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Bring back



Yeah you heard me. It worked. It brought the Black Man of Rhodesia the highest standard of living anyone in Africa has ever seen. Now that same Black man makes do on land he does not know how to work with Crops he does not know how to grow.


But he is free from whitey so mmmmmkay, right?




Same to you bud.



Oh My!

“Peaceful” moose limes take Hostages in France. Several wounded so far. More “Peaceful” moose limes take credit for blowing up Bus in Tunisia. The Bus was reportedly carrying some of the Tunisian Presidential Guard.


Peace breaking out where ever practitioners of the religion of pieces are at.


I suggest you avoid those are areas so “Peace” does not catch you.


By now you have heard of the muzzie terror attacks in Paris. A small number of muzzies
have sent an entire nation into Martial Law. Murder, mayhem, death, and destruction in Gay Paris, again.

This attack fits the pattern that was carried out in Mumbai, India. This pattern of attack will be carried out again.

In the United States.

Let us play a game. Let us guess which City in the United States will be chosen. Let us also guess why that particular City was chosen.

Let us also guess why any of us should care.

The United States of America

Railing against the one party unistate? Wondering why the repukes in congress go along with the donktards and just do not seem to give a damn about our Country and Constitution?

Do not wonder anymore. The answer is not complicated at all. However it was stated by one of those old, dead, White Guys’, so you progtards can ignore it at will. You authoritarians supposedly on the Right of the Political Spectrum can also do the same.

“Our Constitution was written for a Religious and Moral People…..”

Need I say more?

Open thread as always. Say it.