Nine Christians were murdered while they were praying.

This was indeed a hate crime against Christians.

The narrative is racism. You do not make money reporting Christophobia.


40 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. neocon01

    yes, the left is already blaming the ALLEGED shooter as being “white” and saying it was a “hate” crime against blacks…no mention of anti Christian hate that the left spews.

    This type of blow back is what you get when you threaten whole segments of the population with murder, mayhem, looting, arson.
    Armed black panthers terrorizing white communities and threatening to sack every ameriKan city with monstrous violence. There are crazies on both sides, but in my opinion the black rabble rousers of hate on the left have opened a pandoras box they might not like.

    1. Tim Post author

      Information is slow coming from this. Why? Because as some theorize the shooter has already been identified. All indications are pointing to the fact that this can not be blamed
      on a “TEA Partier” or other Conservative.

      Wait and see.

      In all likelihood the shooter was a card carrying progtard.. In all likelihood the shooter should not have had access and could not get access without committing a crime to get ahold of a Firearm.

      The progtards will still use this as a call for more “common sense gun laws”

      That does not work either. Blame every Firearm owner for the actions of one? Then you must blame every muuzzie for the actions of one head chopper.

      As if.

      1. neocon01

        the fork already blaming “white conservatives…..
        a poster from Breitbart sums it up pretty well

        ” rubiconscross • an hour ago

        My condolences to the victims and their families…

        However, while it’s probably true, pretty quick to label this a Hate Crime? Is that because a white killed blacks? Just curious, because there seems to be an Obama double-standard?

        First of all, in general when is murder not a hate crime?

        Second, what about all the vicious mob attacks, murders and beatings by blacks of innocent “whitey crackers” going on all around the country? Even filmed daily on You Tube at a neighborhood near you! Are those not hate crimes?

        And why is it that the DOJ’s official policy is that they won’t prosecute black on white violence as “Hate Crimes”? Hmmm? I thought “All Lives Matter”? Oops, I forgot. The Obama PC correct slogan is “Black Lives Matter”.

        So, what about the rash of cop killings by blacks? Do “Cops Lives Matter?” Sure doesn’t look that way? When’s the last time the White House supported law enforcement, or didn’t rush to a biased judgment?

        And what about Islamic terrorism? Why does labeling Muslim attacks on innocents as “terrorism” take so long? Even when they openly admit it, or yell Allah Akbar while slaughtering people? Or in the case of Fort Hood, never! Because it was workplace violence? Yea right.

        It sure does seem that Obama’s divisive race-baiting politics, is all that really matters…

        Wake up America.

  2. neocon01

    of course…..

    Charleston authorities, ignorant of motive, proclaim church shooting a ‘hate crime’
    By Rick Moran

    The shooting deaths of 9 people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC is a horrific crime, one for which the perpetrator deserves the death penalty.

    But the crime features a depressingly familiar scenario; a ready-made motive for the killings before anyone knows anything about the genesis of the crime, or the murderer’s state of mind.

    It hardly matters who or what is blamed. Liberals automatically blame conservatives; the right blames the left; if a gay person is the target, it’s homophobia; religious killings elicit cries of anti-Muslim bigotry. And, in this case, the killings are called a “hate crime” despite no one having talked to the murderer or heard anything he said that would remotely connect this barbarity with “hate.”

    The problem with this is that it creates unnecessary tensions – tensions to be exploited by politcians and racialists.

    At a 1 AM news conference, the chief of police said “I do believe this was a hate crime.” Why rush to judgment? Because unless every white official in Charleston signs off on the narrative immediately, they will be accused of being less than supportive of their black constituents.

    What else could it be besides a “hate crime”? Someone listening to voices in his head is incapable of love, hate, or any other rational emotion. Anyone who lives in an altered state of reality, by definition, cannot be held responsible for his actions and therefore, cannot “hate” in any legal sense of the term. Perhaps the man had a dispute with one of the members of the church having nothing to do with race. There are any number of motives for these killings, and identifying the act as a “hate crime” before one sliver of evidence is gathered is politics, not reality.

    Some other choice quotes from those guessing about motive for this horrific act:

    “The only reason someone would walk into a church and shoot people that were praying is hate,” said Charleston Mayor Joe Riley….

    “As the #Charleston police deem this horrific act a hate crime,” the King Center tweeted, “we pray vigorously that this person’s hate does not cultivate more hate.”

    The shootings may very well be a “hate crime” as defined by law. But just once, I’d like everyone to wait for the facts to come out before prattling on about something they know nothing about. The only reason to proclaim this act a “hate crime” at this point is to curry political favor with the black community, rushing to be seen as sympathetic and empathetic to African Americans. And I find that despicable.

    Read more:

    1. sarahbloch

      It appears Mr Moran jumped the shark. Quotes from the shooter are being made public at this hour and they clearly show that his motivation for committing these acts were racially based.

      1. Tim Post author

        I’m going to wait until more is known about this thing in human skin. What its history is.
        It is only 21 years old. Where did he learn from? Who were his people. The same thing that any good Cop would be finding out right now.

