        You are 100% correct in your assessment.

        This Country has too many People and it is destroying the Environment!!!!
        Hey let us bring in 50 million “immigrants”!!!!!!!

    1. neocon01

      Right on schedule, after yet another Islamic terrorist attack, Muslims pull out the victim card

      And it’s always the designated terrorist group CAIR that is leading the pity party, claiming Muslims in America feel threatened and afraid.


      1. neocon01


        The ‘white experience’ and me
        By Claire Hawks

        I’m white, female, and like every other person alive, my race and sex is an accident of birth not a choice, and like every other person alive, my color is only skin-deep. I’m finally fed up with hearing about the “black experience” and how “white privilege” is keeping blacks down.

        Let me tell you a little about my “white experience.”
        I worked in the Corporate IT Department for the now defunct United Hospitals in Philadelphia. One of the corporate hospitals was St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children located in a heavily black and economically depressed part of Philly. Since we were bringing computerization to all the corporate hospitals I had occasion to spend a great deal of time at St. Christopher’s. Having been told before my first visit that the “zone” was to drive up 4th street and back down 5th street and not to stray onto any other streets in order to remain safe.

        One early morning about 5 am I had occasion to be going to St. Christopher’s. My gas tank was almost empty and there were no stations anywhere on my route. So, after conducting my business I went a block away from the hospital to get gas for the return trip. Being outside the “zone” I was exposed to name calling, epithets and threats. Fortunately one of the miscreants noticed my badge, which stopped what was happening. People who worked for the hospital were protected because the hospital cared for their children, other “non-blacks” were not.

        I have always had black friends, inviting them to my home for parties and socializing They have stayed in my home, and still do. At the age of 70, I have never been invited to the home of one of my black friends. Questioning one of them, the response was that it might not be safe. I’m not sure if they meant it wouldn’t be safe for them or for me. I never asked again. I have, however, been in the homes of my Hispanic and Asian friends.
        I stopped at a 24 hour Denny’s in northern Delaware where I occasionally went for an early dinner. It was always integrated with no problems. This particular morning, I was the only white person there. The management was black, the wait staff were black and all the customers were black. I was seated and then it started. The noise level increased dramatically, the air was filled with profanity and I heard “white bitch” and “honky” multiple times. I didn’t engage or react, continuing to read my book and eat my meal. Management disappeared and the wait staff stood glaring at me with their arms folded. Not one person stepped in to stop what was happening. Yes, I was afraid, and I think my fear was justified. But I refused to give in and stayed to finish my meal.

        Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/05/the_white_experience_and_me.html#ixzz3ZOQo2xnD

  16. neocon01

    forkers LIES!! x 1000

    Media piling on Pamela Geller
    By Carol Brown

    In the wake of the terror attack on Pamela Geller’s Mohammed cartoon contest and free speech conference, the media are ramping up their mantra that caveats come with free speech. They don’t seem to realize that free speech with caveats is no longer free speech.

    One journalist after another after another has pounded away about the need to be sensitive to others (“others” = Muslims) and not to do anything that might offend (“offend” = violence).

    Watching this cascade of sheer media madness has been like witnessing a hazardous waste site from a toxic explosion, belching globs of dhimmitude and accusations of fauxslamophobia.
    The relentlessness of the attack has been shocking along with the hubris these journalists appear to possess, as if the long arm of Islam will not touch their lives in unthinkable ways.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/05/media_piling_on_pamela_geller_.html#ixzz3ZOSCd3PD

  17. Tim Post author

    Sarah. I have read your replies. They are most certainly understood. They are completely rejected.

    My response remains the same.


    You want to why there have been 250 million plus deaths associated with progtardism in the last 100 or so years?

    The executioners, whether they ware the twin lightning bolts of the ss, the green collar tabs of the nkvd, or just plain uniforms of the chicoms or red khmers, the executioners.

    They enjoyed their work.




