Ode to the death cult of progressivism……..Part 4

progtardism always rests on a Foundation of the Dead. Always.

They always couch it with the word “legal”

I am so glad you veggie repukes gave up on the Culture Wars and concentrated on the $$$ or sat back and yelled “constitution! constitution!!” at the top of your lungs.

These videos would never have been possible.


57 thoughts on “Ode to the death cult of progressivism……..Part 4

  1. Tim Post author

    Headline at the Lefty Denver Post:
    Denver Planned Parenthood certain it’s done nothing illegal.

    Last Headline of Der Panzerbär:
    Nazi Party certain it’s done nothing illegal.

  2. Tim Post author

    Do not want to cater your homosexual “wedding reception” ?

    Do not want to bake a Cake for a “homosexual marriage”??

    Burn them!! KILL THEM!! H8TERz!!!

    Want to tear off the parts of a live Baby?

    Fine go ahead.

    Tell me Sarah, have you got those snazzy uniforms designed by hugo boss yet?

  3. Tim Post author

    boko haram straps a pack of explosives to a little girl and blows her up in a crowd.

    Sarah has a sad cuz of a dead Lion.

    Hows the lefty crew taking the death of the Lion?


      1. Tim Post author

        “could they be toast?”

        Do not know. maybe someone failed the progtard Purity Test and got the boot?

  4. Tim Post author

    Another “blue state” turns a bit more the other way. I thought red was the preferred color of commutards?



    this was not supposed to happen.

    They are importing millions upon millions of illegals to fill their dwindling voter rolls. The dead vote multiple times and yet Texas keeps turning more Conservative. Wisconsin is now a lost cause for the progtards. Michigan is now turning away from them too.

    What is up wit dat?

  5. Tim Post author

    To be labeled an “anti-abortion extremist” all you have to do is get an abortionist to state the truth and record it.

    1. Tim Post author

      Guy pays $50k in bribe money to mugabe for a permit to kill lion. Guy hires locals to find him a lion. Locals bait lion off Game Reserve. social justice wankers go crazy and want guys blood. Not the blood of those baited lion off reserve.

      So glad there is nothing better for Sarah and her ilk to cry about.

  6. Tim Post author

    Federal Gauleiter Judge prohibits CMP from releasing more videos. You know there must be something that even mass murderers fear.

  7. Tim Post author

    Looks like the U.S. Gub’mint provided one of the weapons the muzzie terrorists used in the shooting at the 1st Amendment sponsored Draw machmoud Contest down there in Texas.

    Via eric ‘the red” holder and fast and furious gun walking bull.

    Nation of Laws?

    Nah. Not anymore. This is what you get when you give up fighting the enemy on any front.

  8. Tim Post author

    A must watch.

    This is the very first time I have ever heard of a “free inhabitant”

    She starts out quoting the Articles of Confederation. Please do us all a favor. Go and “inhabit”
    someplace else.


    Then she screams….. watch the video. This Police Officer has the patience of an Angel.

  9. neocon01

    Cecil the lion and some inconvenient truths for North Americans raised on a Disney diet 1
    Calgary Sun ^ | 08/02/2015 | Ian Robinson

    Walt Disney’s got a lot to answer for.

    I blame Bambi and all the anthropomorphic drivel that followed, like the Lion King.

    That unfortunate part of the culture, more than anything else, seems to “inform” the view of nature held by effete urbanites who rarely venture out of doors.

    So, let me weigh in on the Cecil the Lion controversy.

    It was just another animal — and the outrage generated by its death is unreasoned, sentimental nonsense.

    People who claim to “love” animals more than people are emotionally damaged individuals incapable of weathering the difficulty required in a real relationship with something that can talk back.

    You think your widdle puddy-tat loves you?

    Is that why if you leave the door open your widdle snookums heads for the hills and you spend the next month teary eyed, putting up posters begging your neighbours to assist in its return?

    (Helpful household hint for Calgarians who have lost a cat: Save yourself the printing costs. A coyote already ate it.)

    The guide who took Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer hunting told the British newspaper The Telegraph that they set up on a farm next to Hwange National Park. There is no evidence that Palmer — an experienced big-game hunter — knew anything was amiss. He paid his guide $50,000. It’s reasonable for Palmer to conclude it was just another legal hunt, conducted by a guide who has been in the business since 1992.

