A TEA Party Terrorist…..

They finally got one. This jackwagon has no fashion sense at all. King Tut T-Shirt?

Gimme a break!




26 thoughts on “A TEA Party Terrorist…..

    1. neocon01

      I wonder if I can get a window sticker of that flag?
      could put it next to my Marine, NRA, and rebel flag stickers…..does that mean id get beat by a gang of sand diggers? or just diggers??

      Oh well, thats why we CCW in the Gunshine state.

  1. Tim Post author

    muzzietard goes all jihadi out in kommiefornia. Po-po, of course it had nuttin to do with terror or the religion of pieces. 4 People got stabbed and 2 are in serious condition. Reports say he was shouting “pisslam will rule the world” and “allah peanutbutterjar!!!”

    When oh when will progtardia get us those common sense knife laws that have been so desperately needed?


  2. Tim Post author

    OK here. I know this will absolutely boggle the mind of the Fork Crew but get this. Now put a bit of effort into it ok Sarah?

    Black Basketball Player accuses Black Brain Surgeon of perpetuating racial stereotypes.

    I know it will be hard but if you are on your Meds you might get a small laugh out of the above statement.

    Happy Day to you. 🙂

    1. neocon01

      By Steve Holleman

      lunatic rantings sound familiar??

      Only recently have I discovered how multi-phobic I am.
      I had no idea that if I did not embrace an ideology I have a phobia. If I am not sexually diverse, then I must be homophobic. If I do not embrace Islam, I am suffering from Islamophobia. I am not a great seafood fan, so I wonder if I am Tunaphobic. Surely Shrimpaphobia is a bad thing. Crawdads taste fishy to me, so maybe I have Crayfishphobia. If Exercisephobia is a thing then probably I should see a psychiatrist.

      Can you imagine the state of this world if we did not have Democrats to explain everything for us? If only they could just explain things better and make us understand, then and only then would we all get along. I hate it when values and principles get in the way of understanding and embracing diversity

      Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/11/_houstonphobic_.html#ixzz3qibQYzD0

    2. neocon01

      welllll Tim, thats because as EVERYONE knows, just how smart a baset bal plyr is compared to a brain surgeon…

  3. neocon01

    funny SHIITE

    Can cryotherapy cure transgenderism?
    By Ed Straker

    Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.
    But lately we’ve seen a lot more coverage of people in the former category. Most recently we have seen the spotlight focus on the tiny percentage of the population who have gender dysphoria and insist on thrusting their male genitals into women’s showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms.
    Today we have a new kind of idiocy, courtesy of the Times, called “cryotherapy.” In cryotherapy, people get into a chamber that is as cold as 300 degrees below zero for three minutes and come out “feeling better.”
    That started me thinking: could cryotherapy, a worthless “treatment,” be used to treat transgenderism, a nonexistent state of being? If people in their minds believe they are the other gender, perhaps they could be convinced that the freezing treatment will restore vitality and passion to their current genitalia, in much the same way that putting ice cubes of orange juice into the freezer will produce a much tastier end product.
    Since the feeling that they are another gender is an illusion, perhaps the illusion of treatment will cure them. It is a better thing to try than mutilating their bodies with surgery, or having them take estrogen pills and then demand to shower with the rest of the girls.

    And if something does go wrong and one of their lower extremities freezes – well, from their perspective, it won’t be such a loss. What have they got to lose?

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/11/can_cryotherapy_cure_transgenderism.html#ixzz3qiePh9Yn

  4. neocon01

    the insane leftist climate nazis have made their first move…

    NY attorney general to investigate Exxon for denying climate change
    By Rick Moran
    For the last few years, climate hysterics have demanded that government prosecute those who disagree with their notions of climate change. The New York Times is reporting that New York’s attorney general has opened an investigation into ExxonMobil, accusing the oil company of making false statements about climate change to its investors while its scientists were telling company officials of the dangers of global warming.

    “We unequivocally reject the allegations that Exxon Mobil has suppressed climate change research,” Mr. Cohen said, adding that the company had funded mainstream climate science since the 1970s, had published dozens of scientific papers on the topic and had disclosed climate risks to investors.

    Mr. Schneiderman’s decision to scrutinize the fossil fuel companies may well open a new legal front in the climate change battle.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/11/ny_attorney_general_to_investigate_exxon_for_denying_climate_change.html#ixzz3qop6uiBD


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