  18. Tim Post author

    A nude Female Body is of no concern when view as a Work of Art. Neither is a nude Male Body. When the Art is designed to inspire Lust that is where and when the Problems start.

    The purveyors of porn insult my Religious Sensibilities. Perhaps they get what they deserve Sarah? The participants of “hunky Jes** contest at the fulsome street fair, perhaps they also “get what they deserve Sarah??

    What say you? Pretzel Girl???

    1. Majordomo Pain

      Neocon1, you brother in conservatism says he has no problem with nudity or sexuality. Neocon1 also is not as religious as you are. Neocon1 is a conservative; you Tim are a Dominionist and Dominionism always fails.

      1. Tim Post author

        I think I said the exact thing Neo said.

        “Christians are NOT offended by nude women.”
        “A nude Female Body is of no concern when view as a Work of Art. ”

        Pretty much the same thing.

        “we (Christians) are offended by THOSE who EXPLOIT women by paying them to disrobe and pose in positions they would never let their family see.”
        “When the Art is designed to inspire Lust that is where and when the Problems start.”

        Pretty much the same thing.

        “Tim are a Dominionist and Dominionism always fails.

        I can assure you I am no Dominionist. I am a Solid Social Conservative with some very strong small l Libertarian leanings.

        “Dominionism always fails.”

        AS opposed to progtardism always work?

        LOLzer! You made me laugh Sarah!! Thanks


        Sarah the “Villiage” called, they want you to come home.


      2. neocon01

        first it is neocon01
        second “religious” is your term.

        “Religion” always fails, the correct term is Spiritual relationship, that spiritual relation ship is shared in a “religion”.

        Christians share a relationship with Christ through various denominations or “religions”. you will know them by their fruits. (not you or freddy or casper)

        muzzis share a relationship with EVIL = Satan you will also know them by their fruits (not the ones they hang) well maybe so, pretty rotten fruit.

        So Tim and I are BOTH spiritual people in a relationship with Christ, we just walk that path with different groups of people (religion), same path, same destination, same goals, same values, same Christ.

      3. Majordomo Pain

        We, Ourselves, apologize, Neocon01. We were under the impression that the central tenets of Christianity and the message of Jesus Christ was of love and compassion; especially for the least among you.

      4. Tim Post author

        “So Tim and I are BOTH spiritual people in a relationship with Christ, we just walk that path with different groups of people (religion), same path, same destination, same goals, same values, same Christ.”

        I will witness for that Congregation!

  19. neocon01

    I guess the forkers think larry flynt is “god”, well in a way he is representative of THEIR “god” the fallen one.
    didnt ole “froggy”-larrys ho die of AIDS?

    Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived:
    A man reaps what he sows. Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

    1. neocon01

      good article….under the comments section

      ” algonquinmatt • 13 minutes ago

      People like Megyn are going to learn that Muslims are now the largest protected class in this country. You can insult anybody you want except gays, blacks (unless they have come out as conservatives) and Muslims.

      It will be interesting though to see who is more protected than the other, the gays or the Muslims. Get your popcorn for those future battles of political correctness”.

      0 reilly WHO?

      1. Tim Post author

        “It will be interesting though to see who is more protected than the other, the gays or the Muslims”

        That has already been decided and the muzzies have won. Several homosexuals have been murdered by muzzies in various locations in the past couple of years. San Francisco, Seattle, A couple of other places.

        The muzzies have said their cult inspired them to do it. National media coverage?

        Chirp chirp.

        Homosexuals will find out that they are Eggs for the Omlet.

  20. neocon01

    Ha ha ha….real “reporting” No bias, No slant, No BS, or insanity at the fork is there?….ROTFLMAO!!
    this is the lead in to their “news article”


    responses to this SHIITE……the USUAL….chirp chirp, tweet tweet

      1. neocon01

        we would eat them alive. Darkness and Light can not co-exhist. They are defenseless bigots who would have their hatred and dark souls exposed.
        like the forkers, the truth ALWAYS crushes a LIE! and their whole site is a LIE!!

