Ludicrous on a few levels.

Read the linked article.

I can imagine Sarah being the proggie that called the Po Po.

The most ludicrous part of this? The “mayor” of this town was looking for a reason to shut down a Legal

I can imagine Sarah doing that also.

When do you have to check yourself back in Sarah? Maybe you have an extended leave this time?

😛 ;P

23 thoughts on “Ludicrous on a few levels.

    1. neocon01

      hows about bal ti MO?…..Sure, that seems credible.
      Meanwhile, at least 18 people were shot and six killed in Baltimore over the weekend.

      Baltimore Forms ‘War Room’ to Combat Violent Crime…….PS NO whites or GOP allowed

      1. neocon01

        Detroit police investigate more than a dozen murders in a week
        damn kanadians…..

  1. neocon01

    MSNBC Commentator: If You Pay Taxes You Are A Racist, If you discuss “Crime” You are Racist…

    What would a day be without yet another example of the left-wing reliance on racism as their main campaign message to defend President Obama.
    In todays’ installment we have MSNBC race professional Melissa Harris Perry saying if you point out 47% of Americans do not pay federal income taxes ‘That’s Racist’, and when you say “crime” you really mean “Black People”. Got that? (yup….if the shoe fits…)

  2. Tim Post author

    I think that if proggies like Sarah would just admit their original sin of racism the healing process could start. Admitting it is the hard part. Look around, you can see many “Conservatives” that are still scared to death of a mere label.

    Admitting that you are a bigot is the first step. The next step is to quit throwing $$$ at the problem. Then finally you will realize that socialism in whatever name or form leads to piles of dead bodies or a morally bankrupt nation like sweden.

  3. neocon01

    yo yo yo kilz dos cops…..BANG …….daume !!

    …CHICAGOLAND: Rapper Killed in Gang Related Shooting.
    one less POS to corrupt kids minds……AMF homey!

  4. Tim Post author

    OMG!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!

    How can Scott Walker ever show his face in public again? OMG OMG!!!

    trumpka, commie from the unions says “Scott Walker is a National disgrace”

    OMG!! OMG!!!

    trumkie just destroyed Gun’nor Walker.


  5. neocon01

    David Horowitz
    The following is the second installment of FrontPage’s new series, “Union Gangsters.” In this profile, award-winning investigative reporter Matthew Vadum unmasks Big Labor kingpin Richard Trumka, whose dirty agitation tactics have earned him the moniker “thug-in-chief.” To read about union consigliere Craig Becker, click here.]

    Richard Trumka is a thug’s thug, and a crafty one at that.

    The AFL-CIO boss believes the end justifies the means. Breaking the law is acceptable if it advances the cause. Unions should “forget about the law; this is about more than that,” he said at the “Future of Unions” roundtable in Detroit on April 7.

    RICO the fat bitch

  6. neocon01

    But unlike most high-profile leftists, Trumka doesn’t even make an effort to conceal his radicalism. “Being called a socialist is a step up for me,” he told Bloomberg News in June. In 1994, Trumka proudly accepted the Eugene Debs Award named after the five-time presidential candidate and labor organizer who founded the Socialist Party of America.
    While at the helm of the AFL-CIO,
    Trumka helped repeal a longtime rule that banned Communists and fellow-travelers from leadership positions in the organization and its unions. The move to open the previously patriotic union to subversives delighted the Communist Party USA. “The radical shift in both leadership and policy is a very positive, even historic change,” CPUSA National Chairman Gus Hall said in 1996.

    Trumka bears more than a passing resemblance to legendary gangster Al Capone, who ruled Chicagoland with an iron fist during the Prohibition Era.

    Like Capone, Trumka stays close to his politicians. Trumka brags about his coziness with the Obama administration.

    “I’m at the White House a couple times a week – two, three times a week,” he said.
    “I have conversations every day with someone in the White House or in the administration.

    Every day.” Soon after being inaugurated, President Obama named Trumka to his Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which is akin to inviting an arsonist to advise on fire safety.

      1. Tim Post author

        They are not equipped to do anything than live off other Peoples Money. The State ran Universities of Wisconsin are in for a rude shock. The OPM is no longer a guarantee. Tenure no longer means OPM for life.

        I predict unemployed progtards from Wisconsin seeking SNAP bennies very soon.

    1. bardolf2

      Walker got rid of Wisconsin state guaranteed backing of tenure (no other state had that anyway). UW-Madison and the rest all still have tenure of course. Even if they stopped giving new professors tenure, the old tenure system would largely be in place.

      What’s going to really happen? Well, the outspoken deranged libtards in gender studies will have to pull it in 1/2 a notch. In exchange, more $ will be funneled there way. That $ will come from savings of $$ via replacing qualified math/science/engineering faculty with cheap H-1B visa imported adjuncts.

      Interestingly, Walker is against increasing H-1B visas while Ted Cruz wants them increased by 500%.

      Walker or Paul will need to be eliminated early from the GOP field if the Corporate Welfare State is to survive.

  7. neocon01

    Gambles on foreign policy legacy…
    May Take Years to Pay Off…
    NETANYAHU: ‘Historic Mistake for World’…
    ‘Surrender by West’…

    Iran given ‘license to kill’…

    well a “deal” brokered by a lying traitor, for a lying- kenyan, muslim, communist, homosexual,traitor, and we are surprised??

    0bomber = anti Christ


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