        You want to score points off the murder of nine Human Beings? Go for it Sarah. Show us what you are made of.

      2. sarahbloch

        I am doing no more than you are. I know there will be many people curious as I am as to what kind of parents spawned a white nationalist murderer as a son.

      3. tiredoflibbs

        Bloch, the fact of the matter is that more blacks die at the hands of other blacks than white supremecists. This proggy racial shit is just a means to scare the gullible and the uninformed. The left is just politicizing this tragedy while ignoring the obvious to push their agenda.

      4. sarahbloch

        And more whites die at the hands of whites. So what the point really should be is to stop the killing, right?

      5. sarahbloch

        How about that SCOTUS ObamaCare decision! I guess it’s back to Benghazi! and Birth Certificate! for the Right. But hey you guys still have the Confederate flag . . . oh wait . . .

      6. Tim Post author

        While you are at please catalog all the murders done in the name of black power too. OK?

        To be fair. And while you are check into the kind of parents that would allow that?

        Are we going to be fair?

      7. consigliereciucava

        There is no fairness Tim. When Muslim terrorists kill 1.3 billion Muslims are blamed. When There is violence in the black community all black people are vilified. When a white man murders 9 innocent people in a church you will no longer even admit he’s a white man by calling him a thing. In your world you can have your white card pulled whenever a white person does something heinous. Immediately they become a “progtard” or simply anything other than white. This is a Baby Boomer sickness that i have noticed in your species. You are still suffering from the fear that coursed through the veins of your Depression surviving parents. I find it a miracle you can operate a computer. Dylann Roof killed people because he was a mean person. Because he hated black people he went into a church and killed black people. Neocon has more times than I can count said things similar to what Roof said before his slaughter commenced and as stupid a man as Mark Noonan is he had the fortitude to send him packing from B4V.

        Today Keith Olbermann made a bold and cutting statement about race in his opening monologue. You should seek it out and learn something. I will leave this desk this evening but before I go I will leave you a quote. “It is the the fear of many that they will be forgotten when they no longer live. This fear is unfounded in the hearts of those who have love for those unlike themselves. Only a man who hates needs to fear being forgotten.” I will give you a clue as to who said these words; they aren’t American.

        [q c p n!]

      8. neocon01

        was he a black panther? and was he diagnosed with ADD and on mind altering drugs?
        what kind of “church” is led by a politician? and is a racist segregationist? was this another trinity? was the pastor another wright? faracan? sharpton?
        lets see all the facts.

      9. tiredoflibbs

        “And more whites die at the hands of whites. So what the point really should be is to stop the killing, right?”

        What and deprive the proggies and race hustlers their means to scare the shit out of the low information voters, the emotionalists and “the keep them on the plantation” Democrats?

      10. tiredoflibbs

        “How about that SCOTUS ObamaCare decision! I guess it’s back to Benghazi! and Birth Certificate! for the Right. But hey you guys still have the Confederate flag . . . oh wait . . .”

        What, the activists on the SCOTUS rewriting obamacare and legislating from the bench again? That is all that needs to be said.

        There are plenty of other issues to go to besides the comedy you state. Of course, the willing whores of the MSM will make it seem otherwise.

        Again, you useful idiots will continue to try and shape the debate as if it is and create the distractions you need for your pathetic candidates to seem they have some originality rather than the low information shit you need to peddle for the other useful idiots in your camp.

      11. tiredoflibbs

        Doesn’t matter, Bloch. What matters is that the SCOTUS have changed obamacare twice outside of their powers. Of course, the hacks nominated by Democrats did their job as expected and ignored their Constutional duties. All should be removed from the bench including those nominated by Republicans.

        Your answer lacks intelligence and is the canned answer regurgitated by useful idiots.

      12. sarahbloch

        And yet, we’re still winning both in the political arena and in American culture. Where are the millions of conservative 12 to 15 year old girls tired? How long do you really think they will live by your values when our side is offering them Freedom?

      13. Tim Post author

        Where are they at? Private Schools. Christian Schools. And better yet more and more are being Home Schooled like my Children are.

        You should check out the stats on how many Kids have joined the Home School ranks in the last few years.

        A educated person is the bane of the indoctrinated. But I suspect that Home Schooling will soon be found “unconstitutional” for some obscure reason.

  3. Tim Post author

    In six and a half short years king putt has destroyed much of the fabric of this Country. I do not think it can ever be returned. This is just too much hatred.

    I hope the noonans and hillyards are sastified with putts citizenship and eligibility now. Hey assholes. You got punked and you got punked good. You helped putt do this. When people told you, when your voice counted, you copped out. You stuck you head in the sand.

    You are just as responsible as putt is. But hey, you are above it all Ain’t ya?

  4. Tim Post author

    They caught the little piece of garbage. 21 years old. Highly doubtful this thing had anything other than an education by government. No respect for yourself leads to no respect for others leads to no respect for life.

    Words just escape me at the moment.

    Do not spread hate. Just do not do it.

  5. Tim Post author

    putt wastes no time blaming the Weapon. Not the asshole who held the weapon. putt spreads lies and hate. val-jar-binks pulls the strings on her puppet.