    Reuters interviewed a guy selling used clothing on the streets of the capital, Harare. Tryphina Kaseke told the news agency: “Are you saying all this noise is about a dead lion? Lions are killed all the time in this country. What is so special about this one?”

    I dunno.

    Cause this one made Jimmy Kimmel tear up on TV? (I guess it has been a long time since The Man Show.)

    You know what didn’t make Jimmy Kimmel tear up on TV?

    The estimated 1,200 Africans who are killed by wild animals, including lions, every year.

    Or the fact that 10 times as many babies die at birth in Zimbabwe as do in Canada. Or that only 30% of the population has a job. Or that the average wage for those lucky enough to be working is $253 a month. Or that the country recently suffered hyperinflation, that in one month, was estimated at 231,000,000%

    And no, that’s not a typo.

    Some sources put the cash injection into Africa by hunters at $200 million a year … not including economic multipliers.

    That’s big money for those folks. And it’s a lot of protein on the table when the hunt is done.

    Lions attack humans when they get old and their teeth decay and need easy prey. Before they starve to death.

    And speaking of elderly lions, how old was Cecil?

    He was 13. Average life span of a lion in the wild? Around 12-15. That lion was already on borrowed time.

    A trophy animal is, by definition, near the end of its life span.

    Finally — and here come some of those pesky and annoying things called “facts” — here are a couple from a renowned conservationist and expert in endangered wildlife management.

    Guy works out of Cambridge University and his name is Nigel Leader-Williams.

    He’s the farthest thing from a trophy hunter. And yet the University of Washington’s Conservation magazine points out that in The Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy, Leader-Williams noted that legalizing the hunting of white rhino in South Africa resulted in a jump from fewer than 100 to more than 11,000.


    Because when the animal was monetized, private landowners reintroduced the animals onto their lands.

    Leader-Williams also, according the the university publication, noted that allowing hunting of Zimbabwe’s elephants doubled the amount of habitat under wildlife management. Again, because privately owned lands were made available, thus “reversing the problem of habitat loss and helping to maintain a sustained population increase in Zimbabwe’s already large elephant population.”

    Gee. Is there anything capitalism can’t do?

    Name the countries that have banned hunting — Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia — and you’ll see an accelerated loss of wildlife and habitat not seen in jurisdictions that allow hunting.

    That’s known as an inconvenient truth … but it oughta take precedence over the feelings of pampered North Americans raised on a diet of Disney flicks.


  10. neocon01

    leftist insanity, and communist indoctrination camps….

    TCU student punished for criticizing Islam, Baltimore riots
    Todd Starnes
    All it took was 140 characters for Texas Christian University to suspend a conservative student who posted a series of social networking posts that insulted the Islamic State, the Baltimore rioters and Mexicans.

    TCU banned Harry Vincent from most campus activities, ordered him to perform 60 hours of community service and attend a diversity training class.

    “They’re trying to make me out to be the classic bigoted hateful white male,” Harry told me in a telephone interview from his home in Maryland. “That’s the complete opposite of what I am.”

    WELCOME to the CLUB KID!!
    specifically he was accused of “infliction of bodily or emotional arm” and “disorderly conduct.”


  11. neocon01

    listed under NO, hate speech…

    Louis Farrakhan: If the Federal Gov’t Does Not Intercede, ‘We Must Rise Up & Kill Those Who Kill Us’

    (Note to louie…….YOU, would have to kill half the blacks & brothas in the USA)

    In 2009, completed law-enforcement investigations showed that **352 African-Americans were killed by known whites – a category that includes Latinos …………- and ********4,094******* African-Americans were killed by African-Americans, according to FBI data. (let the killing begin louie..)

    “The epidemic is truly black on black crime,” Bryant told TheDC. “The greatest danger to the lives of young black men are young black men.”


    Year To Date
    Shot & Killed: 241
    Shot & Wounded: 1400
    Total Shot: 1641
    Total Homicides: 283

    “Feral thugs in Maryland’s largest city (population about 620,000) have taken advantage of the situation and are running wild. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in Baltimore, there were nine murders and an additional 29 people shot and wounded, per CBS Baltimore. No numbers were given on rapes, stabbings, or other violence crimes, but one can just about imagine those numbers were equally appalling.

    Of course, Baltimore’s low-information Democrat “leaders” are clueless on what to do, aside from standing behind their city’s motto of “The Greatest City in America”. What a joke that is.”

