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Chew Toys for the Kitteh Open Thread.


He is finished.


All these years of being told we have to vote for the most electable repuke have gone out the Window with the Trumpster. Now its “HES NO FREAKING TRUCON!!!!! HOW CAN YOU VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!”

I would tell you but you would not understand.  :mrgreen:


shillary. Let us cut her in half and count the rings of fat around her cankles. That might give us a clue of how old this World is. What do you say protards? You now have a chance to provide some evidence for your theories.

It is that Day again.

I was going to do a small post on how things have changed since this Day in 2001. I decided against it. I was going to point out the hypocrisy of progtardia since them
and give a bunch of examples.


It is pointless when you realize that we now live in a Country where the head of the Government agrees with terrorist who murdered almost 3000 People that day and that 52%
of this Country’s electorate do not care.

I am suspending my normal First Amendment Policy for this thread. Fair warning?

Trump! Trump!! Its still TRUMP!!!!

Trump is leading everyone. Now if you go back back to last time around when prince 5 putt was leading all the National Polls against all potential challengers, progtardia was declaring it over. No need for an election.

Wonder what they are saying to themselves this time around?

Open thread as always.

Tagged “fat assed joisey beach ball” cuz I like saying “fat assed joisey beach ball”
Can you believe that the “fat assed joisey beach ball” was the one time savoir of the repuke wing of the one party unistate?

It is a Trump-Tastic World!

Trump! Trump!! Trump!!!

It is all about the Trump. sir hillary(who was named after Edmond Hillary, despite the fact that she was born before the Feat that made the real Sir Edmond, famous) keeps throwing bombs at Trump about illegal immigration just can not seem to get any traction from those who do not carry Water for her.

Trump wants to break down doors, drag illegals out of Homes, pack them on Buses or into Box Cars, and send them home.

I do not think Trump has any plans to imitate billyjeff’s handling of the Elian Gonzales affair where he sent a Swat Team to drag little Elian out of his Uncles Home.

sir shillary can keep up the hope though.

Trump. Leading the repub polls all over the place. Except tied with Carson in Iowa? What gives in Iowa? Not much except Iowa thinking they still matter in the over repub scheme of things.

If I were a progtard or progtard lite, that would be you rino/diablos and that includes anyone who has labeled them self a repuke “heavy hitter” should be afraid of Mr. Wildcard. He will not promise a whole lot but what he does you can bet your sweet Elefant that the promise will be kept.

Looking forward to all that cheap labor running for the borders come 2017. It looks like it is going to happen.

Let us see together, ok?