    I as a owner of Several Weapons take no responsibility for what this thing did. I as a European American take no responsibility for what this thing did.

    Assign responsibility to the individual who did the act.

    How hard is that?

  6. Tim Post author

    Just in Chicago. Year to date. 172 shooting deaths. Of those 75.1 percent were Black. The Killers? 71.1 percent were Black.

    Is ever Black Person a murderer?

    Take your association game and shove it up your ass.

    1. neocon01

      Worship place violence move along.
      first …what is a “BLACK CHURCH”?? a racist, segregationist, place of “worship”? was wright the “pastor” ??

      maybe the white kid stumbled into the racist hotbed, felt threatened, and had to shoot his way out.
      maybe like 99% of the other young shooters he was on ridilin, prozac or some other mind altering drug for having the (fake but “real”) ADD.

  7. Tim Post author

    Maybe that thing is just plain evil. May God have mercy on its Soul. May the Kings Justice be swift.

      1. neocon01

        Here We Go

        Posted on 6/18/2015, 1:06:07 PM by redpoll

        Here we go.

        The perfect incident just took place last night for creating chaos, conflict, and division when Dylann Storm Root decided to channel his inner Satan to slaughter innocent people praying at a church.

        Unlike the predecessors in the Soviet Union, China, and various fascist regimes during the past century, our leftists usually don’t concoct phony incidents to propel their agenda. They wait, patiently, sometimes for years, waiting for an incident which can be used to promote their agenda. The agenda right now is fundamental transformation, and transformation is a revolutionary action that requires angry, focused masses gathered to tear down the structure of society. Dylann Storm Root, may he rot in hell, has given the forces wanting to fundamentally transform society the perfect storm.

        His guns will become one part of the transformation. Pres. Obama has already come out lamenting that the killer could easily get his guns, even make the false but appealing allusion that this kind of crime only takes place in the United States. Only the informed will remember similar massacres in a Scotland kindergarten and a Norwegian summer camp. Everyone is rightfully shocked, and the easy solution to ban guns might be finally within reach. In any case, the left will start, as they always do with something like this, to press again for gun control.

  8. neocon01

    where’s the outcry????

    121 Murders Attributed to Illegals Released by Obama Administration

    Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, June 15, 2015

    More than 100 immigrants the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent murders, according to government data released Monday that raises new questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting deportation.

    In one case, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) admitted its agents didn’t find out about an illegal immigrant’s death threats and court injunctions against him–which should have put him back in detention–until after the man was accused of a new murder.

    That case, involving Apolinar Altamirano, is the latest instance of someone who’d been through the Obama administration deportation system but had been released, only to go on to commit major crimes.

    1. tiredoflibbs

      Neo, as the forker’s would say, it is the victims’ fault. I am sure they did some “unrevealed crime” that started the whole circumstance oh yeah probably slavery or other such nonsense.

  9. neocon01

    rut ro
    Look up the numbers of Black on Black murder.
    In 35 years there have been 547 people killed in mass shooting.

    In the same period, 324,000 blacks were killed. Or to put it another way, mass killing = 22 days of Black on Black crime.

  10. Tim Post author

    price sand trap was so grieved today. So grieved that a trip to cali was in order. You see, nothing like a fund raiser to stop those tears rolling down your cheek.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ Cures everything.

  11. Tim Post author


    I get my taliking points from Breitbart? I do not read them. They are even worse than than Blaze when it comes to popups ads, self play Videos, flash player crashes, and general loading time.

    I do not have enough years left in me to let either one of those Sites load.


    You are right there is no fairness. There are differences. I would have done my level best to take that piece of garbage out myself during the act. After the act there would be no doubt that I would have done everything in my power to bring that pog to Justice.

    I do believe a White Person was the one that turned him in.THat exonerates Whites correct? Had it been a muzzie terrorist what are the chances another muzzie would have turned him in?

    Slim to none?

  12. neocon01

    Sorry folks;
    this is nothing but BLOW BACK from a “child” (insert a pic in baseball uniform at 10yo) on drugs,
    you can thank cretins like je$$e, Al, louie, wright, faracan, obama, holder and the dozens of leftist black hate groups pretending to be “civil rights” organizations that threaten and spew hatred daily.
    So called “black” churches who preach hate and division. Black panthers and others who march armed into white neighborhoods threatening ordinary folks.

    Knock out “games”, riots, lootings, murder and mayhem, flash mobs who loot, beat rob innocent whites and strip mom and pop stores of their livings.

    Citys that are nothing but black shooting galleries,and not a word peeped by black ameriKa.

    Fair goers & white familys who are beaten in black mobs rampaging through the grounds.

    Oh yes, this Frankenstein is the result of those who built him…….

  13. Tim Post author

    You reap what you sow. Quite often you reap many times what you sow. The white progtards in the upper class downtowns and out in the gated communities?

    Pure targets.

    1. Tim Post author

      “Another non issue for the low information voters of the left. Why does the left need to create mindless distractions if they have all the answers?”

      Because they operate on pure emotion. When has an emotional creature ever been rational?


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