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Polls! The Polls!!!

In New Hampshire, Donald Trump just hit 35% in a PPP poll. Think about it a bit. One Guy in a field of 17 now is supported by 35% of “likely” Voters. Gub’nor Kaisich who has concentrated only on New Hampshire manages a bare 11%

Trump is also leading handily in South Carolina. Carson is in 2nd place making him the first loser in the race. miss linseed oil can bare muster 4% support in his home State. It is looking like the gopE strategy to flood the race with vanity Candidates just might be back firing.

Does not mean squat really. Polls have their agenda and PPP is no better or worse than any other Poll with a progtard agenda. Trusting any Poll should not be an option for A True none repuke Conservative.

They do give a decent indication of where people are at though. That Trump is Target #1 for vegetables and demons alike shows just how scared the establishment wings of the one party uni-state are.

They fear Trump and rightfully so. The Election is his to lose. Not even a “loyalty oath” requirement from the gopE will stop him. LoLzEr. Just like the fascists of old the gopE wants a “loyalty oath”

Trump is a wildcard. They have no clue what will happen to their well ordered world if he should be elected.


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Open Thread (!!ele!!ven!!billion!!ty!!)

Harvesting is almost done for me. Then I will only have the last Wheat Crop of the Season in the ground. The rest of the work, the separating and the canning, I have no hand in. Thank the Lord for small favors!.

The fear of Trump is palpable. He is a load mouth and a egomaniac. But those are known traits. What he will do with the power to do so is unknown. That is why the establishments of the one party uni-state fear him. He can destroy them if he wills so.

If he can survive the Primaries until after Florida, it is his to lose. He will be President. He will take enough of the low information voters away from whoever the donks throw at him to win.

Thank the Good Lord for one thing. Trump is no professional politician. Our Founders warned us about having those and we did not listen. Trump could remedy that. He would make us “xenophobes” (LoLzer 😛 ) happy just sending those who do not have the legal right to be here, back to the 6th world hell hole that spawned them.

China devalued their Currency again. Thus making it cheaper for them to send their crap overseas and more expensive for them to import. Another round of devaluation is rumored to be in the works.


I hope the chicoms devalue to the point where they can not buy up anymore debt from the U.S. and their imports become virtually impossible. Here is hoping that the corporate welfare bank, that would be the Import-Export Bank, for those of you in rio maricopa, becomes redundant.


It is a sad commentary on the state of today’s Republican Party that a man who is really a fascist, that would be Donald Trump for those of you in rio colorado, has a pretty good shot at winning the votes of the decidedly anti fascist Republican base.

¡Tim! You Idiot!! Trump is no fascist! He is a Billionair! He loves money.

Granted he loves money but he is probably the biggest crony capitalist in these disunited states today. You can see Ann Barnhardt’s latest post that highlights
Trump’s other fascistic tendencies.

What it boils down to?

Trump a man who will put up a fight even if it is only one or two issues against prince jebward or o’rube-io who have already signed their surrender documents.

That is why Trump has so much support at this time.