  12. neocon01

    The New James Baldwin Speaks: White People Suck
    By Colin Flaherty

    The New James Baldwin is breaking it down for NPR: TNJB had a really, really, really tough childhood. Violence to and from school. During class. Even on the way to grandmother’s house.

    Nonstop. All at the hands of black people in Baltimore. TNJB even figured out why it happened: White people suck.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/the_new_james_baldwin_speaks_white_people_suck.html#ixzz3hsPW10KU

  13. sarahbloch

    I see that once again you have fallen into the same redirection loop of political stupidity that over the last two decades seems to befall conservatives. It is that desire for that one massive gotcha that “resonates” with conservatives that no one else gives a fuck about that is always the GOP base’s failure. Sure today pounds of words are being written about defunding Planned Parenthood and some in the GOP are even willing to shut down the government over a culture wars issue. My question is how is that good for America? Once again conservatives cutting their own throats because they have a headache. I will take this “issue” with fetal tissue use for medical research seriously if and only if it is still being seriously debated in January 2016 after three months of government closure and by that a collapsing US economy. For right now? this is just a pandering dance for the fundamentalists who have no star in the GOP 2016 race.

    Have a nice day!

    1. neocon01

      as you rail , flap your arms, and howl at the moon, against “conservatives” your side proves more every day how low, degenerate, evil, and murderous you all are….your brethren islam will one day teach you that they are even worse by raining the bloodshed on you….enjoy, you have earned it.

    2. neocon01

      blatch, you insane leftists gnash your teeth, wail, and run around with your hair on fire for one 13yo lion that lives 12-15 years,
      yet hail the brutal MURDER of 55,000,000 American children as a “choice”,
      you (sadly) admit that hitler and stalin only murdered 25,000,000, also by choice…..they both must be so proud of you present day leftists.

  14. Tim Post author

    Your moral bankruptcy is showing more every time you say something. It is a very short step from “fetal tissue” to having Lampshades made of Human Skin in your Living Room.

    Veilleicht Ich heiße dich Elsa nicht Sarah?

    Und immer, heil!!!

      1. Tim Post author

        Here is the interesting thing about Body Cameras for the Police. Once you get away from the smaller Towns, the vast majority of larger Cities are ran by progtard inc. This will increase the treatment of the local populace as nothing more than a source of Revenue not decrease.

        They have it all on Camera so when the “wayciss po po” turns out to be a “chimpout”* there is not anything to be done about it.

        Show me da $$$!!!! On the News. At !!!ele!!!111!!!ven!!!ty111!!!!

        *I will remind everone that the term “chimpout” was coined by a ghetto dwelling black and not by anyone else.

  15. neocon01

    “*I will remind everone that the term “chimpout” was coined by a ghetto dwelling black and not by anyone else.”

    and is so named, and regularly posted on U tube as a category. 🙂

  16. neocon01


    gee jebster, IF only you could have the BALLS to say that about bathhouse barry, or hitlery……..
    but we all know that nastiness is reserved for REAL conservative GOP’ers and the TEA party.

    FUJB you will join mcLame and mitt as the NEXT MASSIVE RINO, LOOSER!!

  17. neocon01

    Zuckerberg group predicts ‘influx of Latino and Asian American “voters”‘ could doom Republicans America…….

  18. neocon01

    the BIG LIE!!

    GOP Civil War Comes to Cleveland: ***Debate*** to Highlight Deep Divide in Party..

    there is ***NO***, – ****D-E-B-A-T-E***, it is a moderated Q& A period ………..on a 3rd grade level.
    soooooo mr bush would you take popsicles away from 5th graders……??
    wy no, but my 99,000 opponents would (cheers in the background) next?

  19. neocon01

    Anti-Cop Activism Leads to Sky-High Murder Rates in Democrat-Run Cities

    thats why bathhouse barry is importing more donks from mehiko, to replace da bros, the herds are being thinned to the point of NAPA’s being an endangered species.

  20. neocon01

    welllllll DUhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    ‘F’ in Science: NFL Admits Not Knowing Balls Lose Air Pressure Naturally

    especially when inflated in a warm locker room then placed on a near zero side line…….must be pubic schrool gradates wit scionse degreees.all good donks…

    Boyles law 101
    For a fixed amount of an ideal gas kept at a fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional.
    Boyle’s law is a gas law, stating that the pressure and volume of a gas have an inverse relationship, when temperature is held constant.

