Assualt on the 1st Amendment

A tv network has now withdrawn a dumb show about nothing really. The reason why is that the car in that show has a Confederate Flag painted on it. I guess the powers that be do not think that anyone is capable of deciding if they want to watch that show or not.

National Parks are removing Confederate themed merchandise from their store shelves. I guess that they also do not believe that people are capable of making a decision to buy that product or not.

amazon,ebay, and a host of others have removed products that also have Confederate themes to them. You are not fit to decide if you want theses particular products or not.

You are fit to decide if you want nazi or communist themed crap. These two political systems are responsible for the murder of over 300 million Human Beings but what the hell, you have to crack eggs if you want omelets.

Right now the Assault on the 1st Amendment is purely voluntary. Soon it will be mandatory. The gub’mint will decree it and progtards like Sarah will applaud.

Freedom of Assembly. Freedom to Petition for Redress. Freedom of Association. Along with Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Worship how we choose, these freedoms are buckling under constant assault by Sarah and her ilk.

You want to stand together? Take the lead then. Leadership by Example. I have always believed in that as a personal philosophy. Prove that you are capable of leading by actions instead of words. Until then I and the rest of my ilk will ignore you.

You have one more hill to retreat from. After you give up this hill there is only one left. We have seen how you treat the 1st Amendment though. Places like power line and hot air lead the way in this. They delete any and all dissension from the ranks and ban the posters. This is also the way of the veggie crew.

They delete Speech they do not like, claim exemption for 1st Amendment rules by claiming that it is a privately owned site, then they constantly post articles griping about “media bias” from people who also are privately owned. I give them a break with pbs/npr since they are Tax Payer supported but when was the last time either of them were singled out for bias?

Been awhile has it not?

The actions of the veggie crew should lead anyone who has followed that site for any length of time should give you an indication on what they will do to preserve their 1st Amendment Rights. If your answer is little to nothing, I would have to say you are correct. They will surrender those Rights without much of a fuss.

No more Hills to retreat from. Now there is only one left.


38 thoughts on “Assualt on the 1st Amendment

  1. Tim Post author

    I have one last thing to say to the social justice wankers and moderate repukes.


    That is all.

  2. Tim Post author

    144 Homicides in B’more so far this year. 155 was the record for a whole year. Unless things slow down B’more is on pace 287 murders this year.



  3. neocon01


    to those SO CALLED “leaders” (in the words of my Brother Tim)…..GFY!!

    The DONALD ROCKS!!!!

  4. neocon01

    Oh Hell Yeah!!
    Support Grows for States to Ignore the Federal Courts
    in Politics

    Following last week’s controversial U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare and gay marriage, voters believe more strongly that individual states should have the right to turn their backs on the federal courts.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 33% of Likely U.S. Voters now believe that states should have the right to ignore federal court rulings if their elected officials agree with them.

  5. neocon01

    But we’re closer than you think to tyranny, to the day when this government no longer needs to play one group against the other because all groups are theirs; the day when people like me can no longer post this kind of article because it will be treason; the day when politicians decide what’s right and wrong, allowed or banned, moral or sinful; when they can rule with impunity and if they see fit, punish gays for being gay, whites for being white, or Christians for being Christian.

    Read more:

  6. neocon01

    black MOBS matter.

    By Newsmachete

    There has been a lot of ink spilled about the lack of blacks in technology. Just 49 of Twitter’s 3,000 employees are black. Only 1.5% of Facebook employees are black. But one area where young blacks have been overwhelmingly overrepresented in technology is in flash mobs.

    Flash mobs are people who organize through Facebook or Twitter or other social media for the purposes of meeting at a place and performing an activity. Sometimes the activity is harmless, like performing a dance routine, but often it involves illegality and violence, such as attacking people and looting stores. AT had a classic example only yesterday, where a Walmart got ransacked.

    And the video showed that most of the participants were black. It’s hardly an isolated incident. Flash mobs frequently gather to rob stores or beat up white people.

    At the Wisconsin State fair, groups of black teens numbering anywhere from 25 to 100 “were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white,” and beating them, according to the local police chief. At least 18 people were injured, and 30 have been arrested.In Denver, white couples leaving restaurants were being attacked by groups of black men with baseball bats.

    Anna Taylor, Emily Guendelsberger, and Thomas Fitzgerald were beaten to the ground and stomped in separate black flash-mob attacks in Philadelphia.According to local news, police have battled large, black flash-mob beatings and vandalism “every weekend in July,” in Greensboro, NC. A young white woman was taunted and beaten by a black mob in Milwaukee, with one attacker saying, “White girl bleeds a lot.”

    And yet the race of the mob is rarely talked about. If a mob of white people attacked blacks, we would hear about it to no end.

    Read more:

  7. neocon01

    Im really beginning to like the donald 🙂

    EXCLUSIVE – Trump Hammers Rubio: ‘Zero Credibility,’ ‘Outright Lies’ to Sell Amnesty

  8. Tim Post author

    The empty promise of sexualized “free love” added to the even emptier promise of progtopia,
    what a dishonor to Founders.Dissent from the opposition went from the most patriotic to treason.

