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40 thoughts on “REAL , STRAIGHT, PROUD, AMERIACNS !!

  1. Tim

    Do you remember back in 2008 when some repuke Senator said you nothing to fear with king putt in the white hut?

    Good times!!

  2. Tim

    When the “guys” that were flying the fake isis flag are found with their heads separated from their necks, is it required for me to be outraged about this?

    1. neocon01 Post author

      Love it!
      Chimpout = 1
      Homo’s = 0

      more popcorn please!

      I will let God Condemn me for laughing at the servants of satan.

  3. Tim

    On of the things you can do as a Conservative. Jury Duty. Especially if it is a Financial Crime at the Federal Level. 99% of these Crimes are pure bullshit. An excuse to take money away from a Citizen. Always vote for the Citizen and never the gub’mint.

    If you get called to serve on Jury for a Civil Suit against a gub’mint agency always vote for the Citizen again.

    Anything that will collapse the system is not off limits anymore.

    No Shame!

  4. neocon01 Post author

    Baaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha………

    Turkish police fire pepper spray at gay pride parade;

    Organizers of the march released a statement saying the Istanbul governorship was not allowing the procession, citing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

    Paradegoers continued to celebrate in the side streets, as riot police chased other attendees from arteries of Istanbul’s main commercial district of Taksim.

    One video shows a gay pride attendee being swept off his feet with the force of a water cannon.

    what do you Christophobes and bigots think of islam now?????
    you reap what you sow

    1. Tim

      There is no tolerance within the homosexual community. Hatred is all they know. If you do not celebrate homosexuality you are the enemy.

      Freedom of Association means nothing. Liberty means nothing.

      The assault on the 1st Amendment will start soon. As soon as the veggie crew and their ilk decide that is also not the hill to die on the assault on the 2nd Amendment will begin.

      veggie crew. This is what happens when all you want to do is go along to get along. It is a one way street. You go along with them and that is it. You will get along with them as long as you do as they say.

      Looking forward to that first homosexual marriage in a katolic “church” More than likely it be broadcast live by msnbc.

  5. Tim

    new york slimes prints a picture of a Christian religious leader made from condoms.


    Because Christians do not chop off heads when insult is given.

    My Veh-Gas Bookie is starting to take bets on that changing. If I gambled i would bet a few $$$ on the long shot odds.

    1. neocon01 Post author

      the time is short for survival of the US……in seven short years the homosexual, muslim, anti Christ and his minions have completely destroyed us.
      It will take an act of the almighty to rid us of this plague.

  6. neocon01 Post author


    we need a general to roll the tanks, remove barry, the sc, and congress. Have a new election in 60 days, close the border, have massive deportation and make null and void all laws, EO’s and rulings during this illegal regimes term.

    WTF???? are you Fn kidding me??
    “Every time an alien votes, it may not steal an election, but it will cancel out a vote of a U.S. citizen,” Kobach said…..

  7. Tim

    I think progtardia is making a huge mistake in assuming that Christian and Conservatives will obey unjust rules, regulations, and laws after theu have made a lifetime of doing the exact same thing.

    king putt has shown us the way. When the OPM starts drying up will progtard billionaires like soros and steyr save you?


    They have made a lifetime job out of buying influence with the ptb’s. Lot cheaper than paying taxes suckers.

    Don’t believe me? Move to chavezuela or greekAstan and live the paradise life!

  8. Tim

    Every time Mitt opens his yap hole he shows why he could not get elected. When you do not believe in anything, no one will believe in you.


      1. Tim

        “didnt the veggies just looove mittens?”

        Still do. All you have to do is read Fieldmarshall fusterclucks comments.

        If they havent already been scrubbed by the “mah da ray tor”


        Water Sleeps Babee! It never Forgets.

  9. Tim

    All you need to know about progtardia.

    “Those that opposed boooshh!! are patriotic!!!!!

    Those that oppose king putt are treasonous!!!

    nazi party we much?

    1. Tim

      The loos have taken over. Time to let revel in own poop. Let them spend this Country into oblivion. We as Christian and Conservatives need to just step aside and go into our back yards.

      We need to pay into the system while taking out as much as we can. There is a big difference between the foreign progtard and our own homegrown ones. Patience. The foreign progtard had some. Ours have none.

      Within a decade the accumulated wealth of this Nation will be gone. I am looking forward to seeing king putt’s floppy ears on the new trillion Dollar Bill.

  10. Tim

    Hey Jon. Welcome to my humble home.

    Beware of the Fork crew. Some weapons grade strange “they” are.

  11. Jon

    Hi Tim, Nice place you have here.
    C. is struggling with a keylogger.
    He is not correct in his leap to pin blame, or identify perpetrators (me)
    I just wait…
    until he apologizes.
    which he won’t,
    unless he’s cool.
    At least he accused you, so THAT we have in common.

  12. neocon01 Post author

    CHimpout of da days,

    Teen BLACK Leads black Mob In Ransacking Of Georgia Walmart
    Cops: Perps wanted to see how much damage they could cause.

  13. neocon01 Post author

    ahhhhhhh no raaaacism from the savage black mobs is there just looooove from da hood, with a beating and a bullet of course….no swat team on hand to murder 9 and shoot 28 though….hmmmm

  14. bardolf2

    watch as the GOP allows transgender into the military, day 1 enroll as a man, day 2 pass watered down fitness test as a woman, day 3 claim to be a man

  15. neocon01 Post author

    hell they dont even have to be “transgendered” anymore they only have to self identify….I feel the sudden urge to squat and pee….hey lady hurry up..pure insanity.


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