  21. neocon01

    ha ha ha ha
    That time Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder could’ve challenged Obama-Biden in 2012…

    weiner holder, “against” bathhouse barry biden…LOL

  22. neocon01

    eternal victim NAPA mentality….and a Fn LIAR!!
    Dashcam Shows Rep. Garnet Coleman Lied About Mistreatment

  23. neocon01


    Fury of left falls on Schumer…( Baaaa ha ha ha too bad, so sad schmuckie)

    White House moves to marginalize opposition…

    Fears of Lasting Rift with Pro-Israel Group…


    Iranian general visits Moscow days after nuke deal announced…

    Israel hints at assassination missions, airstrikes…( i have a few suggestions, all traitors )

  24. neocon01

    Exclusive – Coulter:
    Trump. Cruz. Walker. — the rest ‘hapless’… ‘Jeb looks more like Caitlyn Jenner every day’

  25. neocon01

    Krauthammer’s headline hints that Obama is in bed with the worst hardliners in the Iran regime. Millions of Americans – those who actually pay attention to politics – have quietly come to the same conclusion. The abandonment of our personnel during the Benghazi fiasco on 9/11/12 seems to reveal collusion with al-Qaeda in the Maghreb. Al-Qaeda killed more than 3,000 civilians in assaulting the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11/01. The Iranians have killed American troops and civilians since 1979.

    No nation can survive without defending itself against such assaults.

    Public evidence now shows that Obama has actively aided and abetted America’s sworn enemies – the mullahs, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda. We may also be colluding with ISIS, because we are allied with their biggest supporters: Turkey, Qatar, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    No American wants to believe this. But it is true. It has been publicly said by first-rate military and foreign policy experts, including Admiral James (“Ace”) Lyons (USN, ret.) and Clare Lopez (former CIA analyst, and one of the most heroic truth-tellers in this perverted age).

    Obama is rigidly stuck in anti-American ideologies, both the Marxist and Islamist kind. Marxists don’t recognize the legitimacy of electoral governments and the nation-state. They are internationalists, wedded to a fantasy of benevolent world government that would solve all conflicts by centralized dictatorship. The fact that Marxist regimes led to endless mass murders in the last hundred years never seems to change their minds. They are totalitarians.

    Radical Muslims also aim for a world government in the name of Allah – empowering Muslim priests from the Wahhabis of Arabia to the mullahs of Iran. More than a thousand years of war between Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims has not made a dent in the mass delusion of peace on Earth under the rule of Allah’s priests.

    Marxism and jihadism see national treason as a positive good. Their fanatical followers do not believe in electoral democracy or nationhood, so the concept of “treason” has no meaning. If you doubt that, ask your leftist friends if there is such a thing as “treason.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/08/the_possibility_of_treason.html#ixzz3iEelvlEO

  26. neocon01

    “Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough criticized Fox News for targeting Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump during Thursday’s GOP presidential debate.

    Scarborough referred specifically to what he deemed to be “gotcha” questions and suggested the focus should have been on policy instead.

    “Reince Priebus had decided to ban networks–this one, and I would have if were Reince Priebus too, so I’m not knocking him — I would never give MSNBC a Republican debate right now,” Scarborough said. “Pretty soon I would–things are changing really quickly at this network. But a year ago? Never. I undersand that. But the idea was to get news outlets, Mark, that would ask legitimate questions about policy instead of gotcha questions. There wasn’t a single question asked of the Republican front runner that dealt with jobs, that dealt with Iran, that dealt with ISIS, that dealt with the economy writ large, that dealt with foreign policy writ large. You had three questions. The first one was — I was stunned. I guess you told me Rush Limbaugh talked about this for a long time.”

    “The first question was on Donald Trump’s insult of Rosie O’Donnell and his insults of reality show contestants,” he continued. “Were they crude and crass? Yes. Would I ever say it? No. Would any Republican candidate say it? No! But that’s your first question and then the next question was asking this billionaire about four deals that failed and then the third was really a political speech that was veiled as a question with a zinger at the end going, so tell me, when did you become a Republican? It was, so I’m sitting there thinking, I thought this is what we as Republicans were trying to avoid. People that used front runners as theater and it was political theater on Thursday night, starting with the first question

  27. neocon01

    Mark Levin: Fox News, Megyn Kelly ‘Hosted a National Enquirer Debate, Not a Republican Debate—Owe American People an Apology’

  28. Tim Post author

    I am going to be busy for the next week or so. Very light posting until then. Keep the fire burning and the CO2 going into the Atmosphere!.