    1. sarahbloch

      Those are content tags Neocon01. They serve to allow our readers to find content that interests them. If you read the article you can see the disparity in the comments about a white career criminal cop killer vice a black career criminal cop killer.

      1. sarahbloch

        Those are the actual comments by actual conservatives at a conservative forum. So yes the comments are naturally racist hate filled screed.

      2. neocon01


        you can play dumb all day but we both know what the racist, bigoted, hate tags are and from who.

  21. neocon01

    Conservative Pundits For Sharia?
    By Karin McQuillan

    Tuesday night Fox News carried a barrage of criticism against free-speech heroine Pam Geller for her draw Mohammed contest. She was attacked by Greta van Susteren, Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham, without being given a chance to be interviewed and defend herself. Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity were the stand-up guys.

    In response to my blog post Tuesday on Megyn Kelly calling out O’Reilly on why Geller is absolutely right, I received an email from a normally clear-headed conservative friend who asserted Geller was purposely provocative and it is wrong to insult anyone’s religion.

    Here’s the key difference. Muslims can follow their own religious beliefs but they can’t force me to follow them. They believe it is wrong to draw Mohammed, Catholics think it is wrong to get divorced, Jews think it is wrong to eat pork. You are not insulting Judaism by eating pork, a Catholic by divorcing, or a Moslem by drawing Mohammed.

    To claim that drawing Mohammed is an insult is a jihadi idea. It is not an American idea. It is applying their code to our behavior. Drawing Mohammed is entirely normal political speech. It is not a gratuitous insult, it is fighting the imposition of sharia law in America.

    Pam Geller is the bravest woman PERSON (including so called “leaders”) in America at this moment.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/05/conservative_pundits_for_sharia.html#ixzz3ZSdzBTNS

  22. neocon01

    Why Must Words Mean Whatever Liberals Want Them to Mean?
    By Claire Hawks

    First the liberals changed the history of race relations and civil rights in this country, now they’re changing the meaning of words.

    When did we start changing the meaning of words that have been in use for perhaps hundreds of years and begin giving them racial meanings?

    Recently Soledad O’Brien, who seems to be trying desperately to remain relevant since her show on CNN was cancelled, appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” According to the Huffington Post, O’Brien said that “the word ‘thug’ has become the new NIGGER -(word), and journalists need to think twice before using the term to describe protesters in Baltimore.” Protestors?
    The people in Baltimore who injured 100 police officers, burned over 200 stores and countless cars were not by any stretch of the imagination “protestors.”
    A protestor is (according to the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary) “someone who disagrees with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/05/why_must_words_mean_whatever_liberals_want_them_to_mean_.html#ixzz3ZSfmxnRh

    1. tiredoflibbs

      “…now they’re changing the meaning of words.”

      Of course, that is all they have. As I said before, burning the flag is an “act of defiance” while drawing Mohammad is “an act of hatred”, disagreeing with the pResident is “an act of racism”, disagreeing with any leftist is “an act of hatred”. Of course, when the left is out of power they have a right to “disagree with any administration (-Hillary Clinton)”.

      The proggies redefine terms and conditions that will suit their argument.

      While running for pResident, both Hillary and obame had strong feelings against gay marriage and amnesty. Of course, since coming into power they have changed their minds….for conservatives the proggies will say they have “flip flopped for political expediency” while for their own they say “they have evolved”. Of course the non-proggy will get an extra helping of hate and personal attacks. They proggy will be coddled and shielded from any criticism.

      This is basic Alinsky. the mindless drones will jut go along with whatever will help them achieve their agenda.

    1. Majordomo Pain

      The First Lady [q c p n!] made a speech about opening art galleries and other museum spaces to more young people as they have done with the White House. We, Ourselves, find it sad that conservatives choose to twist such an empathetic and truly American gesture at such a momentous even as the opening of The New Whitney.

      1. neocon01

        facts moredumbo are hard to run from, so is the blatant racism of those two ghetto trash cretins.

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