Oh My!

“Peaceful” moose limes take Hostages in France. Several wounded so far. More “Peaceful” moose limes take credit for blowing up Bus in Tunisia. The Bus was reportedly carrying some of the Tunisian Presidential Guard.


Peace breaking out where ever practitioners of the religion of pieces are at.


I suggest you avoid those are areas so “Peace” does not catch you.


26 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. neocon01

    democRAT blood money, now another round of low iq feral chimpouts….fo da bro of course regardless if he was screaming down the street high on meth and had a knife in his hands….

    Chicago paid $5 million to shooting victim’s family, keeping them quiet and video secret while Rahm re-elected

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/11/chicago_paid_5_million_to_shooting_victims_family_keeping_them_quiet_and_video_secret_while_rahm_reelected_.html#ixzz3sX8XS1cX

    1. Tim Post author

      Must have been an old grudge or something. Maybe Bailey did not pay for some drugs in the past and the dealer offered a little “reminder”.

      Although the reminder took the form of two 9mm parabellums to the head.

      So sad.


  2. neocon01

    black, “Students” (commie anarchists) Want Statue of ‘Incestuous Rapist’ And ‘Racist’ Thomas Jefferson Removed…..

    I think they have the rapist, racist, william jefferson-KKKlintoon and Thomas mixed up.

  3. neocon01

    Where Is Liberal Rage Over Mass Shooting In New Orleans?
    RedState ^ | 11/24/15 | Caleb Howe

    Seventeen people were wounded, including 11 who were under the age of 21, authorities said Monday……

    but but but dont homey knows, black lives matter??
    riot, looting, “black friday” goodies soon to follow…

    1. neocon01

      WOW ……ANOTHER BLACK athlete shot by da bros…Black Murder Matters

      ATLANTA — A former (black) boxing champion was shot and killed in an apparent robbery attempt early Wednesday in southwest Atlanta.

      According to police, 41-year-old O’Neil Bell and another man were robbed (by blacks) after getting off the same MARTA bus in the 1800 block of Harbin Road just after midnight.

      When police arrived, they found one man shot it the hip and Bell lying in the street. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

      Al, JessAH, barrAH. BLM, to hold riot, and looting. demonstration ….. Oh wait……black on black crime…move along.

      1. tiredoflibbs

        BLM should be BLMOISBWP – only if shot by white people. Those two murder incidents you list forces them to look in the mirror as a culture. That is something they do not want to face or admit. Plus they can’t milk the populace for cash like they can for the black genocide by whites. That they can convince a population to that mythology is truly pathetic.

      2. neocon01

        “That they can convince a population to that mythology is truly pathetic”.

        sadly….Low iq, tribal, jungle dwellers, who were living in mud huts, wearing loin clothes 150 years ago can still be bought with shiny objects, candy, and mythology to do the donk massa’s (commie’s) dirty work.

  4. neocon01

    BLACK LOOTING “Flash mob” hits designer store in Georgetown, steals $13,000 in goods.

    A group of merchants earlier this year in Georgetown ended its use of a private messaging service that many retailers, residents and police officers had used to talk about people they thought were suspicious.
    There were concerns that the service was being used to racially profile people.
    profiling?? ROTFLMAL……….stupid white guilt, makes you a target…suck it up whitey!!

  5. neocon01

    Media Drawing Conclusions on Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Shooting with Scant Evidence (breitbart)
    ONLY WHITES ARRESTED……..held with NO BAIL…..


    “Facts are still coming out about the incident. But there’s no indication that Minneapolis police are pursuing any charges against the protesters who have taken over a city street and then, according to multiple witnesses, intimidated or attacked people who were exercising their First Amendment rights.

    The lack of police action against protesters, and the arrests of only the white suspects, in what police call “a large altercation” is sure to have a chilling effect on coverage of Black Lives Matter protests.”

  6. neocon01

    Ahhhhhhhhhh now a donk “BIRTHER” = democRAT Hipprocracy….is LEGION…..

    Alan Grayson Threatens Lawsuit on Citizenship Grounds if Ted Cruz Is the GOP Nominee
    Breitbart ^ | 25 Nov 2015 | Jeff Poor

    sorry alan….. stare decisis……”settled law” by bath house barry the kenyan/indonesian, marxist, muslim.
    where you the last 8 years you fucking donk, retard??.


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