    How sad it is that one issue, illegal immigrants can be defining whether or not you are a gopEr.

  29. neocon01

    same shiite, different day…….

    Fifty Years after Watts
    By Bruce Walker

    Deep into the second term of our worst president, the man who was supposed to resolve racial problems in America, we can look back fifty years and see how little the dreary cant of leftism has changed. On August 11, 1965, Watts exploded into an orgy of violence and destruction, resulting in 34 deaths and thousands of injuries. Tens of millions of dollars of damage gutted much of Watts, and this destruction, combined with the lawlessness of the black rioters, drove business from that part of Los Angeles.

    The reflexive reasons given by experts for the Watts Riots were “racism” and “poverty,” but the riots took place after LBJ had begun “The Great Society” – essentially an expansion of FDR’s “New Deal” – and after civil rights laws and a constitutional amendment against the poll tax and after Supreme Court decisions banning even de facto segregation (segregation that occurred without any government action).

    The bitter dregs of leftist solutions to black poverty haunt us still. Conservatives noted fifty years ago that the principal problem was not material poverty, but rather the poverty of values that had been deliberately cultivated by leftists in Washington, who wished blacks to be forever miserable, angry, and unbalanced. This was decried then, as now, as “racist.”

    So when conservatives insisted that black women not have children out of wedlock because the consequences of pandemic bastardy were calamitous, the left and their black hirelings screamed, again, “racism!” Feminists would soon add their voices, assuring these black women that children no more needed fathers than mothers needed husbands.

    Young blacks were told that learning to read and to speak and write English well was surrender to Whitey. Juvenile delinquency and its natural successor, criminality, were excused as the fault of some magical white curse on blacks. Sexual promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs as surrogates for fathers – all these flourished in the malignant garden of calculated dependency.

    Crime flourished because the lives of millions of blacks were channeled into both destructive and self-destructive paths, and because when police stopped crime in black areas, these officers were blamed as racists, even when the police officers were black themselves. Black neighborhoods that in the 1920s were peaceful and hopeful, even if rather poor, descended into a leftist-made maelstrom of despair and rage.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/fifty_years_after_watts.html#ixzz3iXjO1Izx

  30. neocon01

    Ferguson in da white hut??

    Obama White House staffer charged after shooting gun at boyfriend (during chimpout)
    By Thomas Lifson

    In yet another “unprecedented” (one of Barack Obama’s favorite terms) landmark, a special assistant to the president and House legislative affairs liaison has been charged with first- and second-degree assault charges, as well as one count of reckless endangerment for shooting at her boyfriend.(a Capitol Hill police officer)

    The White House staffer, Barvetta Singletary,


  31. neocon01

    doing the job that paid americans (cops) wont do….
    ( unless if you are bikers fighting in a parking lot)

    RIOTERS: ‘We’re Ready for War’…

    Militia patrols streets…
    Heavily armed ‘Oath Keepers’…

    the WAR has now begun….

  32. neocon01

    when the COWARDS wont do their job, REAL men stand up…and are quickly attacked by the very ones NOT doing what they are PAID to do….

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights Racist, terrorist, organization, has described the “Oath Keepers” as a “fiercely anti-government, militaristic group,” and St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar condemned their appearance in Ferguson.

    “Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory,” he said, adding that police would work with county prosecutors to see if the men had broken any laws.

    The men told reporters they were licensed to carry firearms. A voter-backed 2014 amendment to the state constitution cleared the way for open carrying of licensed firearms, so long as they are not used in a threatening manner, legal experts said.

    “There is no exception for a state of emergency for these laws not to apply,” said Marcia McCormick, a professor of law at St. Louis University Law School.

    State law prohibits brandishing a weapon in an “angry or threatening manner,” McCormick said, but that standard is subject to interpretation.

    in other words IF you are white the Mf’ers will mow you down like waco TWICE,

    black?…hell loot, shoot, rob, rampage, rape murder = 6 arrests…


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