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I stand with these


Open Thread.” Stale the old one be.” Yoda

Hey Veterans! Remember, your own gub’mint classified you as a potential “domestic terrorist” Remember that muzzie nidal hassan? Yeah what he did was “work place” violence.

Greece may be exiting the Euro. After they ran out of their money they kept borrowing to pay back money that they borrowed earlier. Looks like they ran out of German, British, and yes a healthy chunk of change provided to the IMF by the oligarchic states of mer’ka. That would be you the Tax Payer.

progtardism. It does not work. Never has and it never will. Watching the alliance of progtards and muzzies end should be a teachable moment for those paying attention.

The progtards are banning pieces of cloth and tearing down Statues. Ummmm, why hello there adolph!

Ah…… Fresh thread smell. Do not stink the joint up with your smelly b.o.

Bite it.


An Anniversary is coming up. A big one. One that still reverberates today. A myth that the msm, adedemia, and progtardia in general still push off as Truth to the low information pop culturlist today.

That Anniversary? Well, about one minute past 03:45 hours, 22 June 1941 on the Curzon Line  nazism and fascism became “Right Wing” ideologies. Up until that moment both political systems had been welcome members in socialist solidarity.

Oh yeah. I forgot. That is the date and time nazi germany invaded communist soviet union.


The so called house of representatives passed a “law” that will ultimately give the potus dictatorial powers.TPA passes 218-208

Don’t worry folks. putt has your best interests at heart.

So much for the Republic

Thanks again you worthless fucks that didn’t have any courage. Instead of being called a racist you are a fucking asshole. Who? Yeah, you know who.

Hey look a fluffy Bunny. Cute huh?

The Mother of all Open Threads…..


That is what it is. All moot. Does not matter if you vote for a rat or a puke, you are going to get a crap sandwich in the end. The propaganda and outright lies that are coming from “main stream media” has reached a point where joe göbbels would be appalled.

People are getting fired and resigning from their Jobs for doing the right thing and daring to speak the Truth.

You better have plenty of sharp Blades and plenty of Ammo cuz that Liberty time to time thing. A plan would help too unless you plan on walking into one of Mark’s fema camps under your own power.

How is that “stand together” thing coming along there fustercluck?

The Wife and I are to Mek-ee-ko for three Days. Have fun and the same to you.

Bite it.