What is The Responsibility of a President?

The chief responsibility of a President, as Commander-in-Chief is to insure domestic tranquility, and provide for the common defense. Which leads us to our next question, has our President done this, has Obama taken the initiative and responsibility as Commander-in-Chief to insure domestic tranquility and provided for the the common defense? In my opinion he has not. Any honest person would answer no to that question, I think. He has neglected to provide our military with the intelligence and resources to stop Islamic Jihadists, he moreover lacks the ability to see ISIS as a threat to the world, our homeland and overseas allies in particular.

Under a Christian perspective, we pray for peace, and proclaim profoundly the gospel of peace, but because of man’s fallen nature, the realities of war remain. This should be the unifying message that resounds throughout America, that we are all equally working together to make America that shining beacon of hope that President Ronald Reagan spoke about so many years ago. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Liberal Democrats have, for years, been spreading the notion of “inequality” and used that word to create division among the people of the many states. Multiculturalism, and political correctness are two other forms of thought that come to mind, which are used to creation division.

A house divided against itself will not stand. I look at these philosophical underpinnings of Marxism and its many forms of thought as inflicted wounds on our nation, and when we are wounded, we are not as strong, and therefore, more vulnerable to attack. Enemies of America such as Islam then key in on this weakness, waiting for the weakest point such that they can strike America.

So, what, as Americans do we do, if we do not have a strong Commander-in-Chief who not willing to abide by his duties, and the oath upon which he swore? Well, right now, the only thing left standing is our Constitution. No, the Constitution has not been heeded, and the spirit with which our Founders intended for it has not be carried out by our government, but it is there for we the people, it gives us, as sovereign states the ability to defend ourselves through the second and tenth amendments. It protects our lives, our liberties, and our property.

Given this is the case, and our government is unwilling to abide by the Constitution to defend and protects its citizens, then it is our duty to be on watch guard to defend ourselves against invasions by foreign or domestic entities into our lives.

We the people are the checks and balances now! The defenders of justice, liberty, peace, and law!

Update: why our government should provide for the common defense… 


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23 thoughts on “What is The Responsibility of a President?

  1. Tim

    “We the people are the checks and balances now! The defenders of justice, liberty, peace, and law!”

    You need one in the Chamber. Your magazines at full capacity. You need Blades. Very sharp Blades. You need a willingness to defend your Family, Friends, and Community.

    Your gub’mint will not do it for you.

  2. Tim

    Hey Sarah! What do you think of the chavistas devastating loss in Venezuela? The Opposition to the progtards took more that 2/3 of the Assembly Seats so they pretty much run the Country now.

    Not looking good for chavistatards there.

    Just off hand here, could you explain why this person has 4.1 Billion Dollar nest egg built up?


      1. neocon01

        syrup blatch

        “Because she is an operative of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

        Ahhhhhh Yessss the eeeeevil CIA plant, sent by BOOshhhhhhh of course…..ROTFLMAO

  3. Tim

    There is a Petition going around in Great Britain that would ban Trump from the Isles. It has about 100K Signatures. Over 85K of those has the first name of mohammed, macmoud, achmed, ali……etc…..etc….


  4. neocon01

    what is NOT the “job” of the preisdent.
    1. strip our military of cutting edge weapon systems.
    2. fire – purge all senior military staff not aligned with a leftist agenda.
    3. make our military a hotbed of homosexuals ( mental illness)
    4. denigrate our military by introducing women into combat positions.
    5. load our pentagon, and sr staff with musloon brotherhood sleepers.
    6. illegally bypass congress with EO’s.
    7. legislate.
    8. violate the constitution in it’s entirety.
    9. violate the second admendment.
    10. violate the first amendment.
    and hundreds more this illegal immigrant has done.

    1. neocon01

      Wowzer…..is it a Ho ax?
      Love it just the same……the noise you hear in the rear are the veggies heads exploding lol

  5. neocon01

    the insanity of the left for all to see….

    “FNC’s Shep Smith: Trump ‘Representing the Worst, Darkest Part of All That Is America’

    yup-while obola destroys us and muslim terrorist’s kill us…..time for ole shep to join whorealdo, and take blowhard Oreally with you.

  6. neocon01

    the mulatto (bastard) Indonesian, muslim, homosexual is indeed a very dangerous and unstable man…who must be removed immediately.

  7. neocon01

    barry obola…are you listening?? I believe YES, that IS the plan all along.


    DALLAS (AP) — A Texas police chief who warns President Barack Obama in a social media video that trying to disarm Americans would “cause a revolution in this country” is the latest law enforcement official to urge citizens to arm themselves in the wake of mass shootings.

  8. Tim

    Prosecution rested in the trial of the first LEO charged in the saint freddie trial.

    What a joke. The “prosecutor” pretty much destroyed the case against all 6.

    All six will walk away with a big fat law suit against b’moritsan for malicious prosecution.
    b’more. Say hello to more millions of wasted Tax Payer $$$$.

    1. neocon01

      “b’more. Say hello to more millions of wasted Tax Payer $$$$.

      yeah but the caddy dealers, weave, and silk pants shops will be really $$$$ happy


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