    The kings “men” are back.

    Once they have destroyed the 1st Amendment then what. Rats in a corner. Once you have nothing left what then?

    Now anyone who is not a progtard know how those felt in 1775. The Tree of Liberty?

    1. Tim Post author

      Texas is bring their State Gold Cash back to within their own Borders. Rumors coming from the mill. Why when they have no depository.


      To have something to base a new Currency on. That is about the only reason. The secession movement is growing in Texas.

      I see no problem with that happening.

  9. neocon01

    Bonga Bonga

    While most commentators credit the sexual revolution and the Stonewall uprising of 1969 as the “beginning” of the gay rights movement that led to last week’s Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision, the reality is that the roots of the movement to drastically change the definition of marriage can be traced back to 1848 and the publication of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. Proclaiming that the “abolition” of marriage and the family was central to the fundamental transformation necessary to implement a “just society,” Marx wanted to transcend what he called “bourgeois” marriage, replacing it with a redefined marriage—a form of marriage that “moves beyond marriage.” For Marx, who predicted that “the bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course,” the goal was always to move “beyond marriage.”

    Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage

  10. neocon01

    Ted Cruz Is Right to Call for Retention Elections for the Supreme Court
    National Review ^ | 7/4/15 | Andrew C. McCarthy

    Within the space of just 48 hours, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the president is above the law; that straightforward statutory words may be twisted to mean the opposite of what they say; that discrimination — heretofore, the textbook example of a willful act — can be committed unconsciously, thereby supplanting our constitutional foundation of equal opportunity for all with the totalitarian’s dream of guaranteed outcomes for favored factions; and that five politically unaccountable lawyers, by dint of being issued robes, may impose their vision of the good society on 320 million Americans, reimagining our most basic institutions, our founding law, centuries of jurisprudence, and millennia of civilization.

    Cruz or lose!

  11. neocon01

    bougar king

    ” Not really.
    Some folks have rectal damage inside… others not so much”….freddy? bathhouse?

  12. neocon01

    is worldwide phenomenon smacks of a run around democracy. Even when finally approved by legislatures, the process often starts with legal decisions by jurists who force the issue. In Canada, it started with Halpern v Canada.

    Now, I am not even addressing this from a moral issue, though that cannot be discounted. If one is a bible-believing Christian, St Paul thunders against homosexual unions.

    … God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. Roman 1: 26, 27 (NIV)

    Powerful stuff! Paul did not mince words. However, ignoring the apostle’s dire warnings, there is something bizarrely perverse (and I do not mean sexually) in allowing gay marriage.

    It is the absolute idiocy of men legislating against nature. Against physics. Against biology.

    Forget if you will the possible consequence of eternal hellfire, and just contemplate how idiotic any congress, parliament, or legislature would seem if it were to declare that goldfish had as much right to fly as eagles. Yet, that is what we have just done.

    Biology decrees that children come from male and female pairings. From this simple fact, sprang the institution of marriage. Children were not the only purpose of marriage, but one of its main pillars; a fundamental support that could not be ignored. Gay unions do not meet that requirement.

    The US Supreme Court has just overturned natural science, and might as well have declared that north magnetic poles have an equal right to seek north magnetic poles. Of course, magnets will not oblige the court, but humans are not so reliable.

    Even atheist scientists were never this mad. They might deny the supernatural, but they usually respected the data. Engineers are taught how to manipulate these natural laws, and how to use them to one’s benefit. Whenever scientists seemingly overrode the natural, it was only using a higher natural law – as noted above, in the case of Bernoulli’s Equations concerning flight – but no scientist thought man could fly by flapping his arms.

    There was the tragicomic case of T.D. Lysenko who thought he could socially engineer grain to grow better in the subarctic Soviet Union. Grain proved to be politically incorrect, and would not get with the program. Data was fudged, and critics were executed rather than admit the error. The scandal forever warned true scientists of mixing social policy with hard fact, that is until Global Warming.

    The US Supreme Court has declared judicial authority to fiat decree how biology must work. Divine design, or billions of years of evolution, or both, have no bearing on the matter. Five judges know what is best. Our courts have declared prerogatives formerly only ascribed to deity.

    We will order the universe how to behave. We will tell nature what to do. We have become as gods.

    This is madness. It is the level of a five year old who believes in magic, and thinks that his desires define reality, if he would just close his eyes and wish real hard. It is delusional. Both science and religion agree on this.

    Over the past forty years, our society has abandoned reason as a basis for society. My anguish is not so much moral, but rational. But then again, the Christian God is a God of order, not confusion. Rationality and morality my not be virtues as separate as we think.

    For God is not a God of confusion … – 1 Cor 14:33

    Our civilization has become truly deranged. Gay marriage is certainly not the start of our problem, but may be the final stage of our dementia.
    What happens to a man when reason has fled? We declare him mad. What then do we do with Western Civilization?

