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Ode to the death cult of progressivism……..Part 4

progtardism always rests on a Foundation of the Dead. Always.

They always couch it with the word “legal”

I am so glad you veggie repukes gave up on the Culture Wars and concentrated on the $$$ or sat back and yelled “constitution! constitution!!” at the top of your lungs.

These videos would never have been possible.



Speaks for itself.

These people see no value in Human Life and the act accordingly. This is what happens when you give up on the Culture Wars. This is what happens when you would rather be sitting at a Desk counting $$$ or sitting in a Recliner watching your 72 inch big screen plasma tv.

“Taint” too many Hills left behind you…..

Ludicrous on a few levels.

Read the linked article.

I can imagine Sarah being the proggie that called the Po Po.

The most ludicrous part of this? The “mayor” of this town was looking for a reason to shut down a Legal

I can imagine Sarah doing that also.

When do you have to check yourself back in Sarah? Maybe you have an extended leave this time?

😛 ;P

Assualt on the 1st Amendment

A tv network has now withdrawn a dumb show about nothing really. The reason why is that the car in that show has a Confederate Flag painted on it. I guess the powers that be do not think that anyone is capable of deciding if they want to watch that show or not.

National Parks are removing Confederate themed merchandise from their store shelves. I guess that they also do not believe that people are capable of making a decision to buy that product or not.

amazon,ebay, and a host of others have removed products that also have Confederate themes to them. You are not fit to decide if you want theses particular products or not.

You are fit to decide if you want nazi or communist themed crap. These two political systems are responsible for the murder of over 300 million Human Beings but what the hell, you have to crack eggs if you want omelets.

Right now the Assault on the 1st Amendment is purely voluntary. Soon it will be mandatory. The gub’mint will decree it and progtards like Sarah will applaud.

Freedom of Assembly. Freedom to Petition for Redress. Freedom of Association. Along with Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Worship how we choose, these freedoms are buckling under constant assault by Sarah and her ilk.

You want to stand together? Take the lead then. Leadership by Example. I have always believed in that as a personal philosophy. Prove that you are capable of leading by actions instead of words. Until then I and the rest of my ilk will ignore you.

You have one more hill to retreat from. After you give up this hill there is only one left. We have seen how you treat the 1st Amendment though. Places like power line and hot air lead the way in this. They delete any and all dissension from the ranks and ban the posters. This is also the way of the veggie crew.

They delete Speech they do not like, claim exemption for 1st Amendment rules by claiming that it is a privately owned site, then they constantly post articles griping about “media bias” from people who also are privately owned. I give them a break with pbs/npr since they are Tax Payer supported but when was the last time either of them were singled out for bias?

Been awhile has it not?

The actions of the veggie crew should lead anyone who has followed that site for any length of time should give you an indication on what they will do to preserve their 1st Amendment Rights. If your answer is little to nothing, I would have to say you are correct. They will surrender those Rights without much of a fuss.

No more Hills to retreat from. Now there is only one left.