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad
    – Prometheus, in Longfellow’s: The Masque of Pandor

    Read more:

  13. Tim Post author

    Up is down, right is wrong. Nine people in black robes have taken over the duty of the POTUS and Congress because they can somehow find unwritten intent when the exact opposite was written, even when the writer is on record stating that the written intent was indeed the intent.

    This is what happens when you go along because you do not want to make waves. This what happens go along because you do not want to lose your comfortable life, You allow those of us who pay Taxes to finance those who take Taxed.

    We have been funding the professional progtard because we do not want to lose our comfortable life. Sound familiar? It should. Is it no wonder they do not want to hear what we say?

    Hills left to defend are easy to count.

  14. neocon01

    7-year-old boy killed among 30 shot in 8 hours overnight (ChiCongo)
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 7/05/14 | Peter Nickeas, Alexandra Chachkevitch, Jeremy Gorner

  15. Tim Post author

    Making up phony stories about Bill Cosby is now more important than illegal aliens committing horrible crimes all over the country and a Oregon progtard telling people they no longer have any Freedom of Speech rights.

    The Oregon Couple has pretty much told the progtard in question to effe off. The illegals keep murdering and raping.


    1. neocon01

      not sure the cosby stories are phony …I remember him when he was a racist Mo Fo with a fro and dirty mouth.

  16. neocon01

    more communist – UNION, Bonga Bonga

    Among the once-unimaginables in the New America is the image of blue-collar union guys marching arm-in-arm in solidarity with gay comrades in Gay Pride marches. I half-sarcastically raised this possibility in the book manuscript that I turned in several months ago — what became my new book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage. I wrote of such a surreal image, but then deleted it, wrote it again, deleted it again, and then wrote it once more. I thought to myself even then, “Nah, no one will believe this one.”

    I kept the passage because of what I was reading in communist literature, gung ho as modern communists are for the entirety of the LGBT agenda. “Modern CPUSA [Communist Party USA] views gays and transgender people as integral to the modern Marxist agenda as labor unions,” I wrote in Takedown. “That is truly an eye-opening development. In fact, one article at CPUSA’s website heralded bringing gays and transgender people and unions together.”

    That article appeared a year ago, in a July 1, 2014 piece in People’s World, the CPUSA mouthpiece and successor to the Daily Worker. Tellingly titled, “Unions celebrate LGBTQ progress, say challenges remain,” it noted the work of the AFL-CIO (among other unions) in celebrating “Gay Pride” and “advancing LGBTQ rights.” Thus, I marveled, and speculated: “How times have changed. How soon before unionized steel workers and coal miners and auto workers are asked to march arm-in-arm with gay men at Gay Pride parades, and denounced as intolerant ‘fascists’ if they feel uncomfortable and refuse? CPUSA no doubt would laud the prospect.”

    Well, here’s the kicker: As that book was being shipped out of the warehouse, Ford workers from the auto union in Chicago were displaying rainbow colors while marching arm-in-arm with gay men at a Gay Pride event in Chicago, and CPUSA was lauding the moment.

    Indeed, I learned this at the website of People’s World last week. Fittingly titled, “An American evolution: pride, love and rethinking social change,” the article boasted a beaming photo of Ford workers carrying a rainbow-colored banner that declares, “BUILT WITH PRIDE RIGHT HERE IN CHICAGO.”

    Read more:

    1. neocon01

      Michigan Woman Frisked, Jailed, For Not Renewing Dog License

      what others think….
      the late great USA,
      meanwhile black feral savages, beat, kill, rape, rob, rampage, loot, terrorize, with impunity…

      IckyD • 18 minutes ago
      “We prefer not for this stuff to go to court,” Lawrence told The
      Associated Press. “It’s just a $10 license. For some reason, some people
      like to make it hard for themselves.”
      Wow. This Lawrence guy needs a punch in the mouth. He’s in charge of DOG LICENSE’….but acts like he’s a homicide detective.

      RB • 19 minutes ago
      When the President has no respect for our borders what else can be done?
      When is enough enough?

      Kantorek • 27 minutes ago
      Illegal felons walk our streets, committing crimes. This woman is frisked and put in jail for not renewing a dog license. Something is very wrong and dysfunctional with America.

      tom richardson Kantorek • 9 minutes ago
      It’s called tyranny.

      Osamas Pajamas • 29 minutes ago
      Yep. Give a phqn Democrat a gun and watch what happens next. And these are the same skunks who want to disarm everyone else.

      sidneyallenjohnson • 31 minutes ago
      The state will have its tribute…

      Bob • 31 minutes ago
      Failure to license a dog is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $100 fine, but being Hispanic and raping kids means you get out of jail for free and don’t even pay a fine.

      Royg • 33 minutes ago
      Same as the 75 year old lady they wanted to put in jail for not cutting her grass.

      Neuro Mancer • 35 minutes ago
      Jack booted thugs.

      “It’s just a $10 license.”
      WRONG. It is a $10 tax.


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